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A Happy New Year to all our readers

The man projecting some instant graffiti onto the wall of the National Theatre in London is artist Shaun O'Connor a specialist in 'walkabout projection'.  The WalkPro3D projector, which has been developed by Shaun's own company (the somewhat unfortunately named Prickimage) is fully portable and, it's claimed, can project animated images on any surface simply by the application of hand gestures. Shaun also creates other immersive visual effects with the device. More information here.

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Mervyn Heard, Editor

Roll up! Roll up!


Katherine Fahey is  an American designer, performer and printmaker. Her cut paper shadow designs have featured in animated films, music videos and  as the basis for live panoramic shadow shows. A recent commission has been the creation of a giant panorama (or "crankie") for the Cortina Film Production Company who make educational films for museums. Katherine and colleague Caleb Stine designed and built three x 80 foot long scrolls which tell the story of the American Revolution, as it might have been presented by a 19th century travelling showman.
This link will take you to Katherine's main site, and if you hit the "news" button there are more complete details of their Liberty Fever project and shots of the other designers and artists involved in its production. (NB : you need to follow the link to the page as directed. For some reason the direct "news page" link doesn't work at the moment.)  If you continue down the page you will find details of past, very Gothic, panorama and shadow show work. 
If you cut to this page you will find links to a number of videos.
I particularly enjoyed "I Don't Feel Dead Yet".

Black Cherry Puppet Theatre filming Liberty Fever 
in front of the completed panorama


When is a book not a book ?


Kelli Anderson creates ready to use "pop up contraptions" heavily disguised as books.
"This Book is a Camera" is due out in February but is available now to pre-order. You can view a sequence of Kelli demonstrating and talking about her invention on the Create site.
This is more than just a simple pinhole device as you'll discover.
Her next opus "This Book is a Planetarium" is already in development.
You can discover more about Kelli and her contraptions and pre-order on the
Kelli Anderson site.
(Also, check out her wonderful 
paper record player wedding invitation!)


Full cycle


I couldn't resist including this, for anyone who imagines that the problem of people staring at their iphones while walking the streets is a dangerous new phenomena.  This picture entitled 'Human Nonsense' stems from 1818 when people were gripped and absorbed by a similarly infernal new invention - the kaleidoscope. You will find a very entertaining article on the craze on the Atlas Obscura site.

Nico's Toverlantaarn - the Exhibition


Henk Boelmans, the reknowned Dutch collector and proprietor of 
Nico's Toverlantaarn website, based in Sheveningen, is currently co-creating an exhibition at the Tetar Van Elven Museum in the centre of Delft, tracing the history and development of the magic lantern.  On various dates during the run of the exhibition Henk will also be staging live performances on his magnificent triunial lantern.
Specifically on 30 Dec, 21 Jan and 25 Feb.
You can discover more and book tickets here on the museum site.
The exhibition runs until 29 February 2016.  


A Million Pictures - the Update



Back in May we drew your attention to a major new European research initiative : A Million Pictures.  The project has been gathering momentum for the last six months and has its own on-line newsletter, which is published at two monthly intervals.  You can access the latest (December) issue here, and I would encourage anyone with an interest in cutting-edge lantern research to sign up for future editions. The publication also includes an update on the impressive international Lucerna lantern slide project. You will encounter some pretty extraordinary lantern slide images here too, such as the one featured above.

  Before your very eyes : an optical delusion


Is it possible to see the above uninspiring black and white image  in full colour using just the power of your brain?  Do you want to?
Try it here.
You will be amazed. If you aren't amazed don't blame me.



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