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Friday Flier - 30th September 2016
Scooter box

The Kindergarten scooter box has been moved to a new position next to the bike shed. 

Please put all scooters in there (including the Kindergarten Children’s one) but please note that the scooter box is never locked. Do not leave your/your child’s scooter in the box overnight as it is not safe. 

Missing scooter

An orange Micro Sprite scooter with “Lucas Clarke” on the handle bar has gone missing.  It was left in the wooden box in front of the bike shed on Friday 23rd September and by Monday 26th it had gone. Please check your child’s scooter just in case the wrong scooter has been picked up. Thank you. 

Bike shed

Since the beginning of this term after 3.30pm on several occasions the bike shed has been found unlocked. The lock had been simply left “to hang” on the cage. Please ensure you lock the cage after you drop off or pick up your bike. In addition several bikes are left unlocked in the cage. Please note that historically bikes have been stolen overnight so it is strongly recommended that you lock your bike even if it is in the cage.  


Please do not park directly outside the gates on St Paul's Road as it blocks access and hugely restricts the visibility for pedestrians and cyclists arriving/leaving the school. This increases greatly the possibility of accidents.

Lost property

The Lost Property boxes are full to bursting with items that were found in the Summer holidays. We will donate the contents of these boxes to the Jumble Sale on Friday 7th October so please do come and retrieve your items before then. 

Absence procedure

When a child is absent from school, for whatever reason, parents/carers should email or telephone 0207 226 4454 by 8.30 am. If no one answers your call leave a message on the answer phone, clearly stating who is reporting the absence, the name of the child, the class attended and the reason for the absence. You must call the school daily for as long as the illness lasts, unless otherwise agreed with the class teacher. 

When the child returns to school, the parent/guardian must hand in a dated and signed note stating the reasons for absence to the teacher. This is required even when a phone call has been made. A doctor’s medical certificate must be submitted for sickness lasting five days or more. Whenever possible, parents/guardians should make medical and dental appointments out of school hours. When this is not possible, teachers would appreciate a week’s notice. 

Absences of pupils are monitored and recorded. The class/kindergarten teacher will call a meeting with the parents/guardians if the absence level becomes a cause of concern. 

School Safeguarding and child protection policy 

The School Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy has been updated:

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