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Welcome to sENT, the new English edition of ENT’s newsletter!

It is now 12 years since we started our monthly newsletter published in Catalan and Spanish. Hundreds of news articles about our projects, technical and scientific publications, calls, upcoming conferences, etc. have been shared amongst our increasing number of subscribers.

ENT is a consultancy and a research centre located in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona), and formed by a group of 12 experienced consultants and researchers with a multidisciplinary background. We conduct innovative projects in the areas of waste management, ecological economics and environmental taxation, energy management, political ecology and marine and fishing policies, mainly for public administrations, research centres and NGOs.

Since 2011, roughly 50% of our annual turnover has come from international competitive projects. Following this trend, we have now decided to launch the English version of the newsletter, which will be quarterly and will focus only on the part of our activity with some international relevance.

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Two ENT members present their work at the Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics

Fundació ENT submits comments to the EC Consultation on Fishing Opportunities for 2016

ENT presents its projects at the “Athens 2015 International Landfill Mining Conference”


Luís Campos (ENT) has participated in a new study about the impact of sea warming and acidification on scuba diving at Medes Islands (Spain)

Ocean acidification and sea warming could harm unique Mediterranean habitats and species which are associated with important recreational ecosystem services. Luís Campos Rodrigues (ENT; ICTA/UAB) is the leading author of a study developed in the context of the European Union Project MedSeA ( The study aimed at estimating recreational costs associated with a potential degradation of gorgonians communities and the higher abundance of stinging jellyfish at scuba diving areas. For that purpose, a Choice Experiment was developed for scuba divers at the Marine Protected Area of Medes Islands (Catalonia; NW Mediterranean). Estimates of welfare values include a cost of €60/dive for a scenario involving a local extinction of gorgonians, followed by a cost of €26/dive associated with a potential abundance of stinging jellyfish species.

Rodrigues LC, van den Bergh JCJM, Loureiro M, Nunes P, Rossi S (2015) The cost of Mediterranean sea warming and acidification: a choice experiment among Scuba Divers at Medes Islands, Spain. Environ Res Econ. doi:10.1007/s10640-015-9935-8

Paper published on measures to prevent waste from unsolicited mail

The final version of the paper written by Marta Jofra, Jaume Freire and Ignasi Puig (ENT) on the effectiveness of anti-advertising stickers as a measure to prevent waste of unsolicited mail is finally available. The article was accepted in May 2014 by the Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management and this July has finally been published. The complete reference is:

Puig-Ventosa, I., Jofra-Sora, M., Freire-González, J. (2015) “Prevention of Waste from Unsolicited Mail in Households: Measuring the Effect of Anti-advertising Stickers in Barcelona”. Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management. Vol. 17(3): 496-503.


Fundació ENT provides technical advise about the problem of municipal solid waste in Buenos Aires

Fundació ENT has provided technical advise to AVINA, Greenpeace Argentina and FARN (Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales) to draft the report “Las plantas MBT, una falsa solución para cumplir con la Ley de Basura Cero” (MBT plants, a false solution for complying with the Zero Waste Act), which addresses the problem of municipal solid waste in Buenos Aires and questions some of the strategies currently being adopted.

The report can be download HERE (in Spanish)

Visit to Bogota to present the proposal program on construction and demolition (CDW) waste management in the city

In July some members of the Fundació ENT and the Catalan Waste Agency travelled to Bogotá (Colombia) to present the proposal about the CDW management program in which we have been working during the past months. This activity puts an end to the project “Technical assistance for the implementation of a CDW management plan in Bogota”. The cooperation experience with Colombia (launched in 2013) will serve as a basis for the development of a methodology for CDW management planning in large cities of Latin America.

Fundació ENT closes the campaign "El Valor dels Aliments" with the release of a video report on food waste

"The Value of Food" is the title of the video and the same campaign on food waste that Fundació ENT and other organizations have been developing until this September.

Every year in Catalonia we throw away more than 250,000 tons of food, which means significant environmental, economic and social problems. The video report "The Value of Food" gives voice to the different stakeholders involved in food waste (farmers, distributors, waste managers, restaurant owners, etc.) to discuss how and why this happens throughout the food chain.

Link to the video report HERE (in Spanish)

ENTITLE is organizing the international conference “Undisciplined Environments”

ENTITLE (European Network of Political Ecology) is organizing the international conference “Undisciplined Environments” in Stockholm, from 20-23 March 2016.

The European project ENTITLE and the associated network of Political Ecology, of which ENT has been a partner since 2012, is organizing an international conference to be held in Stockholm between 20 and 23 of March, 2016.

The conference will include thee plenary sessions on decolonial political ecology, post-capitalist ecologies and enclosures vs. commoning with the participation of keynote speakers such as Kim Tallbear, Ailton Kreak, Catherine Larrere, Noel Castree, Nancy Peluso and Ugo Mattei, amongst others.

More information
Upcoming events and conferences
15th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium
Type of event: International Syposium organized by International Waste Working Group.
Place and dates: Santa Margherita di Pula, Italy, 5-9th October.
Description: Marta Jofra (ENT) will present LIFE EWAS project.

Global Eco Forum
Type of event: Forum organized by Eco-union.
Place and dates: Barcelona, 22-33th October.
Description: Ignasi Puig (ENT) will participat at the round table "Waste & Cities: How to transform the flow of urban waste into quality nutrients feeding our cities?".

Global Cleaner Production & Sustainable Consumption Conference
Type of event: International Conference organized by Elsevier.
Place and dates: Sitges, Catalonia, 1-4th November.
Description: Ignasi Puig (ENT) will present the paper ”Prospects for landfill mining in Spain and preliminary experiences”

VI Simposio Iberoamericano en Ingeniería de Residuos Sólidos
Type of event: International Syposium organized by "Tecnológico de Costa Rica" and "Red Iberoamericana en gestión y aprovechamiento de residuos REDISA".
Place and dates: Cartago, Costa Rica, 9-10th November.
Description: Marta Jofra (ENT) will present the methodology of construction waste management in Latin America resulting from the example of Bogota.

Envisioning a Future without Food Waste and Food Poverty: Societal Challenges
Type of event: International Conference organized Basque Country University and URBAN ELIKA Group.
Place and dates: Bilbao, Basque Country, 17-18th November.
Aina González (ENT) will present the paper “Campañas de sensibilización social sobre el despilfarro alimentario. Lecciones aprendidas”.
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