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Friday Flier - 22nd January 2016
Outdoor Curriculum
Saturday 9th January
Thank you very much to those parents who helped during the workday on 9th January.  The place behind the kitchen was gutted and an inventory was done. There is now easier access for the children and we have a better idea of what is needed. Thank you all again for your help.

Orchard Planting Day - Saturday 20th February
The school have been liaising with a number of local community groups, Islington Council and The London Orchard Project to plant a small orchard in the North East corner of St Paul's Park. 

The planting day, led by The London Orchard Project will be an opportunity for groups of people through the local community to come together, to learn about trees and their up keep and to enjoy spending time outdoors.
It is the first of a number of outdoor themed events that we hope to be involved in at the park, including further tree planting near the raised beds and growing soft fruit shrubs.

The trees and their fruit will provide fantastic opportunities for the children to learn more about ecology and horticulture.

In addition to the tree planting, there will also be some other work to be done at the school, as we are hoping to construct some waist high seedling beds so the children can begin to grow seedlings in the spring.

We really need parents to support us on this day. Please contact the school office if you can help, even a few hours will help.
January 2016
Monday 25th — Trustees Meeting 6pm

Please refer to the website before phoning the office for dates.
All dates regarding the school are available at:
February 2016
Monday 1st  — Parents’ Evening Classes IV and V 6.30pm
Tuesday 2nd  — CANDLEMAS
Tuesday 2nd  — Kindergarten Parents’ Support Group MB KG 7.30pm
Thursday 4th  — AGM; 6.15pm 
Friday 5th  — Ceilidh Classes III, IV and V; 6.30pm
Community Professionals
The Middle School Teachers are grateful to all the parents that have contacted the school offering their time to come and talk during the Middle School Assemblies. 

As we'd like the students to hear from a variety of professions we are still looking for contributions: carpenters, journalists, architects, electricians, doctors, firefighters, bankers ....

Middle school assemblies are held each Tuesday from 12.35 - 1.15pm. If you are able to help out, please write to us with the following information – your name, your profession or job title and contact details.

With thanks,

Middle School Teachers
Winter in the Kindergarten

We have been singing songs about frost and snow since the beginning of term. King Winter sits on his throne on the snowy nature table. Crafted snowflakes hang from mobiles. Thank goodness we have finally had a bit of winter weather to fit with our seasonal curriculum. On walk day we saw ducks skating on the iced-over New River. What a delight! 

Our thanks to the school children from the classes who helped shovel, wheelbarrow and rake all the new sand for the Kindergarten sand pits. Your work is much appreciated.  We couldn't have done it without you. The little children are really enjoying playing with the new sand at garden time. Sand is such a wonderful, versatile material creating myriad play and movement opportunities. 

Request for toys/equipment for the Kindergartens
Parents of older children in the school, if your children have outgrown any toys or equipment that may be suitable for the Kindergartens, please consider donating them to us. 

For example: wooden clothes horses or play frames, wooden cars, silks or cotton play cloths,  waldorf dolls or puppets, dolls clothes and cradles, wooden or knitted animals, dressing up clothes, hats, musical instruments, play kitchen equipment etc

We would also welcome natural playthings such as beautiful shells, stones or pine cones.

If you have something for us please bring to the Kindergartens or to reception.
Kindergarten Voices

  A few Kindergarten children were discussing marriage.

Child 1: You can't marry someone in your family

Child 2: Yes you can, my Mum married my Dad.



Owly.  Small red felted handmade owl found in the Kindergarten garden. Is being fostered by one of the Kindergartens. Having a lovely time watching the children sing and play each day but is hoping to be reunited with her owner. 

Please come to reception or to Apple Tree Kindergarten if she is yours.
Class VIII
Class VIII Geometry

Class VIII have recently completed a 3 week block of work focusing on Geometry.

The class explored the origins of Geometry, before learning about Plato, his cave story and 5 Platonic Solids. 
The children learnt about Plato's interpretation of each shape, its features, then how to construct each; The Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Icosahedron, Cube and Dodecahedron. Some of the children create huge shapes that now hang in the Nave.

The class continued to explore Kepler's rather different interpretation of the 5 shapes which he called  The Mysterum Cosmographicum", before exploring Fibonnaci's Golden Sequence of numbers, the Golden Spiral and the Golden Ratio. 

Throughout the block the children produced some beautiful work, with great accuracy and precision.

Well done Class VIII!
The five Platonic solids
Community Notices
I am looking for a calm, steady, loving person to help out with an active 5 year old boy 2-3 times a week in the afternoon/early evening.

The job would involve: Imaginative play, outdoor activity, meal preparation, tidying up, and transition to bed time.

The days and hours are ideally 2-3 of the following:
Mon 3.30 - 7pm
Tues 3.30 - 7pm
Weds 1 - 7pm or 4 hours within this slot
Thurs 1 - 7pm or 4 hours within this slot

Please contact Hannah on 07810 442 327 or via email on

Over 2 Saturday mornings - 6th and 27th February from 9:30 to 1:30pm

Cost including materials £65

At 176 Richmond Road, London, E8

Children under 8 should bring a grown up helper.

Instagram: dalston_dolls

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