February 2014 update from the Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic team
Goodbye Summer
As we say farewell to our favourite season of the year (amazing weather, fresh fruit, days at the beach, smoothies... the list is endless!) and with the warmer weather disappearing, this does start to affect our daily lifestyle choices. Not taking that lunch time walk anymore? It's good to be mindful of your Vitamin D levels. Cutting back on fish and salad? Perhaps you're no longer getting enough good fats and leafy greens in your diet...

Here at Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic we are here to help you with the lifestyle changes that occur as the seasons change. Contact the lovely reception staff on (03) 9686 2566 to make your next appointment. 

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ry this gluten free, grain free bread that’s easy to make and suitable for the MNMC fat loss program - Gluten Free Bread.

Another Long Weekend?
You've got to love the start of the year and the number of public holidays! For those of you who are going away for the Labor Day weekend and are needing to top up on supplements, please place an order with our friendly reception team prior to 4pm on Thursday 6th March. The clinic will be closed on Monday 10th March and will re-open at 8.30am on Tuesday 11th March.
Calm Clinic

We are not even two months in to the New Year and the world seems to be speeding up again. With the busy-ness of modern life and constant demands by technology, perhaps you fine it harder to relax or you react to things that never seemed to bother you? Or do you find it hard to maintain concentration and keep focus?  Perhaps “being in the Flow” or the Zone is a mythical concept to you.
If you believe the Chinese philosophy of astrological influences, we are in the year of the Wood Horse and we are told it will be a ‘galloping year of full pace.’
Therefore this year, more than others you may need a few extra tools in your kit to unwind.  Techniques to help you quickly reset and come back to a space of calm and relaxation.  A space from where smart and considered decisions can be made, a way you can re-energize when you choose, enjoy the good stuff in life and easily deal with the tough stuff when it decides to visit.
So before the tension in life decides to tighten like an elastic band, becoming a dangerous missile, you may like to Strengthen your Calm Muscle.  Build your resilience and, like a reliable old friend, it will always there to help out.
Tips to say good-bye to Anxiety and hello to Calm:
  • Avoid cafes when you feel the tension building.  The noise is too much.  Sit in a park.
  • Choose to walk everywhere.  This will help you slow down, noticing new things.
  • Switch off.  Turn the technology off.  TV, Radio, Facebook, Twitter, Email…. We are on call 24/7 and if we stop ‘toggling’ for a few hours a day, we feel like we are back in control.
  • Go to bed early.  An hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours after midnight.
  • Sit and eat at least one meal a day without distraction (reading, talking, tweeting…)
  • Find at least 5 – 20 minutes a day for stillness.  Once you are in the flow, you wont know how you lived with out it.

If you would like to develop your individual tool kit for beating Anxiety, building techniques to help you instantly return to Calm, book now with Karen Dickson to develop your personalised kit.

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Here's a recipe to help you savour the last few days of Summer!

Mojito Green Juice
1 small bunch of mint
1 small bunch or parsley
1 lime
1 cm cube of fresh ginger
2 cucumbers
1 green apple

Push the mint, parsley, lime, ginger and apple through a juicer (alternatively, you can use a blender and add a few ice cubes).

Serve in a glass with ice if desired.

Some green juices can be a bit intimidating with ingredients such as kale and spinach. This one is simple, refreshing and super easy to make. A tasty, refreshing start to the day!

*This recipe is adapted from one listed on the wonderful
Elana's Pantry.

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