January 2014 update from the Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic team

Happy New Year!

Can you believe that Christmas was 4 weeks ago? And that we're already halfway through the first month of 2014? How time flies! As everyone's summer holidays are wrapping up, things are in full swing here at the Clinic. 

Australia Day Long Weekend
The Clinic will be closed on Monday 27th January due to the Australia Day public holiday. We will be open on Saturday 25th January for appointments and for supplement purchases. If you are wanting to receive supplements via courier or post prior to the long weekend, orders can be placed up until approx. 4pm on Thursday 23rd January.

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New Year - New You!
...Or is it?

Yes it's the cliché saying but it's time to be honest with yourself - how are those New Year resolutions going? Are you eating better? Exercising more? Drinking less alcohol and more water? Avoiding things that cause you stress? Perhaps you could make a few improvements...

We're only 2 weeks into the New Year and a few of us have already fallen off the bandwagon. You know what? It's ok, lifestyle changes take time - a lot of time (research suggests anywhere between 21 days and 100 days!). Sometimes you just need a reminder (such as this email) or a gentle prod (from one of our practitioners) to put you back on the healthy track. 

We all want to see and feel results straight away but being realistic we know this takes time.

Here are some simple lifestyle changes you can make that will easily become habits:

- Include protein-rich foods in each meal: such as fish, seafood, poultry, meat, eggs, dairy, seeds, nuts and legumes.

- Drink lots of water. Particularly in this warm weather! It's estimated that 75% of the population are always dehydrated which is a scary thought.

- Eat lots of colourful vegetables every day - at least 3 cups! Ideally organic and locally sourced.

- Limit starchy carbohydrates to 2 small serves per day: Aim for brown starches such as brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat and sweet potato. Also look at reducing wheat, gluten and processed and refined foods.

- Regular exercise. There's lots of little things you can do that make a big difference; take the stairs instead of the escalator/lift, walk to the shops or up that hill at lunch time.

- Enjoy a 'freedom' meal once a week: in order to make a lifestyle change, you do need the occasional treat! Allow yourself 1 or 2 treat meals per week.

If 2013 has left you feeling tired, sluggish, and less than your best, a detoxification program can help you make a clean start to 2014 with renewed health and vitality. 
For more information book in now with your regular practitioner or one of our Naturopaths and let's get those New Year resolutions back on track!

Detox Smoothie Recipe

Recover from the silly season with our detox smoothie recipe to clean your liver, skin and gastrointestinal tract!!! And the best part is it tastes yummy too!
Green power detox smoothie
Thermo Phase Detox powder - 2 scoops (special rice based protein powder with liver/gut cleansing herbs and nutrients)
Organic Kale 3 leaves
Your choice of fruits - ½ mango, ½ banana, blueberries or handful of strawberries
1 cup of organic coconut water
1 tablespoon of flaxseeds
2 tsp of chia seeds
½ -1cup of water
Ice if you like it chilled 

Blend all ingredients together for a delicious smoothie. 

*Thermo Phase Detox powder is a medical protein powder that can be purchased from Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic.

The Clinic now stocks a completely organic skincare range made by Mukti.

Our favourite product this month is the Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 15.

It's great to use on summer days when you're wanting a light coverage and also protection from the sun's harmful rays!

Available in two shades; fair or medium.

Try some next time you're in the Clinic.
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