Wild Honey Times
-Summer 2022-
dogwood, redbud, forget-me-knots
little daisy ground cover
that wanders around

the aliveness
tosses her hair back
to get a better look
smiling infectiously

she revels in the structure
feels into the shading
reaches for the story
of each. amazing. form.
                           -gg, 2022
It is time for a rhythm shift, my friends, as we greet the summer months. Might we consciously take time to notice and celebrate creative expression as it lives in and around us? Our friends, the wildlife, the pebbles on the shore of Lake Michigan, the flowers and foods that we share - all parts of the aliveness. I feel the diversity in the natural world is so extremely potent as it invites us to sit for a little, quiet a little and... listen to the deepest teachings. They are present with us - if we but choose to open the door.

If you find yourself looking for a little 'door-opening' encouragement, the following offerings create moments of self-care that invite our attention to the aliveness within so that we can remember it, recognize it in our living.

Wild Honey Yoga is offered on Tuesday mornings at The Ayurvedic Wellness Center. You are welcome to visit our beautiful atrium for in-person classes or you can join us virtually. We have just shifted over to a new digital platform that will allow for more options and greater ease. It also allows us to record each class and post it to an online library that you can access - whenever.

While I am excited about this opportunity (and imagining recording specific flows with friends and issues in mind), I am also noticing my mental response to 'the newness' and reflecting on the patterns that arise. With change comes the need for learning and integration -as a teacher and as a student! We are asked to navigate more technology as well as some changes in packaging and pricing.

For my long-time yoga friends, pricing might feel like a leap and I invite you to feel into what is do-able for you. We have created a Drop-In option in hopes of creating an accessible practice option for our whole community. If the package pricing feels like a limitation or a deterrent to our practice together, please use the Drop-In option with ease in your heart and mind.

I do hope you will join me as I continue to explore the journey of body, mind, breath and heart through the movement and practice of yoga. The hope, for me, is to encourage time for touching into presence. We can build strength, maintain flexibility and open up our inner spaces with a level of attention that soothes, reminds and inspires.

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New Offering: Ayurvedic Bodywork Therapy

Over the past few months, I've been training in the art and practice of an Ayurvedic Oil Therapy called Basti. Organic flours are used to create a dough reservoir that is placed externally on affected areas of the body. Warm oil is poured in and you are invited to soften into the experience of receiving the healing benefits of oil, relaxation and supported self-care. I am currently offering Kati Basti (for the low back) and Hrid Basti (for the heart). This work may be scheduled alone or integrated with massage. If it sounds like good medicine to you, please call our front desk at 269-301-0621 to inquire about scheduling.

Massage and Bodywork Office Hours
Tuesdays: 12-6
Wednesdays: 9-2
Thursdays: 2-6
Alternate Fridays: 9-2

New client discount: 20% off first massage through July
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Natural Glass: A Celebration
Glass Art Kalamazoo
Park Trades Center
June 17th, 3-5

My oldest, Maia (formerly Raidan), is graduating from Loy Norrix next week! Please join us at Glass Art Kalamazoo to enjoy an exhibit of her work, cake and conversation. The exploration of glass art has been a balm for Maia's spirit and an outlet for her boundless creativity. We are grateful for the community at Glass Art Kalamazoo and for scholarship support received through the Education for the Arts Program. If you are unable to join us at this time, Maia's exhibit is up through June. Here is a link to  Glass Art News for more information. If you have any questions, pop me an email!
May Rest, Receptivity and Wonder be With You!
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