Friday Flier 19th December 2014
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Friday Flier 19th December 2014
A Happy and Peaceful Christmas to all
We wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a great start for 2015
See you all again on the 7th January.
Fundraising events;
a letter from Caroline MacDonald, Trustee
Dear parents, colleagues and friends,
I would like to add my thanks to those expressed elsewhere in recognition and appreciation of the enormous combined effort of all the families in the School to make the fundraising events during this Michaelmas term so worthwhile.

The jumble sale, Listening Space event and Advent Fair are very important for their financial success, as well for the fact that they are moments when the School reaches out and engages with the wider community.  Many parents have reported enquiries and interest in the School from visitors to these events and I am sure that I am not alone in finding the warmth of spirit and generosity of all those who participate in so many different ways inspiring and amongst the highlights of the School year.
There have been questions from some parents about what happens to the funds raised for the School in these types of events.  Since the doors of the School opened some 21 years ago with the first Parent and Child group, the School has been housed in our Grade II listed building, on which the Church of England has granted us a very long lease.  In return for paying a nominal rent, we are obliged to maintain and restore the fabric of the building.
Since the start of the school, the trustees have held the view that the significant expenditure on restoration and development of the building should largely be supported from fundraising income (rather than school fee income) and income from school lettings.  This is to ensure that the majority of fee income is allocated to the growth and development of the School, in particular to pay the staff and continuously improve the quality of the education we provide for the children. 
As the school’s reserves have become healthier, in recognition of the efforts of the school community, the Trustees have in recent years made a decision to match-fund fundraising income, when possible, in order to support and accelerate key improvements that will have a direct bearing on the pedagogical life of the School.  So, for example, the new oak staircase was built using funds raised alongside some school reserves.
If you would like more detailed information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me and I will be happy to speak to you or arrange a meeting when I am next in School.
With my warmest good wishes for a peaceful Christmas and happy New Year
Caroline McDonald
Class VII - thanks
A massive thank you to the stall facilatators who gave Class VII a stall in order to found raise for their forthcoming trip to France.
We raised more than £400!

Thank you to all class VII parents who helped the children to create beautiful and tasty goodies.
Julie Karaman
Staff news
Welcome to:
Derek Lee, our new caretaker who is already, fixing, moving, climbing ladders etc.
Helen Smithers, our new Bursar. She comes with a wealth of experience.
Kevin Brokenshire, Class VII Teacher. A heartfelt thank you to Rachel Steggall for having done such a wonderful job looking after the class during the Autumn Term.
Farewell to Zlata Zaludova, who we will miss so much – we wish her well in her new job
Mulberry Bush KG
We look forward to welcoming back Julia Allan, who has been on sabbatical this term. Our thanks to Rebecca Hodgson and Mariela Echeverria who have held the Kindergarten in Julia’s absence. Rebecca will continue as Mulberry Bush assistant and Mariela will be moving to our Parent and Child groups.
Parent and Child
We say goodbye to Mita Nesi and Leoncia Flynn and Sevim Metin and send our heartfelt thanks to them for creating our beautiful new parent and child space off site at 190 Balls Pond Road, and for holding the parent and child families so lovingly over the years.  We wish them well as they move on from St Pauls. We thank Louise Newton for her help in covering Parent and Child sessions.
Lunch Club
Mita Nesi has also held the Kindergarten lunch club children every afternoon for the past few years, creating a homely afternoon for the children which flows from the Kindergarten morning.  Our heartfelt thanks to Mita.
The Kindergarten teachers will hold lunch club collectively until we find the right replacement.
Apple Tree
We say goodbye to Sevim Metin who so kindly stepped in to cover as assistant this term, and we wish her well.  We are delighted to welcome Lauren Robinson as the new Apple Tree assistant.
Our many thanks to everyone who worked so hard to create a magnificent Advent Fair, particularly Alix and Belle and all the parents who decorated, cooked, sweated and shelled out!
Our thanks to all who volunteered their time, energy and talent to created what some say was the best Shepherds play yet! Particularly, of course, the Director Jane Akuwudike! What a great gift to the community this was!
Merry Christmas from Class II
We are ending the term on  a lovely, festive note as we have completed a tour of the school celebrating St. Lucia...a festival traditionally held by Class Two.  

The candles were lighted, the headdress adorned our St. Lucia, the oldest girl in the class, Kotobuki Clarke Abe.  The gentlemen of the class carried gold stars and gingerbread biscuits to share. We sang our way through the school and then gave each class a carol when we stopped. That carried through to a hearty lunch followed by a trip to the London Coliseum to see The Nutcracker.

As we made our way from the bus to the theatre, they continued to sing St. Lucia and then recited The Jabberwocky several times, all spontaneously. This says that they are happy, filled with joy, and still totally unself-conscious.  Just right!  It was a splendid day.

We have yet an Advent play and a small holiday celebration for myself and the ladies and gentlemen of Class Two, who have worked so very hard this term. Well done!

Mrs Ramelow
Class IV and V string concert

Photography courtesy of Tina Maas
Looking ahead
On the 26th January 2015 at 7pm there is a parents’ evening for classes I to VIII.
On the same evening at 6pm there will be an information session for parents. If you have yet to attend one of these events, whether you are already very involved in the life of the school or just finding your feet, please make an effort to attend as it will really help you to find your way around the school. Various aspects of life of St Paul's, including its history and current context, parental contribution, organisation and staffing resources, concerns and complaints procedures, school communications resources, supporting the pedagogy at home and social groups for parents will be covered.
During this holidays please check your child for nits and treat accordingly if found. The treatment needs to be repeated three times 5-7 days apart.
Please also use this break to check your child indoor shoes – every child needs properly fitting indoor shoes, including the children in the older classes. It is unsafe for the children to walk around in their socks.
In addition every child needs good quality waterproof (trousers and jacket) and a pair of wellington boots or waterproof walking shoes. Regardless of the weather conditions all classes go out daily on the green or in the garden for breaks. 
Community Notices
Looking to escape the city (for a bit)?

Freelance translator and Waldorf teacher on sabbatical would like to swap their generous 3 bedroom flat on Lake Constance, Germany, for accommodation in London for one or two years starting summer 2016.

Our flat is in a pleasant village close to two German Waldorf schools (Überlingen, Wahlwies), not far from the Swiss border and a two-hour train ride from Dornach. It occupies the first floor of a house in a quiet cul-de-sac and has lake views from two balconies.You can see pictures here:

We are also generally interested in holiday exchanges. Please contact Sven and Margot Saar on or by phone: 00 49 7773 937668
Children’s Summer Camp

An initiative of The Christian Community in Stroud, Glos.

For children from 7 to 14 yrs of age of all backgrounds

18th – 28th July 2015

At Camphill Oaklands Park, Newnham, Glos.

Games, Singing, Art and Craft projects, Organic Farm food, Treasure Hunt, Hiking, Improvisation, Swimming…

Creating experiences for children where they can most wholly and truly be themselves. Every child is
precious and has something important to bring to the world, regardless of their apparent challenges.
The Helper team comprises mostly experienced Waldorf Upper School & College Students and Parents
under the leadership of Aaron and Judy Mirkin who have run such camps for many years in South
Africa and England. The children grow in social awareness and confidence through shared initiatives
and activities together with around 60 other children. They gain a whole new set of craft skills, and
experience the challenge and joy of taking a creative project through from beginning to end.

Aaron & Judy Mirkin 01453 299311 /
Christmas Fine Art Exhibition at The Gallery
For all enquiries, please call: 07720 783 780

13 Green Lanes, Newington Green, London N16 9BS
9th December 2014 - 6th January 2015

Also featuring : Christmas Art Painting Workshops before Christmas
@13TheGallery - call 07720 783 780

Opening nights: 19, 20, 21 December 2014 Cocktails at 6pm. All welcome

“Every human being is an artist...called to participate in transforming and reshaping the conditions, thinking and structures that shape and condition our lives.”
Joseph Beuys 
Jose Lasheras
Giovanna Mabanta Paul Pollock Gabriele Ruehl 

Art Painting Workshops before Christmas
@13TheGallery - watch this space or call 07720 783 780
Do something refreshing; nurture yourself!
The Needs of the Young Child - A talk by Helle Heckmann
Applicable to parents of children of all ages

We were fortunate enough in October to host an evening talk by Helle Heckmann.  She shared with us pearls of wisdom gleaned from over 30 years experience in Steiner Waldorf Early Years education, having set up a pioneering, largely outdoor Early Years centre called Nokken, in Denmark.  She asked, ‘What does the young child need?’ To be an earth citizen.  They need to be taught the earthly life, they need us to be practical and to bring simplicity.  What a challenge in our modern life in this modern world.

Helle talked about the need for an increased protection of new mothers and mothers of young children in our society.  She then shared  5 golden keys which help us to support the young child, both as parents and as early childhood educators:
  1. SLEEP
The young child under 7 needs 11-13 hours sleep per night.  Bedtime begins from dinner time onwards by creating a quiet, peaceful bedtime rhythm.  The child can be taken into their bedroom with candlelight.  Bedtime itself need take no longer than 15 minutes.  Story, prayer, kiss and hug, blow out the candle. Then leave the room, giving the child trust and confidence that they can be in the room by their self.  The child needs to learn to sleep alone from around age 1. We are alone all our lives; that is different from being lonely. The child sleeps better in a small bed; she stretches out and touches the sides of it; feels the boundary of a well tucked in cover and feels safe and secure there. (This is also what the child is doing in a King Size bed when he stretches out using his parents as the edges and he takes over the whole bed!)
The physical body develops through movement.  As soon as the child can walk, don’t carry them.  Park further away from your destination and walk further.  Walking is so beneficial because the cross movement builds bridges in the brain.  80% of these bridges are built in the first 5 years.  Walking hand in hand strengthens the relationship between parent and child. Boys often communicate more after walking or during a walk.  Walking allows children to get tired, tired enough to sleep.  A healthy amount of walking leads to a quiet mind.  Helle says that really we need to walk 10K a day, children too.
This is especially pertinent today with the prevalence of health issues such as asthma, eczema, diabetes and obesity. Establishing good habits in early childhood are important for the rest of the child’s life.  It is important to get children in the kitchen; being involved in the cooking helps them partake in the eating.  Children need to be able to eat food that requires chewing so that they don’t become only able to eat pasta and pizza.  Helle noted the importance of not making things too easy for our children; to allow them to go through obstacles and to grow strong from such experiences.
The young child needs the repetition of daily, weekly, yearly rhythms in order to feel safe and secure. This is why they like the same story again and again.  The child can then move out of this place of safety and security into independence.  The challenge for parents is that eg telling the same story again and again gets boring.  But it is the opposite for the child.  And this stage doesn’t last for ever.  They grow up quickly!
  1. LOVE
You are the perfect parent for your child.
Love also means saying No, guiding your child.
You cannot be their friend; we need to be the adults.
Love is being reliable.
Love is being there.
Love is standing firm in the wind.
Love is present in your love.
Mobile phones present a challenge to how present we are with our children.   Arrange some time that you are phone free.  When we are able to give the child our presence for periods of time, the child is then better able to play by themselves for a while.
How can we measure our success as parents?  One way is when our child says ‘I am bored.’  Then we can say ‘Good – you are growing,’ and be pleased that we have given our child healthy time in which to feel themselves and to be bored.  They won’t sit being bored for more than 10 minutes before finding something to do.
What a gift to hear Helle’s words of wisdom.  Some of the Kindergarten teachers also attended a conference at which Helle was the speaker.  One of her strongest messages was the importance of WALKING to allow the child to really get into his physical body. We really notice the positive effects of walking on our walk days at Kindergarten.  How well the children eat and play afterwards.  Walking is an antidote to the factors in our society which push our children prematurely into their heads and intellect before they have properly inhabited their physical body. 
We thus implore all parents to find ways to enable their children to walk as much as possible.  If our children can walk to school or Kindergarten then they have the best possible start to the day.  Can the car be left at home?  Could you get off the bus a stop or two earlier and walk the rest of the way?  Try walks with your child.  They can walk for longer than you might think.  A walk round the block late afternoon can be just the thing to turn that often grumpy part of the day into a positive early evening for everyone.  Once walking becomes a normal, regular thing that they do, any whingeing will cease.  Promise. 
                From notes by Sarah Newby, Apple Tree Kindergarten Teacher
Dates for your Diary
Wed 7th - Term starts
Sat 10th - Workday
Mon 19th - Open Tour 6pm
Mon 26th - 6pm Information session for parents
Mon 26th - Class I to VIII Parents' Evening 7pm – 9pm

Mon 9th  - Class II parents evening 7pm
Thur 12th - End of term
Mon 23rd - Term begins

Please refer to the website before phoning the office for dates.

All dates regarding the school are available at:

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