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Goth Comic Fairytale Adventure Heaven’s Hope Resumes Development

Heaven’s Hope resumes development, releases new trailer
The road back to Heaven is paved with good adventures…

Hanover, Germany – August 8, 2013 – After almost two long years of silence, Hanover-based independent developer Mosaic Mask Studio today confirmed that they have resumed development of their Goth comedy adventure game Heaven’s Hope for PC and Mac. A new trailer was released as well. Mosaic Mask Studio first began production of Heaven’s Hope in late 2011, after having received a special funding for the development of video games from the Lower Saxony government in Germany. After a rather encouraging first reception by the media however, the independent studio had to put the dream on hold for almost 2 years due to all-too-familiar resource restrictions.

Now the Hanover-based indie studio announce they are finally back, encouraged by the success of fellow adventure game studios. “We’ve closely followed alternative funding endeavours of fellow adventure game developers over the past year and a half, and their hard-won successes in the crowd funding arena have finally given us the confidence to resume development of Heaven’s Hope,” says Seçkin Ölmez, founder and lead designer at Mosaic Mask Studio. “We’re very open about the fact that Kickstarter is definitely something we will be looking at in the near future, but we’re also open to alternative funding routes at this point. Running a long-term crowd funding campaign on our own website independently might be an option too, for example.”

Heaven’s Hope is an extraordinary fairytale adventure, inspired by some of the greatest Goth comedy artists of our time. Mosaic Mask puts you in the shoes of apprentice-angel Talorel, a young student of Heaven’s stunt-flying academy who is close to passing the final exam that will finally turn him into a full-fledged angel – but when you suddenly collide with an unknown flying object, you crash onto 19th Earth near the town of Heaven’s Hope. Accident or not, should the archangels find out that you passed the Heavenly Barriers without permission they will cast you out forever. Accompanied by your best friends Myriel and Azael, it is up to you to raise Heaven and Earth to find your way back up in time for the final exam. But beware of the dangers ahead – Heaven’s Hope is in the firm grip of the Spanish Inquisition, and they will give you hell before they let you return to the skies.

The new trailer gives you a bit of the flavour of the stylized dark, cartoon art style and the magical, but quirky journey that Heaven’s Hope has in store for you. View the trailer and have a look around the new website while you’re at it:

Mosaic Mask Studio plans to release Heaven’s Hope on PC and Mac platforms as a
digital download in Q4 2014, and will offer fully localized versions of the eerie fairytale adventure for both English- and German-speaking audiences.
Heaven’s Hope on Gamescom 2013!

Mosaic Mask Studio will be attending Europe’s biggest games event on Wednesday 21 August and Thursday 22 August to demo Heaven’s Hope. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please contact Kimara Rouwit on +31 (0) 10 84 22 689 or e-mail as there are still slots left in the schedule.

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About Heaven’s Hope
Heaven’s Hope is a point-&-click-adventure in 2.5D, telling the tale of the fall and rise of the angel candidate Talorel. Experience an emotional roller coaster; tilting between laughter and horror, and get to know many quaint characters, unusual places and extraordinary puzzles. Only you can help Talorel and his heavenly companions fight the Inquisition – and cope with all the unfamiliar laws, creatures and objects of the detailed animated earthly world!

Key features include:

 Original setting and ingenious story

 Over 8 hours of gaming fun

 About 40 eerily beautiful, hand-drawn screens

 Two heavenly companions giving advice to the protagonist and taunting him

 More than 25 odd inhabitants with own background stories

 A tutorial which is integrated in the story

 Solve side-quests and change the appearance of your character

 Face the mysterious advertising column

 Hollywood-style orchestral soundtrack by Jonathan vd Wijngaarden

For more information about Heaven’s Hope, visit and join us on Facebook:

About Mosaic Mask Studio
Mosaic Mask Studio is a German game studio based in Hanover and founded in 2010 by Seçkin Ölmez. Aiming to create iconic video games with a very own universe and character, we are now developing our debut title “Heaven’s Hope.” Telling exciting stories and creating characters that will stick with you is what we strive for. For more information about Mosaic Mask Studio, visit and follow us on Twitter

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