Saturday Flier 25th October 2014
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Saturday Flier 25th October 2014
Martinmas Invitations
Dear Kindergarten Families

We warmly invite you to celebrate our Martinmas Festival. We will meet at Queens Wood (see the map below) on Friday 14 November at 4.45pm

Your child will be given their lantern at the end of Kindergarten that day – please bring it with you, along with spare nightlights and matches.

Walking with our lanterns into the darkness of the woods can be a magical and profound experience for the children. To support this please join in with the singing and refrain from talking on the walk.

It is dark in the woods – please hold your child’s hand at all times.

We also ask you not to take photos, bring dogs or dress your child in flashing shoes.

Please note that this walk is for Kindergarten children only. We ask that you make other arrangements for older siblings.

Babies should be brought in a baby carrier/sling rather than a buggy. The woods are hilly and can be muddy and slippy.

Please be aware that you are fully responsible for your child throughout the whole festival.

Lastly, please remember to dress warmly.

Kind regards

Hannah, Elena, Sarah, Mariela and Rebecca Kindergarten Teachers

Dear Classes One and Two Families

We warmly invite you to celebrate our Martinmas Festival. We will meet at Queens Wood  on Tuesday, November 11, at 6.00pm

Your child will be given their lantern at the end of school that day – please bring it with you, along with spare nightlights and matches. We must ask that siblings remain at home.

Walking with our lanterns into the darkness of the woods can be a magical and profound experience for the children. To support this please join in with the singing and refrain from talking on the walk.

It is dark in the woods – please hold your child’s hand at all times.

We also ask you not to take photos, bring dogs or dress your child in flashing shoes.

We will be stopping at a natural glade or hollow for some music. At the end, the Class Two parents will be hosting a table with hot chocolate and something nice to eat.

Please be aware that you are fully responsible for your child throughout the whole festival.

Lastly, please remember to dress warmly.

See you there....

Cara Ramelow and Richard Holden
Apple Tree Day postponed
The Class VI and Class VII Apple Day fundraiser has been moved to Friday 7th November 1.45 - 3.15pm.

All families are welcome.

Class VI will prepare some fun apple activities and Class VII are making crafts and will be managing the apple press. And in gardening lessons Class V have also been seed sowing and planting on seedlings, which will also be for sale on the day.

There will be Apple Bobbing, Apple Games, Apple Crafts for Sale, Apple cakes and snacks, Fresh apple juice and a Join-In Craft table for younger children. Also School-grown Celery, Herbs and seedlings for sale.

Small charge for activities.

Any apples and apple cakes etc gratefully received. Please bring covered food items with listed ingredients and labelled 'Apple Day' and leave in the kitchen from Thursday.

Please contact Susanna ( gardening teacher ) ASAP if you are able to donate apples, we need lots!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Susanna Wallis
Gardening Teacher
Parents of Kindergarten and Classes l, ll, lll and IV

The Green

We are writing to you to ask for your support and understanding in an important matter: The Green.

The Green is a public space but it also serves as a place for pupils of St Paul's to enjoy their break and partake in games, sport gardening and outdoor lessons.

It serves as a community builder where parents can meet and socialise after school. It serves as a place for members of the public to enjoy the space.

The Green has many users; however, we are becoming increasingly aware that at lunch and afternoon times there is a strong Health and Safety issue around defining the Authority for every child on the Green. This is very complicated as there is often a mixture of children who have finished school for the day and children who are still in school.

We would like to ask your help in managing this and agree on an area for the parents and school finishers to be -so that the rest of the school can be clearly protected by the allocated staff and the children are clear on who's is responsible for them. With this in mind we would ask you to please keep your children within the area allocated.

Please remember it is our duty to ensure utmost safety for all the children at St Pauls.

Thank you.
Revi Miller Principal

Class Two

Class Two has diligently worked on their papier mache lanterns for Martinmas for the last three weeks and we put the final layers on today!  They have done an amazing job with the help of lovely and artistically gifted parents: mothers of Atreyu Acker, Elias Zika and Alice McCallum. 

Our intern, Carine Thorsen, has been with us three weeks already and prepares to take her leave after having offered us a wonderful gift of time and talent. 

The Maths Block is just wrapping up for now as we head into a well-deserved break. We launch our first Fables Block (literacy) upon our return which will include lots of drama and theatre work.  Martinmas is being prepared to be hosted by Class Two, as is traditional.  They are taking their roles as hosts very seriously indeed!  I must say now that we are two blocks into the year that Class Two has made the most amazing strides!  They continue to astonish me with the gusto they bring to every single day.

Mrs. Ramelow
Book Sale - Your help needed
The library in our lovely school has long been dire in need of an update, and we have decided that the time is ripe to get rid of the old, and welcome in the new. The middle school teachers and Angelita are going to spend some time taking all the books currently residing in the library, out and then reviewing them and only permitting a select few back in. This will mean that our library will become somewhat depleted and as a result, we have concocted a plan. The plan has several parts to it:

Firstly, we will sell the extraneous books from our own library in a book sale after half term. In addition to this, we would also like to ask and encourage you to donate any of your unwanted books to our sale, and with this money we will then buy essential books that will benefit your children, and purchase some new, more up-to-date fiction and text books. With the books that you kindly bring in, we will first peruse them ourselves to see if there is anything there that might be of use to our newly structured library, if there is, we will retain it and sell anything that is not of use to us.

Secondly, we are enclosing a very general, if rather extensive, wish list of books and subjects that we would like to get more books on. If you happen to have any books on these subjects, or any books related to them that are no longer of any use to you, please do donate them, we promise that they will find a new and happy home with us, and be of utmost use.

We are looking specifically for:

+ English dictionaries and thesauri,
+ Up to date maps and atlases,
Books on animals,
Books on human anatomy,
Books on geology, minerals and crystals, climatology and weather,
Books on health and nutrition,
Books on physics, biology and chemistry,
Books on astronomy,
Books on German and French,
Books on different cultures,
Books on Civil rights,
Good quality novels and poetry anthologies.

The book sale will run between 1pm – 1.30pm and 3.15 – 3.45pm every day from Monday the 10th November until Friday 14th of November. Any books that do not get sold we will then take to charity shops.

Please do start to bring into school any unwanted books and leave them with us in the Project Space.

We look forward to welcoming many new books into our school,

With kindest regards and warmest wishes,

Mrs H Miller, Mrs Akuwudike, Mrs Steggall and Ms Ravizzoli
Application for Leave of Absence in Term Time
Parents and carers are strongly urged not to book holidays or take special leave during school term time because your child will miss out on important school work and may not be able to catch up.  This could have serious consequences on progress, attainment and opportunities later in life.

Other pupils’ education could be affected - the time teachers have to help all the children in a class is reduced if they spend time helping your child catch up after a holiday.
Educational experiences in school missed as a result of a family holiday cannot be re-captured later. 

There are on average 175 school days in a year – this leaves 177 days for holidays, cultural activities and family time.

If you feel that absence from school in term time is absolutely unavoidable, please complete the leave of absence in term time form and return it to Mrs Revi Miller, Principal.  Please be advised that holidays in term time are not a right and will only be granted under exceptional circumstances.  Each case is considered individually; however, leave will not usually be granted if your child already has low attendance or if the leave coincides with important dates in the school’s calendar.
Important Notices
Jumble Madness...

A HUGE thank you to everyone who contributed to the massive success of the latest Jumble Sale that was held on Saturday. We raised a very respectable £1749.30 and with the payment we will get from Clothes Aid, who take our unsold clothing, we should easily exceed £1800!

We had some new families join the Jumble Team, which was great, and the food for the cafe was particularly spectacular, so an additional thanks for all those who baked so beautifully. Here’s to the next one (March 7th 2015)

Jo & Lindsey xx

Problems with the school IT

Over the last week we have experienced extreme disruptions with internet and phone lines. In addition on Thursday the server was down and we have been unable to retrieve any of the emails that might have been sent to us on that day. If you have attempted to contact us via email on Thursday please re-send the email. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Lunch Club

Please note that we are unable to accommodate drop ins.

Indoor shoes

Every child needs indoor shoes. Please ensure your child has a fitting pair at school.
Dates for your Diary
Sat 1st - Workday
Mon 3rd - Start of term
Fri 7th - Class VI and Class VII Apple Day fundraiser, 1.45 - 3.15pm.
Tues 11th - Martinmas Festival Class I to IV; Lantern walk, Class I and II 
Wed 12th - Kindergarten Parents Evening
Fri 14th - Kindergarten Lantern Walk

Please refer to the website before phoning the office for dates.

All dates regarding the school are available at:

Mon 17th - Open Tour
Fri 28th - Advent Spiral, Classes. Kindergarten Closed
Sun 30th - Advent Spiral, Kindergarten

Fri 5th - Advent Fair - Evening
Sat 6th - Advent Fair
Tues 16th - Kindergarten End of Term - Christmas Festival
Wed 17th - School End of Term Festival
A special invitation
Dear Parents and Friends of St. Paul's,

The Listening Space

Cassie Yukawa
An intimate concert of live music, spoken word, poetry, eating and drinking, curated and performed by Simon McBurney, Cassie Yukawa and Nitin Sawhney together with Britain's foremost actors Tom Hollander, Samuel West, Kathryn Hunter, Saskia Reeves, and other special guests- including Rebekah and Christopher Allan.

“Surrounded by more noise - actual, recorded, digital and internal - than at any time in history or prehistory, most of us, including myself, find it hard to hear anything. This evening addresses this need. It is a modest but passionate invitation – in the hall of St Paul’s School - to listen. To poetry, to music, to prose, to create a space, not only within ourselves, but for our children to hear and be heard. Which is what a school should surely be about.” Simon McBurney on The Listening Space

As well as providing sustenance for the spirit, the evening will be accompanied by exceptional food and wine provided by La Fromagerie, included in the price of the ticket.

Tickets are £60 and you can buy them here


We will be hosting The Listening Space in our beautiful Nave, in order to raise £10,000 to improve it.

If you are planning on coming, get your tickets SOON! as a press release has gone out and it will be very public shortly. If you do not intend to come (and you really should!), please join us on the event Facebook page, share the below blurb, tweet it to your followers, call your friends, sell some tickets, help us get the word out! The more money we can raise on the night, the better it is for our school. It is going to be a wonderful one-of-a-kind evening.

THANK YOU in advance!

The Listening Space Team
Community Notices
Bikeability Courses

Islington Council are offering free bikeability courses for children over half term and a series of weekend adult training courses in November and December which might be of interest.

For details, click here.

Half term children's Bikeability courses A series of children's courses in the October half term holiday. There are courses for: beginners (children who can't ride a bike at all), Bikeability Level 1 (off road control skills) and Bikeability Level 2 (an introduction to road cycling).

Weekend adult cycle training courses Our popular series of adult group courses for beginners and improvers continues with more courses available in November and December.
Happy cycling!

Nanny available

Former St Paul's Steiner pupil looking for a family in need of a nanny. Very flexible schedule. Ideally I'm looking for someone in need of childcare from Monday to Friday, however I am also open to doing occasional work and/or fewer days.

I have plenty of experience and have looked after many children from St Paul's. I would be happy to provide a reference if needs be. Do not hesitate to contact me, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Amaia Viar - 07861 454680 or you can email me at
Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Show and pumpkin carving 

Dalston's Eastern Curve's annual 'Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Show' is open on Sunday.
Sunday 26 October, 1-4pm: Pumpkin carving

Sunday 26 October, 5.30pm - late: Pumpkin Lantern Show

Pumpkin carving is free, but donations towards costs are welcome.

More details:
Class Six and the Forge
Over this Michaelmas period, Class VI had the opportunity to spend four busy days out in the damp and cold, around a very hot fire, learning the craft of blacksmithing. They learned how to work with iron; how to shape it, bend it and form it, and each pupil created a beautiful candlestick, and a candle to go with it. Mr. Graves told them the stories that the blacksmiths told their apprentices, and the class were given the secrets to the trade, and heard the myths and legends about how iron came to the earth. It was a an exhilarating and exhausting week, but now that Autumn and the inevitable darkness of the Winter months are approaching, everyone in Class VI has created a light to take into this season, and everyone was able to overcome the hardness of the iron and bend it to their own will, just like Michael did with the dragon!

Please read on to hear from the class themselves about their week.

Mrs H Miller
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