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August 2014 Newsletter

August 2014 Newsletter


Starting a new school year can be tough for everyone, especially families of individuals with autism and related disorders.

We have dedicated one of our special posts to supporting families as they help their children pack their backpacks and make it a smooth transition for this new school year.

Some tips on getting your children ready are:
  • Plan a trip to the school
  • Talk to them about what to expect on their first days of school
  • Make a Social Story
  • Write down recommendations for the teacher
  • Go on the bus route / car ride in advance
  • Buy the school supplies together
  • Get your child to bed on time
  • Provide healthy snacks
  • Prepare the new clothes
  • Teach them how to ask for help 
To read our full post and tips, visit our blog: Our Back to School Tips!

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Wishing our team members a wonderful birthday!
Claudia (August 11th)
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The ABCs of Behavior Analysis?

When analyzing human behavior, behavior analysts like to know EVERYTHING about a particular behavior! But in order to do that, we have to understand under which conditions a behavior occurs, or more so, the ABCs of each behavior!

A= Antecedent- The events/actions that occur immediately before a behavior.

B= Behavior- What the person does.

C= Consequence- The actions/responses that immediately follow the behavior. 

To read our full blog post on the ABCs of behavior, visit our blog: The ABCs of Behavior Analysis
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