Friday Flier 28 February 2014
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Friday 28th February 2014

Pancakes soon
Traditionally butter, eggs and milk were used up on Shrove Tuesday in a spree of pancake making before the austerities of Lent.
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Jumble Sale coming up
Hello everyone, it is the final weekend before the next school Jumble Sale, there are plenty of flyers in reception to be distributed, so if you are going to be out and about this weekend please take some, it is great to have them all over as a jumble sale is a rare and wonderful thing! Your local fruit shop, cafe, cinema, yoga centre - please, please, please help us publicise this event. Thanks in advance
Jo & Lindsey x

Class VII play: Eleanor of Aquitaine


Eleanor means little Elea named after my mother Elea.  My mother died when I was eight years old.  After that my father decided to teach me to ride a horse, to hunt, to do mathematics and all the other things that apparently girls are not supposed to learn.

7 years later my father went on a pilgrimage and passed away.  A few days later Prince Louis arrived and proposed to me.  I said ‘Yes’ and we got married.  We had two girls and Louis got worried he could not get an heir so we got a divorce.
Eight weeks later I had already remarried the Prince of England, Henry (you can imagine how furious Louis was).  Henry and me had eight children (five boys and three girls).  A few years later I discovered that Henry had a mistress, so I left him, and returned to Aquitaine with my children.  I taught my sons the art of chivalry.

Every few years Henry would come and give land at random and John (my youngest child) ended up getting most of the land.  This made my other sons furious and they put an army together and attacked Henry.  Henry thought that I had sent them to kill him so he imprisoned me in Salisbury Castle and here I am now.
So far I have lost Prince William; Prince Henry and Prince Geoffrey to some illness or another that only leaves Richard, John and my daughters of course!



I was born in Gonesse on 21st of August 1165.  My father King Louis wanted me to be associated with the throne straight away.  I was trained to be King, it was hard work, especially hard with my one working eye.  I never went hungry or was cold and I had a happy childhood.  Although, one day after a hunting trip in the forest of Compiegne, I found myself lost in a dark wood.  Being only 13, I was scared out of my mind.  Cold and hungry for the first time in my life.  Finally I was found by a peasant travelling through the woods.  By this time I had a high fever.  My father went on a pilgrimage to pray for safe recovery.  Hearing that I had recovered he returned.  I heard terrible news that my father had suffered a stroke.  I was quickly appointed King.  I was 14 when my father died on 18th of September 1180.

I had finally complete control over France.  Well almost complete control.  In April 1182, I expelled all Jews from the demense and confiscated their goods.  Even I’m not sure why.  Unlike my father I had an heir soon after I was crowned.  In times of conflict I could call to arms 250 knights, 250 horse sergeants, 100 mounted crossbow men, 2000 foot sergeants and 300 mercenaries.

I began war with Henry II of England when his son approached my father and asked for help.  Following the unfortunate deaths of Henry and Geoffrey, two of his sons, Richard and I decided to go on the third crusade.  Our victory over Henry meant Richard was now King of England.



Henry the young King

My name is Henry, son of Henry II and Queen Eleanor.  I was born in 1155.  I was brought up in England for 10 years, I was married at the age of 5 to a 2 year old, because my father wanted more land, her name was Margaret.  My tutor was Thomas a Becket.  Then my father went off with another woman so my mother, brothers and sisters and I went to Aquitaine in France.  Life there was more orderly and I was taught to be chivalrous by William Marshal.
As you would guess I am a Prince and was to be the future King.  I was crowned when I was 15 and again formally when I was 17 but with Margaret that time.  People called me ‘Henry the Young’.  Even though I was King my father didn’t give me any power or land, which made me annoyed.
I really wanted some good land but my father wouldn’t give me any, he gave it all to my little brother John, because he was the favourite.  My biggest difficulty was not to strangle my little brat of a brother.  My father soon became my enemy.  He kept my mother prisoner in the castle for 16 years because he thought she was plotting against him as well.
I love to fight, it makes me happy.  Something that really makes me sad is my relationship with my father.  I look quite like him, gold-red hair, broad shoulders, big build and something we both have in common is that we didn’t get on well.
I’m now dying on my deathbed, 1183, from water poisoning.  I have asked my father to come and forgive me for fighting him and making him my enemy.  He didn’t but he has send a ring to say he forgives me.  I don’t blame him for not coming because it could have been a trap set up by my brothers and me.


The actors

My experience of Eleanor of Aquitane was exciting, motivational, fun and sometimes tiring.  We’ve done so much.  We’ve drawn Eleanor; we’ve written about her, we’ve gone so far down the life road of Queen Eleanor.  I found that once you start acting and you really get into it all your nervous feelings just go puff.

On the way down I learned it’s all in you.  Just close your eyes and imagine the medieval history, you’ll get a feeling of what it was like and all you need is one line of description.


I found the written work really hard.  I have to say the play was really fun.  At some points I got really angry and annoyed.  When I first started I thought it was really pointless but I grew to love it.

My favourite part was the fight scenes in the play.  I also really enjoyed drawing the front cover to the program.
I found many things hard but the hardest bit was keeping quiet and learning the plain chant ‘Ubi Caritas’.  I also found singing in front of the school hard.

Out of the many things that surprised me is that I look good in leggings.  Also hearing about Eleanor surprisingly fun. I learnt that divorcing someone is a sin in the eyes of the Pope.  That they loved tight clothes.  How bad mannered they were.  Their justice system and the love they give to the Pope.
I learnt that no matter how hard you work you will mess up eventually.

Thanks to Jane for making all of this possible and writing the play.
• The experience was exciting, scary and hard.
• My favourite bits was doing the play.
• The things that surprised me is that I have a loud voice.
• I have learnt about Heraldry, the Feudalism and about the strange justice system in England in those times.
• I thought the play was good and I liked it a lot.

My experience was difficult but it was fun and enjoyable.  My favourite bit was when I found out who I was in the play Richard the Lion heart and also when I got all my lines right. My hardest challenges were getting my lines right and doing the 6 drawing.
I have learnt that England was really cruel with their punishment.  I also learnt that Eleanor was a really strong woman and that she was really smart.
I think that Jane’s play is really good especially with the help of Rachel who choreographed the fight scenes.  I found out that I am not shy and that I have a pitched voice.

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Community Notices

Host Family Sought

My name is Emilie Salvesen, I live in Forest Row and I work with a small German Waldorf charity that places young Germans students in British work and living environments.   Horizon international ( typically places students between 16-19 years old. The come to England for a 4 week voluntary internship on farms, kindergartens, curative institutions etc. They work Mondays to Fridays, and live in a host family, where they contribute £135.00 per week for Board and Lodging.   I have found a summer placement with the Hackney Pirates ( for a 16-year-old German girl from late July to 20 August 2014. Nele Holub is studying at the German National Ballet School in Berlin to become an artist, and has particular skills in circus skills like juggling etc. The first part of her English placement will be at the summer camp of The Christian Community in Cornwall, and then she will join the Hackney Pirates. Born 13/04/1998, Nele will be 16 in the summer. She has a host of younger siblings, and last summer worked as a trainer in a French children's camp to learn French - so she is enterprising and sociable.   I would be most grateful if you could circulate this request to the families at the school and see if anyone would be interested in hosting Nele. The expectation is that she would be taken in as one of the family, have a room to herself, and share the meals with the family. If the family can undertake something with her on a weekend, that would be lovely, and of course of there are some young people of her own age that would be great.   Please let me know if you need any more information. My home phone is:01342 82 6477 My mobile is: 07873 150 107 My email is:   Many thanks for your consideration,   Emilie


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