Friday Flier - 11th September
A Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff, Trustees and Friends of St Paul's,

I am writing to warmly welcome you all to the new School year. I hope you have all enjoyed the summer break and are looking forward with us to the work ahead. I am sorry that I have not been able to join you for the Early Years' and Classes' Opening festivals this year due to my commitments in Thailand, but I will be back in School in a week's time.   

When I joined the School a year ago I wrote and spoke about my vision of developing a vibrant and healthy community of learning at St Paul's.  Over the past 12 months there have been changes both inside and outside the classroom, for example lengthening the School day for some classes, strengthening the work of the Middle School and reviewing the mentoring for teachers - all with the aim of supporting the teaching in the School to benefit the children.  Every member of staff plays an important role in this work to enliven every aspect of School life and together with them I also wish to thank you, the parents and friends of the School, for your continued support, encouragement and, of course, healthy criticism when you think we get things wrong!  As I have said before, we all make mistakes, but with your help we can use these as opportunities for future growth.

This year we have announced a new initiative to offer a range of after school clubs, which I hope will bring further enriching opportunities for the children outside the core curriculum.   Also we would like to warmly invite you all to two events next week:

On Thursday 17th - Dr Tessabella Lovemore's talk on the effects of screen exposure on the developing child (computer, TV, mobile phone and other hand held devices) and

On Saturday 19th - the Camera Obscura workshop given by two leading Waldorf teachers and researchers.

These are opportunities for very experienced facilitators and educators to share with you their knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing us all - and especially our children - today and also give their insights into how Steiner Waldorf education seeks to work on all levels to help us meet these challenges and prepare for the future. 

I hope that as many of you as possible will be able to participate and I look forward to continuing this commitment to sharing more information about Steiner Waldorf education with you throughout the year, as we develop together the new PTFA (parents, teachers and friends) at St. Paul's.

With best wishes

Revi Miller 

Dates for Your Diary
Tue  15 — Class Reps meeting (ALL welcome); 8:40am – 10:00am
Thurs  17 — THE NAVE: Dr Tessabella Lovemore; 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Sat  19 — Camera Obscura    
Mon 21–Fri 25 — Camera Obscura - Class VII and VIII    
Tue  22 — Open Tour: Classes; 9:00am – 10:30am
Tue  22 — Open Tour: Early Years; 11:00am – 12:30pm
Sat  26 — Michealmas workday; 10am – 4pm
Mon  28 — Pyrites - Class VI    
Tue  29 — Michaelmas Festival    
Tue  29 — Pyrites - Class VI    
Wed  30 — Pyrites - Class VI    
Thurs 1 — Pyrites - Class VI    
Thurs  1 — Class IV Islington Museum Workshop; 2pm – 4pm
Fri  2 — School Photos    
Mon  5 — Cycling Class III    
Mon  5 — Cycling Class III    
Thurs  15 — Class III Parents' Evening; 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Fri  16 — Jumble Sale Prep; 3:30pm – 6:30pm
Sat  17 — Jumble Sale

Please refer to the website before phoning the office for dates.
All dates regarding the school are available at:

New Term Welcome

Welcome to the New Year at St Paul’s Steiner School. We warmly welcome back every member of our school community and welcome to those of you coming for the first time. Congratulations to all the families that had a new baby over the summer! We have seen quite a few new bundles.
We are delighted to welcome the following new members of staff:
Ms Hannah McCarthy - Class I TeacherMrs Sarah Chandler – Learning Support Teacher
Ms Rosa Brodgen – Lunch Club Assistant for the Classes
Mr Borja González – Intern, one Academic

The teachers would personally like to give A huge thank you to all the parents and staff members that have worked hard during the work days to make the School ready for the new academic year. A big heartfelt thank you to all!!

Each teacher has a timetabled weekly surgery time during the school day when he or she is available to discuss any concerns. Please ensure you know your teacher’s surgery time, they are posted in the small corridor next to the school office. For urgent matters you can book a meeting with members of staff through the school office. Urgent telephone messages will be passed on to pupils and staff. The best time to ring with a message is before 10.30am in time for the morning break. Messages can be also left on the answering machine: we will deal with them as soon as we can. 

When a child is absent from school, for whatever reason, parents/carers should telephone 0207 226 4454 by 8.30 am. If no one answers your call, choose option 1 and leave a message on the answer phone, clearly stating who is reporting the absence, the name of the child, the class attended and the reason for the absence. You must call the school daily for as long as the illness lasts, unless otherwise agreed with the class teacher. 

When the child returns to school, the parent/guardian must hand in or email a dated and signed note stating the reasons for absence to the teacher. This is required even when a phone call has been made.

Children with mobile phones must hand in the handset to the school office on arrival. Please ensure your child understands that the use of mobile phone is forbidden anywhere on school grounds. 
Each child needs indoor shoes and all their items must be clearly marked with their names.

Threadworms and head lice can be a regular occurrence during school terms but can be kept away with some regular care. The NHS has sensible advice about both.

Lost property can be found in the foyer in the wooden boxes. When the pile gets too high, unclaimed items are given to our jumble sale or to charity. Please mark your child’s name clearly on all items of clothing, including shoes.

Kindergartens have a box near the gate for storage of scooters and skateboards during school hours. For the Classes these items need to be named and stored in the bike shed. They cannot be left in corridors and in peg areas as they may block fire escapes.

School Uniform
Please remember that: We do have a uniform: no logos, no cartoons, no camouflage and no skulls.

The children do go out on the green and on walks regardless of the weather: they all need waterproof clothing.

Parent and Child Groups
There are few places still available. The sessions are booked a term at a time and cost £11.50.
Please spread the word and email office if you are interested in joining one of the groups.

Change of Date - Extended Class Reps meeting

The extended Class reps' meeting to start work on evolving a new PTFA at St Paul's has been rearranged and will now take place on Tuesday 20th October at 08.40am.

Anton Dell - former Chair of the PTFA at Kings Langley Steiner School - will be there and we hope as many of you as possible will attend.  The meeting is open to all parents who are interested in this new initiative for our School.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the change of date.

NB. The first Class reps meeting of the year will go ahead as normal next Tuesday 15th September at 08.40am.  If you have any questions about this meeting, please speak to Louise Newton, the Class reps' coordinator.   

Class I
Class III

Class III is a very, very exciting year filled with truly practical and artistic activities that support the ever deepening academic aspects of our time together.  We begin with the Old Testament block, and the Seven Days of
Creation; visit Cain  and Abel, his sons, is very exciting. Woven within this theme are all of the next steps in literacy, spelling challenges, new practice in grammar and writing, cursive writing practice, reading, a first Class Reader, and...can it finally be? At long last a bit of homework in the form of spelling!  We have this month a visit to a sheep shearing demonstration, a blacksmithing observation and it is finally our turn to be the Dragon in the Michaelmas play. We will also be collecting, using, sharing and taking donations of all of your over-abundance of fruit at the moment (one assumes mostly apples), as we will prepare delicious offerings (to be taken home and baked) for our families and for the other classes.

We would very much love to receive a donation of 10 gently used backgammon sets.

Mrs Ramelow

Class IV

Our First Week

This week we have been working on our social dynamic and communication skills.  We have focused on practicing our skills as peace-makers,  reflective listening and thoughtfuldiscussion. The class have also been using the material from this work to develop their creative writing techniques. Below is some of the work that has come out of our classroom discussions.

Simone Freeman
Class IV Teacher

Class V

Class V have started the year with their first study of Botany. They will be taking responsibility for the wild life areas of the school this year and, to set the theme, they have our first outing on Friday 11th to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew. 

Class VI
Lunch Club

Lunch club greetings! Our lunch club for the classes is getting bigger and bigger...
Some of you might know me already as I worked Mr. Ortega's assistant in Lunch Club last academic year.
My name is Laura Puukko and this year I am leading the Class Children group as well as working as a Class I Teaching Assistant.

Currently I am on the Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar in London.  My assistant is Rosa Brodgen, a qualified Steiner Teacher.

Lunch Club will offer a great variety of activities after school. We will be making seasonal crafts, learning traditional games and new skills. As storytelling is close to my heart, we will be sharing many wonderful tales around the world. 
We are very much looking forward to seeing your children in Lunch Club!
The Lunch Club menu is as follows:

Monday - pasta and lentil sauce;
Tuesday - brown rice with chickpea sauce;
Wednesday – pasta with pesto
Thursday - brown rice with lentil sauce;
Friday - baked potatoes with baked beans;

In addition every day we also have fruits, vegetables and tea.
 We would like to remind the parents and carers to wait by the Kindergarten gate when collecting the children from the Lunch Club at 3.30pm. If you need to collect your child earlier, please ask the staff at reception to come and collect him/her for you.

For safety reasons we respectfully ask you to avoid opening the gate or coming into the Kindergarten garden while the children are playing outside.
With warm wishes for a lovely Autumn Term,

Laura Puukko

Thanks from Mariela

Dear friends,

I would like to share with you all my experiences while in Sarajevo this summer as a volunteer for the charity Healing Hands Network. Everything was made possible through your kind support.

I finished my workday at St Paul’s Steiner School on a Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning it was time to fly to Sarajevo. As soon as I arrived at the airport I met Claire, the other therapist that I travelled with, and she informed me that our flight was cancelled! The next one would depart on Sunday, early in the morning. The airline provided a night’s accommodations at the airport’s hotel and it was a blessing! I so badly needed a pause and some preparation time to face the next two weeks; I had time for reflection and time for a relaxing bath. I knew I wasn’t alone. I was safe and protected thanks to your invaluable support. I felt so loved and that gave me strength!

On Monday at 8:30 am I met Nadia, one of the two women who would be the link between the therapists and the patients and also, of course, our translator. I received the files of my 7 patients for the day ahead. Four patients in the morning and three in the afternoon! One hour each! They had been waiting for their therapy for weeks or months so they wouldn’t be late or miss the session. If I am honest, I was a bit scared about my capability; I wasn’t sure if my hands would cope with such an amount of hours for two weeks! I had never had more than four clients per day on a week.

When I read the first patient’s story instantly I forgot about my hands, I had no space for those kinds of worries; nothing in comparison with the amount of suffering that those people went through during the war.

Each day we went to different outreach centres, working for WVW (Women Victims of War) and CCV
(Concentration Camps Victims), located in the Sarajevo area. Except the main clinic, where it was nice and clean, some of the others centres were very poor; two therapists working with patients in a very small room, sometimes telling their stories without any privacy.

Nevertheless, I was able to give my best; by the second week I had learned what I had not learned in my entire life as a reflexologist. 

From the first day onwards, I received back, not just practical experience, but love, expressed in all sort of presents: pears, plums, peaches, ice creams, juice, biscuits, homemade cakes and balaclava! And smiles and big hugs! 

And to all of you, I had you present at every moment and I felt enormous gratitude for your generosity and love.

With all my heart,
Thank you,


Healing Hand Network receives no official funding and relies on the generosity of its supporters to send therapists to Sarajevo. If you do feel able to contribute (every little bit adds up!), then you can transfer your donation direct to The Healing Hands Network, or if it is easier for you, give me a cheque made out to Healing Hands Network, in person.

HHN Account details:
Healing Hands Network
Barclays Bank
Account number: 70429074
Sort Code: 20-07-71
Reference:  Mariela Travel fund

Countryside Live

This is a family-friendly event and is well worth a visit.

It takes place over the weekend and features falconry, sheep dogs and ferret racing as well as a range of traditional countryside activities to try. These include  willow weaving and wood turning and you can watch a blacksmith at work.

You'll be able to see traditional farm animals such as sheep, goats, ponies and calves, 

Walthamstow and Leyton Marshes
Lea Bridge Road
E10 7QL

Saturday, 26 September 2015 to Sunday, 27 September 2015
10:00 - 17:00
Adults £5 (two day pass £7), children  Free. Please note payment is by cash only

More information is here. 

Study Group

Dear St Paul’s Steiner School Parents

Ever wanted to know more about Rudolf Steiner and his natural science – Anthroposophy?

Well now you can – come to our Study Group meeting every Friday after drop off during term time.
This term we will be discussing the Autobiography of Rudolf Steiner - no homework just reading and discussion.

All parents welcome.

The Effect of Screen Exposure on Children

Next Thursday - 17th September - at 7pm in the Nave, Dr Tessabella Lovemore will give a talk about the effect of screen exposure on children.

We are living with more technology than ever before and so are our children. In our community we share a wish to protect our children from early access to the virtual world.  But what is the impact of screen use upon their

This talk is open to all, please invite your friends and family too.

There is no charge but donations are very welcome.

The Morphology of the Camera Obscura

A day workshop with Alasdair Gordon and Dr Troy Vine              
19th September, 10am - 4pm at St. Paul’s Steiner School

This introductory workshop is for teachers, parents, and anyone else wishing to gain practical and methodological knowledge of how to incorporate a Goethean approach into an educational practice. We explore phenomena relating to the camera obscura in an interdisciplinary and embodied manner. By reflecting on our collaborative investigation the key ideas of a morphological approach and their implementation in curriculum development are distilled.


Booking: max 10 places available, cost of the workshop £15 payable in advance

Coffee and tea will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch

The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily
No booking required. Small contribution towards the hire of the room appreciated.
Community Notices
There are no notices this week. 
In the News

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