Friday Flier 12 September 2014
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Friday Flier 12th September 2014

Welcome to the new year at St Paul’s Steiner School. We warmly welcome back every member of our school community and welcome to those of you coming for the first time.
We are delighted to welcome the following new members of staff:

Richard Holden - Class I Teacher
Cara Ramelow – Class II Teacher
Kevin Davidson – Games Teacher
Radostina Kamuninska – Handwork Teacher
Javier Ortega – Classroom Assistant / Lunch Club Leader
Achala Wickramaratne – Classroom Assistant
Lauren Robinson – Lunch Club Assistant

The teachers would personally like to give A HUGE thank you to all the parents and staff members that have worked hard during the work days to make the School ready for the new academic year. A big heartfelt thank you to all!!

Each teacher has a timetabled weekly surgery time during the school day when he or she is available to discuss any concerns. Please ensure you know your teacher’s surgery time, they are posted in the small corridor next to the school office. For urgent matters you can book a meeting with members of staff through the school office. Urgent telephone messages will be passed on to pupils and staff. The best time to ring with a message is before 10.30am in time for the morning break. Messages can be also left on the answering machine: we will deal with them as soon as we can. 

When a child is absent from school, for whatever reason, parents/carers should telephone 0207 226 4454 by 8.30 am. If no one answers your call, choose option 1 and leave a message on the answer phone, clearly stating who is reporting the absence, the name of the child, the class attended and the reason for the absence. You must call the school daily for as long as the illness lasts, unless otherwise agreed with the class teacher. 

When the child returns to school, the parent/guardian must hand in or email a dated and signed note stating the reasons for absence to the teacher. This is required even when a phone call has been made.

Children with mobile phones must hand in the handset to the school office on arrival. Please ensure your child understands that the use of mobile phone is forbidden anywhere on school grounds. 

Threadworms and head lice can be a regular occurrence during school terms but can be kept away with some regular care. The NHS has sensible advice about both.

Lost property can be found in the foyer in the wooden boxes. When the pile gets too high, unclaimed items are given to our jumble sale or to charity. Please mark your child’s name clearly on all items of clothing, including shoes.

Kindergartens have a box near the gate for storage of scooters and skateboards during school hours. For the Classes these items need to be named and stored in the bike shed. They cannot be left in corridors and in peg areas as they may block fire escapes.

 A letter from the Trustees
Dear pupils, staff, parents and friends of St Paul's Steiner School,
The Trustees of St Paul’s wish to inform you formally of the decision we have taken with regard to the proposal to form an Upper School at St Paul's.   
Our decision follows a lengthy period of consultation and reflection as we were mindful of the huge impact this decision would have for the School. We fully support the vision for a St Paul’s Upper School and this will be incorporated formally into the School’s vision and development group work in future months.  However, we do not believe this vision can become a reality in September 2016 as proposed by the Upper School Group.
We are grateful for the enormous commitment, energy and hard work that the Upper School parent-led group has put into developing this initiative over the past two years. The standard of research and the manner in which the work has progressed and been communicated has set a new benchmark for our School.  We also wish to thank the parents who have shown such overwhelming support for this initiative and therefore confidence in St. Paul’s and Steiner education.  
From the beginning of this term, with the support of Mrs. Revi Miller as Principal, the School will work to identify a set of actions and create a plan to achieve our goals which include:
i. Delivering academic excellence throughout the School,
ii. Strengthening Classes VI-VIII
iii. Identifying and implementing a set of steps that will make transition from St. Paul’s to a variety of other schools easier. This will include forging good relationships with the schools to which our students progress and liaising with parents. The Trustees have committed to this as a priority and will work to ensure that this support is put in place as soon as possible.
We are confident that once these goals are achieved, the Trustees will again be in a position to consider the possibility of an Upper School. 
We look forward to welcoming you to the All School Meeting on 23rd October.  This meeting represents an opportunity to agree and share a vision for the future of St Paul's. At the meeting we will address the ways in which we are trying to improve the School's decision-making and governance structures and introduce new members of staff and trustees.
We look forward to our future development!
With best wishes,
The Trustees
Jim Sharp, Chair
John Hadden
Caroline McDonald
Miranda Nunhofer
Jeremy Biggin

Class 2

We have and continue to have that first week, the anticipated meeting, and the forming of our group! It has been exciting and filled with energy. The children have been so excited to take a big bite out of the new year. We have reviewed our numeracy skills, started where we left off in circle, mined and begun some amazing speech work, learned a few new songs, become re-acquainted with our recorders, met and travelled with Fox Boy and his grandfather and a cheeky squirrel that chases them through the desert, met St. Francis, started our main lesson books on a newer and more sophisticated level, and begun to practice our writing in earnest.We have also just about got through recounting our summer adventures.  Whew!   They are very quickly becoming a comfortable but well-ordered group, willing and able to take on the responsibility for keeping the classroom tidy.

The first day of class we established the community service environment and they set up their own ground rules for mutual respect. You may have noticed that the end of the day we meet the parents near the vegetable garden in the yard of the school and will continue to do this. Some specials classes do not dismiss until 1:15 and so we will be a few minutes getting ourselves down to the yard. 

Best, Mrs. Ramelow

p.s. Thank you indeed  for the kind birthday wishes!
Parents Study Group
The parent study group meets every Friday morning during term time from 8.45 until 10am.  Everyone is welcome to join us and we look forward to meeting you.  We are delighted that Laetitia Costain, who ran the first Kindergarten in the school in 1995, will continue to support this group.

We read, study and discuss Rudolf Steiner's lectures and books on aspects of Waldorf education, child development and the cycle of festivals, as well as contemporary writing in these areas.  No previous knowledge is required and as a group we decide the main focus of each term's work in response to the questions that arise.

With best wishes for the Michaelmas term!

Class 5 — new adventures in gardening!

The opening chapter...

The Class 5 children have been welcomed into the world of plants, botany and growing, all of which bond the current main lesson block with the weekly Tuesday double gardening session. In the gardening lesson we went out onto St Pauls Green to see the outside space managed by Class 6, and had a guess at naming the plants growing there. Back in the classroom we looked looked at various fruit and
vegetables, we discussed what our favourites were, whether we can grow them and how we like to cook with them! 

The next few chapters....

The hope is for Class 5 to regularly  tend and manage the school plot at King Henry's Walk Gardens. Our visits there will start in a few weeks, you will receive full details and notice of this arrangement soon. 
Meanwhile we now need help from our new gardening parents! Please check if you have any unused seeds, spare gardening tools, and general gardening equipment. Please contact me via the school office if you wish to donate anything or have any questions.

Hopefully in a month or so we will be cropping our first harvest of tasty winter salad....

To be continued! 

Susanna Wallis
Gardening Teacher

Class photos

Dear Parents,
We have received your requests for the end of term class photos (2013) and will be processing them next week.  If you haven't placed an order and would like to, please ask at reception for the order book. We apologise for the delay. Thank you for your patience.
Important Notices
Lunch Club

Our Lunch Club is getting bigger and bigger!

I am very happy to let you know that we are taking steps to make the Lunch club more enjoyable, restful and specifically more nurturing!
This year we will have TWO Lunch Club groups: Early Years and Class Children Groups (and we are looking for a nice name for each of the groups).
I am very excited to introduce 2 new colleagues into our team to support this new phase of the Lunch Club: Javier Ortega, who is leading the Class Children group and Lauren Robinson, who will be my assistant. Mr Ortega and Ms Robinson are currently on the Steiner Waldorf Teaching Training Course in London. Ms Piscitelli will continue to work in the Lunch Club assisting Mr Ortega for the time being.
The Lunch Club menu is as follows:
Monday - pasta and lentil sauce;
Tuesday - brown rice with chickpea sauce;
Wednesday - potatoes salad and boiled eggs;
Thursday - brown rice with lentil sauce;
Friday - baked potatoes with baked beans;
In addition every day we also have fruits, vegetables and tea.
New people bring new ideas and we may have a new menu and some new activities soon. The intention is to make the Lunch Club a great place for the children to enjoy after School.
We would like to remind the parents and carers to wait by the Kindergarten gate when collecting the children from the Lunch Club at 3.30pm. If you need to collect your child earlier, please ask the staff at reception to come and collect him/her for you. For safety reasons we respectfully ask you to avoid opening the gate or coming into the Kindergarten garden while the children are playing outside.
With warm wishes for a lovely Autumn Term,
Mita Nesi
Early Years Lunch Club Leader
Parent and Child Groups
There are few places still available. The sessions are booked a term at a time and cost £10.50.
Please spread the word and email hr@st­ if you are interested in join­ing one of the groups.

School Uniform
Please remember that:
  • We do have a uniform: no logos, no cartoons, no camouflage and no skulls.
  • All children require indoor shoes.
  • The children do go out on the green and on walks regardless of the weather: they all need waterproof clothing.
Dates for your Diary
Mon 29th - Michaelmass


Please refer to the website before phoning the office for dates.

All dates regarding the school are available at:

Thur 9th - Class II Parents' Evening 7pm
Fri 17th - Jumble Sale Prep 3.30 - 6.30pm
Sat 18th - Jumble Sale
Thur 23rd - Whole School Meeting 7pm
Fri 24th - Term Ends
A celebration of the life of Phil Michael
Phil Michael had a long association with St Paul’s Steiner School, as a father, trustee and husband to a Class Teacher in the school.

Please feel welcome to join Abi, Isaac, Aaron and Seth for a celebration of our beloved Phil Michaels' life.
3pm Sunday 28 September 2014
Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley, Langley Hill, Kings Langley, WD4 9HG
We will be holding a service to honour Phil's passing, celebrate his life and release him to his new journey. The service, led by Kim Goode, an interfaith minister who is a dear friend of ours, will take approximately one hour and will be followed by refreshments for any of you who might want to stay and socialise. 
Anyone who would like to attend is invited to respond asap to my very organised sister in law, Jessica Michaels, at . Jessica will also be able to respond to all queries around the event. Anyone local, who wants to offer assistance with the logistics or food and drink, is also most welcome to contact her for instructions.
Phil would have been delighted to use this opportunity to raise some money for a good cause. If you are moved to donate, I have chosen the charity Forest School Camps as the beneficiary of your good will. Phil was possibly never happier than when he was outdoors, usually camping. My boys have attended these camps and loved them; they will love them into the future too. It's a sound and healthy organisation, promoting nature connectedness and loads of fun for generations of kids. 
You can donate with a personal cheque made payable to Forest School Camps and sent/ given to me or Jessica. Alternatively, if it's easier, you may make a bank transfer to my account Abi Allanson, 30-65-37 account number 31704660, reference Phil donation. I will pass it on and endeavour not to embezzle it by amnesia. 

Finally, Phil wanted anyone mourning to "avoid black", celebrate and make music. Let's try! 

See you at the end of the month,

All love, 
Abi Allanson
Parents Choir Invitation
Dear Parents of St Paul's

Welcome back in another year at our wonderful school. I don't remember exactly how many, but I have been running the parents choir for many years. We had a good year, last year, but quite a few supportive people have left the school and the choir and it's time for me to see if I'm still doing the right thing.

In the way I run the choir I want to give parents of our school the opportunity to learn something in the way the children are taught in Steiner Education. For me the magic of this education is in having fun together, and at the same time really learning something. I try to connect the songs I teach with the upcoming festivals at the school. One of the first songs we will be singing again is 'In Autumn Saint Michael' and really, to sing this powerful song myself with other lovely parents still gives me the goosebumps!

The choir is on Thursday mornings from 9.30 till 10.30 in my house and you can stay for coffee/tea afterwards. The first morning will be Thursday September 11.

To give parents who are unable to join during the day this opportunity as well I will try out Thursday evenings from 8 till 9 as well. So that will be Thursday evening September 11.

I ask 5 pounds per session as a contribution.

To run the parents choir has always been my genuine way of contributing towards a healthy parents community in the challenging education we have chosen for our children and I really enjoy doing it and so did a lot of parents. But if it has become a redundant facility because of low interest, I am okay to let it go.

Can you let me know if you're interested to come? It would be lovely to see you,

Jobs Weverling, mother of Robijn in class 7
07764 188 391
170 Lordship Road
N16 5HB
The teachers take an art class before the start of term
Community Notices
Steiner graduate looking for accommodation in exchange
Hello, my name is Annika Kompart, I am a recent BPA graduate from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) in Leeds. I am originally from Germany where I did a 3-year degree in dance and education at the Erika Klütz School in Hamburg. After 13 year at Rudolf Steiner School Göttingen in 2007, I did a social volunteering year and worked in a Kindergarten in Göttingen.
Alongside my studies at NSCD, I have been a regular guest teacher to the students of the Erika Klütz School and taught varies workshops and classes, especially in release technique. In addition I enjoy playing the violin.
Now, I am planning to spend the rest of the year in London (October - December), to make the first steps into the professional dance world and gain experiences as a freelance dance artist by doing varies dance workshops and company classes with different dance companies. 

I am looking for a place to work and stay in London. That means, I would like to work for my accommodation. This could be in a family, where I can help in the household, take care of the children, help with their homework's, teach them how to play the violin or whatever is needed and I can do.

I also have a driving license. I am a friendly, accessible, happy and opened minded person who is willing to work.
If you are interested, or you know someone who could be, please get in touch with be and e- mail me to
Annika Kompart
Childminder sought
I am looking for a responsible, child-centered registered childminder for my 6.5 year old child, on Saturdays, from 9.00am - 6.00pm, while I am training on the Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training course, at Steiner House, 35 Park Rd, London NW1 6XT . We have done this once a month for a year now and it works well, as we get to be together at breaks and lunch time, while Regents Park is just around the corner, for outdoor time.

I would also consider childminder's home, if I feel its appropriate for my child. Please contact me at:, 0777 64 11 402
Harvest Festival
Come and join us at Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT on Sunday 28th September at 2:30 - 8pm for a Harvest Festival with mini biodynamic farmers market, demeter jams and juices, eggs, vegetables, children's activities.

Harvest supper: 4:30 - 6:00pm

and a celebration for Michaelmas with a Forum led by the Youth Group at 3:30pm and a presentation from Andrew Wolpert and Geoff Norris at 6 - 8pm

MamaOwl is a local, East London-based online boutique specialising in merino 
wool and organic cotton clothes for babies and children. Our brands include 
Disana, Engel, Cosilana, Joha, FUB, and many more from Germany and 
Scandinavia. New this season is a larger selection of Nordic organic cotton brands.
Based on Hackney Road, our new show room corner welcomes everyone to come, 
touch, feel, and try the clothes on your little ones! Also, this year my son starts 
kindergarten, and I am happy to bring in orders with a few days notice.

Exclusive to St Pauls parents, we're offering 10% off your order in September and 
October. Simply enter the code “stpauls” at check out.
Many thanks and farewell to Esther McKinney who produced the Friday Flyer last year. 
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