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Friday Flier - 24th June 2016

Monday 27th - Rising Class I meeting, 12: 15; Trustees Meeting  6pm
Tuesday 28th - Class VII Parents Evening 6.30pm
Wednesday 29th to Saturday 2nd July - Class V trip to Michael Hall for the Greek Olympics
Thursday 30th - Whole School Meeting 6:45pm

Monday 4th - Class IV visit London Zoo

Please refer to the website before phoning the office for dates.
All dates regarding the school are available at:

'Tis almost Fairy Time!
Please come to our long awaited Class VIII production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

8th and 9th July at 7pm

Tickets will be available from the school office from next Thursday
Waldorf Today 


Parking at pick up and drop off
The office is getting a large and increasing number of phone calls and emails from our neighbours  complaining about our parents parking on the pavements or otherwise in in a illegal and disrespectful manner.

Please note that in some instances photos have been taken and sent to Islington.
We would truly appreciate anyone parking to drop off or pick up could do so in the supplied parking bays.

Thank you.
Summer Fair
Thank you to everyone who made the Summer Fair a lovely day.
Whole School meeting 30th June
We are delighted to have been able to secure Charles Leadbeater for the Whole School Meeting on 30th June, at which he will give a talk about the future of education.  One of our teachers recently attended a conference where he spoke and was highly impressed by his vision for education and how it needs to adapt from teaching students to follow instructions to preparing students to identify and solve problems.
Charles Leadbeater is a leading authority on innovation and creativity. He has advised companies, cities and governments around the world on innovation strategy, including the 10 Downing St policy unit, the Department for Trade and Industry, the Department for Education’s Innovation Unit and the European Commission on the rise of the knowledge driven economy and the Internet. 
A visiting senior fellow at the British National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts, he is also a longstanding senior research associate with the London think-tank Demos and a visiting fellow at Oxford University’s Said Business School and the Young Foundation. He is co-founder of Participle, the public service innovation agency.

For more information please visit:

 After the talk there will be an update from various areas of the school.

6.45 - Refreshments 
7.00 - Start
7.30 - Charles Leadbeater Talk, Questions
9.00 - End

It would greatly assist us in the planning and preparation of the evening if you could confirm your attendance via email to
Classes VII and VIII
A celebration of some beautiful English work from Class VII and VIII

Class VII English

Class VII have studied the book Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo this term. Alongside their work, they also had to write a book report to finish off the topic. Please read Tomi Garcia's for an excellent review of the story, characters and style. 
Class VII will finish the year by reviewing different writing styles in English. This week, they focussed on writing to explain and advise. Please enjoy some of the topics they wrote about. 

Disclaimer: Miss Edith Owen's excellent work is by no means to be taken too literally! 
Class VIII English

Class VIII have finished the year focussing once again on poetry, but working on comparing and contrasting different poems. Please enjoy Ellie's excellent essay and extracts from Chiara's essay on Wilfred Owen's Dulce et Decorum Est and Jessie Pope's Who's for the Game? 
Class VII Physiology

Class VII have been studying the fascinating systems and organs of the human body. Here are a sample of some of the beautiful illustrations that have accompanied their work. 
Macbeth at Steiner House
Download brochure here
Community Notices
We have a 2 and a half year old little boy who will go the the kindergarten in September 2017.

We are looking for a new childminder / nanny for 3 full days a week starting now or the new academic year until September 2017 (ideally Tues-Thurs). We would then be looking for the arrangement to continue but to fit with the kindergarten timings from September 2017.

We are happy to look at either sharing or not. Please call Sally on 07980 856 760
Hi there, 

My name is Fabian Vetter. Originally from Germany, I just moved to St. Andrews (Scotland) with my wife and our 9 years old daughter. My wife Olga is doing her PhD 
in Peace and Conflict Studies at St. Andrews University, Finia is busy playing and going to school and me - I do work in the film industry, but will do a one year masters in Media, Campaigning and Social Change at University of Westminster from September on. 

Therefore, I am looking for shelter during the semester in London. Me and my wife both studying again is a big financial stretch for us and I hope to find someone who has a spare room or just a spare bed and puts more value on friendly and good company than on cash.

I am also more than happy to help on duties at home in exchange: doing the garden, taking the kids to school or whatever has to be done. 

I get in touch with you through St. Pauls School, because back home in Stuttgart  our daughter went to the Steiner kindergarden and the Steiner school and I know that families from these schools are quite open-minded and up to such a request. 

Here is a link to a travel blog we once wrote. It is in German, but the pictures give you an idea about us:

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you

Best wishes,

In Your Hands
Summer Craft Activities

This summer, New North Press is proud to present a series of craft workshops specifically for young people. From our home at Standpoint Studios in Hoxton we will be running three week-long courses over the school holidays aimed at passing on traditional craft skills in Ceramics, Letterpress and Textiles.

For more information or to sign-up now go to
In the News
Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship
Imagine a School Where
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