Friday Flier 13th February 2015
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Friday Flier 13th February 2015
Local residents' concerns
Dear Parents and Carers,
I am writing to let you know that over the past year the School has received a number of complaints from local residents.  These have included:
  • parking issues - the use of residents' bays, parking on the pavement or blocking the entrance to the garages next door;
  • cycling across pavements on arrival and departure from school;
  • local residents contacting the Council expressing frustration and concerns over our use of the Green; and
  • last week receipt of a formal letter from local residents regarding our use of the Green.
Mindful of our intensive use of the Green we have met the team leader of Islington Council's Greenspace and have agreed to contribute financially to a more appropriate grass maintenance regime as well as look after the existing raised beds.  Positive developments are planned and we are discussing how else we can contribute to maintaining the Green in a manner that is beneficial to the whole community, as well as the school. This will include having more raised beds, planting fruit trees, creating a wild flower meadow and holding a work day on the Green, much of which will enhance the children’s use of the Green.
Unlike many Steiner Schools, we have very little outdoor space of our own and therefore rely heavily on shared public spaces to enable the children to play outside and experience as full an expression of the outdoor curriculum as possible.  
It is important that the whole community; staff, children and their families, demonstrates in its behaviour in and around the School, the values of respect and care for each other and for the environment that a Steiner Waldorf education seeks to promote.  
Some of these complaints have been specifically about the behaviour of children whilst using the Green – both during and after school hours.  These points have been taken to the weekly staff meetings and we will review the rules for behaviour in public spaces and during break times and address these issues.
As families from the school use the Green before school starts and after the school day is finished, it is impossible for the local residents to make a distinction between children in school’s care or with their parents. We would therefore respectfully ask you all for your cooperation and awareness of these issues and so supervise your children accordingly.
Yours faithfully,
Angelita Ravizzoli
School Administrator
Lunch Club
If your child is booked to attend lunch club and you decide to make alternative arrangements please can you tell Pam on Reception at drop off or email before 11.30am.

This avoids confusion for everyone and ensures your child is in the correct place for collection.

Thank you
The Commencement
I woke up one sunny cold Autumn morning where the leaves started to fall off the tall brown trees.  It was the big day when we all flew to the plains of South Africa.  I felt nervous because I’ve never seen Africa before.  My parents told me stories about the majestic trees and the heavenly weather.  I prepared myself to go on this long tiring adventure.   I went to my friend’s house before we set off.  His name is Bob, he’s like a brother to me.  We’ve known each other since we were just chicks and now we were flying to Africa together.  We were all ready to go to the first beautiful country called France.  I saw the first few swallows set off and then more and more arrived.  Swallows were soaring above the telegraph poles like hundreds of bees swarming to protect the hive against an intruder.  Bob and I shortly joined them on the magnificent journey to South Africa.
Soon, we were passing over the deep abyss of the English Channel when we saw the biggest bird ever.  It was heading straight for us.  All the swallows split into small groups.  Bob and I were intrigued to find out what the bird was, but when it soared closer, I knew it was not a bird but a monster.  I’ve heard stories about monsters.  When they approach you, they would suck you in; and their sharp blade-like teeth will shred you to bits.  All that comes out of the end are the feathers which were once a swallow.  The monster flew above the white fluffy clouds waiting for more unexpected victims to fly by.

Joshua Darke, Class VIII
Man and Animal Class IV
Class II
Class Two has ended its second Maths Block to the strains of disappointed voices from the children in this class, who dearly love math. They have been assured, though, that there is yet another Maths block later in the year and so they have satisfied themselves with that. Meantime, they will now settle down with a continuation of the Nature block we started before Christmas break, bringing the elementals/elements in the magical and joyous Steiner way, via a fish called Faronika (can you find her in the blackboard drawing?) and a frog called Paracelsus.  This will close our Nature blocks for the year, however, the capstone, as you know, will be our trip to Avebury just after Easter break hosted by the amazing master dowser and energy specialist, Maria Wheatley. A perfect end to our science studies this year.  We also enjoyed Candlemas and dipping beautiful beeswax candles to the riveting Swedish folk tale, Dag and Daga and the Sky Trolls.
Community Subsidised Places at the School

2015/16 Applications 

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, each year the school offers financial support for families in need of assistance with paying school fees.  Our policy on applying for support is set out on our website and in our Finance Policy, which can also be found on the website. 

If you wish to apply for support from the school, an application form can be found on the website or can be requested from the school office. 

The deadline for applications for the 2105/2016 school year is March 20th 2015. 
If you have any questions or require further information please contact Helen Smither, School Bursar on 020 3195 6624.
Jumble Sale Appeal
Community Notices
50% Off An Acupuncture Treatment!
Hello there, I'm Jadelin from The Square Clinic, I’m a member of the British Acupuncture Council. I have just started my Acupuncture practice in Dalston and I am offering this half price discount for parents from the St Pauls Steiner School circle and mailing list. You just need to provide a copy of the school newsletter showing this ad.
Acupuncture is an ancient medical practice that has been proven effective for the treatment of a wide range of disorders, both somatic and psycho-emotional.
The square clinic is a bright, warm and safe environment to discuss your case in the time that you need. I feel that should not be fixed to a limit of 50 minutes or one hour as with most practitioners, but in accordance to the needs of the case without any change in the fee. Sessions always cost £30, before the discount.  
For further information you can find me at:
07983 177 430

I look forward to working with you!
Beginners sock knitting course

My beginners sock knitting course will start on the 3rd of March at Steiner House.  I only have limited places available, so book early!!

Take a look at for course descriptions and prices!
X cecilie 

Cecilie Telle MA

Nanny Wanted
We are looking for a nanny for our 11 month old girl. 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, starting beginning of April.
Please get in touch on 07861 956103 / 07786 092154 or at
A rare opportunity ...
A rare opportunity to see a fusion of music, eurythmy and drama in this unique theatre genre of modern ‘mystery’ drama

Saturday 28th February   2pm

Rudolf Steiner House, London
Rudolf Steiner’s mystery dramas go far beyond our normal conceptions of drama.  They take place both on earth and in spiritual realms.  We witness furthermore, as well as the contemporary men and women at the centre of the drama, different spiritual beings playing their parts in the lives and inner trials of the characters.  The intense crises the people go through, individually and in their inter-relationships, lead to what may well be perceived merely as a tragedy.  The mystery dramas though are, above all, contemporary dramas of initiation – and the trials faced by the characters prove, in the end, deeply transformative – for them and also, hopefully, the audience.

The Stroud Mystery Drama Group is a group of mainly amateur performers, who have worked for nearly a year to bring The Guardian of the Threshold to the stage.  The cast of over thirty people, specially created live music, beautiful set design, eurythmy, the intense drama on many levels of existence and the vast initiatory journey promise to make this an extraordinary experience.
The action of the play is set in motion by an open invitation to an unusual event of potentially great significance.  Many people arrive and the play begins.  You are warmly invited to The Guardian of the Threshold!
The performance will last 5 – 6 hours including two intervals.
Tickets: £20 (£15 concessions), Group of ten: £15 each
Refreshments will be available during the intervals (cost not included in the ticket)
For bookings email
There will also be a lecture and a workshop, working with the theme of this play:
Friday 27 February   7.30 – 9pm
The Redemption of Lucifer and the Redemption of Ahriman
Glimpses of future possibilities in The Guardian of the Threshold
Lecture by Daniel Hafner
Rudolf Steiner's third mystery drama The Guardian of the Threshold presents the transformation of a traditional mystery temple into a modern school of initiation, whose pupils face the adversary forces directly and consciously.
£3.50 (£1 concessions) – No booking required
Saturday 28 February   10.30am – 1pm
Scene Three of The Guardian of the Threshold
Workshop, rehearsal and studio rendition
With Daniel Hafner and Matthew Dexter
The especially dramatic third scene of Rudolf Steiner’s mystery drama The Guardian of the Threshold will offer us a chance to experience the drama from the inside, by speaking and acting ourselves. Depending on the number of participants, we shall speak and move some or all of the parts in chorus. We shall use the translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch. All are welcome, regardless of familiarity with the mystery dramas.
£7 (£5 concessions) – Booking advisable (via Rudolf Steiner House)
Entry free with tickets for the performance!
Dates for your Diary

Mon 16th – Fri 20th Half term
Mon 23rd – Term re-commence
Tues 24th – 8.30 Reps Meeting
Tues 24th – 7pm Class II Parents’ Evening
Sat 28th – Workday

Please refer to the website before phoning the office for dates.

All dates regarding the school are available at:

Wed 4th – 7.30 Kindergarten Parents’ Evening>
Thur 5th – 7pm RMM
Fri 6th – 3.30pm prep for jumble sale
Mon 9th – 6pm Open Tour
Tues 17th – 7pm Trustees meeting
Thurs 19th – 7.30pm Middle School Spring Concert

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