Friday Flier - 20 November 2015
The Shepherd's Play
Dear St Paul’s Community,

Each December the Oberufer Shepherd's Play is performed at St Paul’s by members of staff and of the community.

The name Oberufer Play applies not only to The Shepherd’s play, but also to a Paradise Play and a Three Kings Play.

Oberufer is an island in the Danube, east of Vienna, close to the borders of Hungary. This island was settled by farmers from the Lake Constance region sometime in the 15th Century, and due to the relative isolation of island life, their traditions and folkways remained intact for centuries.

One of their traditions was to perform these plays each year. In fall, when the harvest was in, the players were chosen regardless of religious affiliation or status, and received their parts from an esteemed farmer who would direct the plays for years, and then pass this honorable responsibility on to his son. The songs and words were passed on by word of mouth for generations.

In the middle of the 19th century, a professor from Vienna, Karl Julius Schröer, who was researching folklore and regional traditions, discovered the Oberufer Plays. He was charmed and impressed by them and returned a few years later to write down as much as he could. Years later this professor became the teacher and revered friend of Rudolf Steiner.

Towards the end of the 19th century Professor Schröer spoke to Steiner about these plays. His enthusiasm and concern about the possible loss of such precious folkways touched Steiner, who quickly realized their beauty and proceeded to bring order to the sketchy script and the music. In 1910 the first revived performance took place in Berlin, Germany.

From then on, these plays have become part of the Christmas time tradition for many Waldorf schools all over the world. They were first translated by Cecil Harwood, who tried to keep intact the medieval way of speaking — the simple beauty of expression.

With Warm Wishes,
The Teachers of St Paul’s

The Shepherd's Play is Missing Joseph...

Waiting for my master..

We have come to that time of year when we prepare to celebrate ‘The Christmas Story.’  The teachers and parents together are now preparing ‘the Shepherd’s Play’.

We have cast the Play but we are still looking for JOSEPH to start asap. We appeal to all the males in the community to be brave and come forward to take part in this tradition that brings lots of joy to the children and it is actually really enjoyable to be part of.

Rehearsal will take place on Monday and Thursday afternoon from 4 to 7. Sunday 12th December full run with dress rehearsal.

The Shepherd's Play - 16th December

In true medieval fashion we process this mystery play around the environs of the church and green.  
There will be two performances on the 16th December:
Kindergartens and Classes I and II please come to the 4pm to 5.00pm performance.

For Classes III upwards please come to the 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

These will be a ticketed events, please come to reception to claim your ticket from Friday 27th. First come first served.

For H&S reasons we are not able to admit more than a certain amount of people, please help us to keep everyone safe
Dates for Your Diary
23rd November from 3.30pm  Class V to VIII Subject Teachers Parents’ Evening
27th November 8.45am Wreath workshop
                            4.30pm Spiral for Classes I to VIII
29th November see letter for times Spiral for Kindergartens
30th November 3.30pm the Nave is decorated in preparation for the Advent Fair!

Please refer to the website before phoning the office for dates.

4th December evening and 5th December Advent Fair
8th December Kindergarten Parents Support Group 7.30pm
11th December  7pm Christmas Carols
16th December Kindergarten End of Term
        Shepherds Play 4.30 and 6pm
17th December Class I to VIII End of Term Festival 11am

All dates regarding the school are available at:
Advent Spiral

Photo: Tina Maas

Advent (from the Latin ‘to come’) is the period of preparation and expectation starting four Sundays before Christmas. The start of Advent in Steiner Schools is marked by the Advent Spiral. Winter festivals of light are common around the world. As the days get shorter we move through a time of darkness towards the longest night at the winter solstice, and when Christmas arrives, a turning point is reached, the light increases, days grow longer and nature reawakens. The advent spiral reflects winter's dark growing to a close and the renewed promise that spring light and life will begin again.

The spiral is held in late afternoon, the Nave will be dark and filled with a mood of wonder and quiet anticipation. Teachers will have laid out a large spiral path of greenery. In the centre of the spiral there is a large candle. The candle will be lit.

Each child in turn, holding a red apple with a small unlit candle inserted into it, slowly walks along the spiral path and lights the candle from the centre light. On the return each child places their candle carefully down along the edges of the spiral path, choosing their own place, lighting the way for the other children.  When all the children have had a turn, the garden path is aglow from all the smaller lights. Some gentle tune might be playing helping to create a special mood. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the gifts and light each child brings and carries carefully out into the world.
Kindergarten Advent Spiral - Sunday 29th November
Dear Kindergarten Parents,

You are all warmly invited to join us and your children for this very magical Festival. It allows the children to experience stillness and silence, a mood that it is hard to find in city life and in the busy weeks leading up to Christmas. It would be lovely if you can take this mood of mystery and reverence straight home after the Advent Spiral.

On the day Apple Tree and Mulberry Bush will meet at 4pm; Rosebush and Chestnut will meet at 5:15pm. 

We will gather in the Kindergartens room before going in to the Nave. The Children should be dressed warmly and in trousers (no skirts or dresses) and long hair should be tied back.

Once the Advent Spiral has started we cannot admit latecomers therefore please do not ring any door bells. 

During the Spiral kindly refrain from talking and switch off your mobile phones. Please join in the quiet singing.

Hannah, Julia, Elena and Sarah 
Kindergarten Teachers
Class I to VIII Spiral - Friday 27th November
Dear Parents,

It’s that time of year again, a very mild Autumn, and the lanterns are coming out to light up the dark night.

As our festival of lights progress and we prepare to welcome in Advent, we would like to invite you to our yearly Advent Spiral.  

For the first time ever, school will continue whilst the spiral is prepared by a few teachers and parents from 11am to 1pm.

Of course we have to wait for the dark evening to draw in before we can begin our Spiral, so we have made provision as follows:

All parents are invited to the Spiral, whether you attend the first or second spiral is dependent on where your child’s surname comes in the register.
  •       All families with surnames A – L are invited to the Spiral at 4:15 pm 
  •       All families with surnames M – Z are  invited to the Spiral at 5:30pm
If you collect your child at 3:30pm and your child is in the first spiral, you are encouraged to bring an extra snack for your son/daughter and give them an opportunity to stretch their legs on the green, weather permitting or visit a local café.  

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer the church hall as a sanctuary so parents will have to be a bit flexible. 

If you are in the second spiral you are encouraged to take your child home at 3:30pm for a quick snack before a prompt return to school.

We can imagine that these adjustments are sometimes not ideal, however we hope that you all agree it is well worth the effort on everyone’s part!

Wishing you a happy Martinmas,
The Teachers of St Paul’s
November in the Kindergarten

Photo: Tina Maas
“Now it is November trees are nearly bare
Red and gold and brown leaves, scattered everywhere,
Busy are all creatures, winter foods to hide,
Nests to make all cosy, warm and safe inside,
Warm and safe inside.”
Last Friday early evening, the Kindergartens met at dusk in Queens Wood, Highgate, to celebrate Martinmas.  We have been busy making our lanterns in the Kindergarten and we took them, along with our lantern songs, into the darkness.  How beautiful to see all the warm, glowing lantern lights in the dark woods and to hear all the lovely singing. Our thanks to the Parent Choir for supporting the singing this year (especially on the uphill part of the walk – not so easy to sing and walk up the hill at the same time!) 
At this time of year, as the days grow dark and cold, we are glad to be in the cosy nest of the Kindergarten, with its love and warmth and beautiful cooking smells.  On Fridays it is Apple Crumble day.  Mmmmm, it smells delicious in the Kindergarten.  And what busy creatures we are, for there is lots to do before snack time. There are oats to press; a group of children take turns turning the handle of the oat press and watch with delight as the hard little oat grains pop out of the wooden chute as flat, soft, rolled oats.  Apples are being peeled and chopped; another group of children are busy with peelers and little knives; how skilled their little hands are becoming in using these tools.  Lastly the freshly pressed oats, so full of their goodness, are mixed in a big bowl with a block of butter.  And what pleasure the children take in getting their hands into the mixture, what a delight for the senses. And of course, one of the best bits, licking our fingers afterwards. Mmm, the smell of the apples and cinnamon in the pan as the apples are lightly cooked. And later the sweet biscuity smell of the crumble baking. Then there are tables to clean, floors to sweep, hands to wash and apple peelings to take out into the garden to give back to Mother Earth (to compost.) Finally, the actual best bit, our reward – sitting around our snack table, saying a blessing on the meal and eating our delicious crumble with yoghurt at snack time.  
Here is the recipe:
A basket of Apples, Oat groats, Butter, Cinnamon, a little apple juice concentrate, ground almonds, a handful of Kindergarten children to peel, chop and mix, and to sing songs to accompany the work of making the crumble.
Peel, chop and lightly cook apples with a little cinnamon. Press oats in an oat press (or use ready rolled.) Mix oats with butter. Put cooked apples in ovenproof dish, sprinkle over a fine layer of ground almonds, top with the crumble mix. (I think the best crumble has equal quantities of apples and crumble.) Bake for 20 mins or so in a hot oven until it smells irresistible. Eat with yoghurt, cream or custard and share with children. 
Expanding the Membership of the Associations
Expanding the Membership of the Associations
As you may be aware, there are two charities which run the school's activities: St Paul's Steiner Project, which is primarily responsible for the restoration and maintenance of the building, and St Paul's Steiner Project Two, which is responsible for running the school.

St Paul’s Steiner Project was founded in 1994 at the school’s current site, a previously derelict church which has been gradually transformed into the beautiful school we now inhabit. In 1998, the second charity was registered as a means of focusing the activities around the running of the school. 

Both charities have Associations, and the Associations have members; these members are equivalent to shareholders in companies. Their main role is to elect the Trustees and hold them to account. They also have powers to call general meetings of the Association. The Association membership is drawn from the school's parents, teachers and friends. The Associations meet at least annually, at the Annual General Meeting.  

As we have announced, the next AGM is on 4th February 2016.

The purpose of the Associations may not have been clear to the whole community in the past and we would like to rectify that. We also think that, for the health of the school, it is critical that the Associations have as large a membership as possible, to ensure that the views of the school community are reflected in the school’s running.  We discussed how to expand membership of the Associations at the last AGM (in June), and we agreed automatically to offer membership of the Associations to parents after one year, to Trustees and to staff who have completed their probation period. 
We have now completed a full review of the legal documents behind the two charities and are able to implement the proposed changes. A letter inviting new members will be sent out shortly. The letter will explain the role of the Association and what it means to be a Member in more detail, and be accompanied by application forms. Please fill them in!
In the meantime, if you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Trustees via the School office by email or by note in the Trustees pigeonhole – marked ‘Association Membership’. 
Miranda Nunhofer, 
On behalf of The Trustees
Dear Parents
Your children were handed an envelope on Thursday, containing 20 Advent fair raffle tickets (older siblings only).  Please support the school by selling these tickets to family and friends, or buying them yourself.

The prizes are fantastic and have all been offered up by parents, friends and local businesses, a list is enclosed with the tickets. When you have the ticket stubs and the money, please place in the labeled envelope and hand to Pam on reception.  

Please hand back any unsold tickets ASAP,  as we may be able to hand them on to someone else to sell.

Thank you.
View all raffle prizes:
Social Enterprise started by a group of former Steiner pupils
Building BloQs is London's largest open access workshop; we provide facilities that make it affordable, flexible and easy for people to make a living from creative work. We run on a pay-as-you-go basis, so people join and only pay when they use the facilities, without the worry of monthly overheads or start up costs.

Building BloQs is run by three old scholars from Kings Langley Steiner School along with two other co-founders. After losing the lease on our workshop we found ourselves in the same position as many makers: struggling to find appropriate and affordable space to work in London. With commissions from clients but not having the resources to carry out the work, we realised a need and set out to create a solution.

We started in 2012 and now have over 100 members from across London, ranging from furniture makers, instrument and prop makers to sculptors, blacksmiths, theatre set designers and bike builders. Alongside the workspace we have a wonderful onsite cafe that serves healthy homemade food daily. This ensures there is a real sense of community and encourages members to meet each other, share ideas and collaborate. 

We would like to welcome any parents, teachers or friends of St Pauls Steiner School to drop in and take a tour of the workshop. 

Take a Tour:
We run tours on Thursdays and Friday between 10am - 6pm. 
Contact to book. 

The BloQs Cafe is open Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm. 
We have a Christmas Feast on Friday 4th December from 7pm. 


A Garden of Wonders
You are warmly invited to “The Garden of Wonders” a shadow puppetry showcase performed by the participants at the Shadow Puppetry After-School Club led by Emilia Liberatore.
During the weekly sessions pupils have learnt key concepts of shadow theatre, explored different techniques and materials, made their own shadow puppets and props.
They have shared with enthusiasm their creative ideas and individual talents to devise and develop a story loosely based on the book “The Pip Princess”.
Once there was a kingdom full of laughter, happiness, trees, and birdsong. But when the king dies, the land becomes barren and everyone is filled with sadness. What will make the kingdom bloom again? Who from the royal offspring will bring hope and life back to the kingdom?
King and Queen, Princes and Princess, lion, music, apple pip ... the ambition and the wonder.
To know more, join us on Thursday 3rd December – 3.30 pm at St Paul’s Steiner School. 
The Garden of Wonders

Digby Atkins-Hughes, Kit Atkins-Hughes, Neena Brokenshire, Tamaya Lee,  Jarvis Mersereau, Ramu Natesan-Bowe, Ziporah Zylbersztajn, 
Assistant and Narrator: Vega Hertel
Assistant: Eva Orupold
Tutor: Emilia Liberatore
Face Painting at the Advent Fayre.
Tina Maas has kindly agreed to face-paint at the Advent Fayre but she needs a team. 8 other face painters are required to work one hour shifts between 12pm and 3pm to paint little faces. Simple designs but Tina is happy to give tuition before hand. Tina has one set of face paints but the use of another would be extremely helpful.

Can you help?

It will be fun.

Please contact Tina on
Community Notices
Vox Holloway presents a new choral work MUSIC ON THE MIND by Harvey Brough & Justin Butcher.

Songs of mania, madness, and melancholy, including a new choral setting of Kay Redfield Jamison’s ground-breaking memoir, An Unquiet Mind. Music On The Mind draws together poems and texts of mania, madness and melancholy from many eras and cultures and explores the agonies and ecstasies of the unquiet mind.

Premieres Sunday 29th November 2015 at 7.30pm at St Luke’s Church, Hillmarton Road, London N7 9RE, featuring the 100-strong choir of Vox Holloway,

Mind and Soul Choir (director Lea Cornthwaite), Soloists Clara Sanabras (mezzo-soprano) & Nicholas Garrett (baritone). Conducted by Harvey Brough.

All proceeds to Islington Mind - and the Soundwell Music Therapy Trust -

Tickets: £15 (£10 concession), -  0800 411 8881

For more information please visit
Free Tent

Is anyone interested in a Kelty Mach 6 Air Tent- a six person tent with inflatable pole?

It has a small puncture that we are sure could be easily repaired by someone with a little time and space, but is otherwise unused.

We don't want to throw away what is essentially a perfectly good tent but no longer have room for it - is anyone interested in taking it off our hands?

Please contact Tamara at or call 07903581390.
The 5th Annual Menorah Lighting at Islington Green
Date: Sunday, 6 December 2015
Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Location: Islington Green, Upper St, N1 8DU
Chabad Islington is proud to invite you to our fifth annual event to celebrate Chanukah, the Jewish festival of lights, with the Menorah Lighting in Islington Green.

We are excited to announce additions to this year’s programme of free activities:
  • Klezmer band
  • Glow-in-the-dark entertainer
  • Storytelling
  • Face painting
  • Latke Tasting Bar
  • Hot cocoa
  • Doughnut making
  • Tea range sponsored by Piacha
Once again, we invite you to participate in our free raffle with exciting prizes from our generous sponsors, which include a surprise from Arsenal in the Community, snow sled and more. To enter the raffle, please visit: 

This event is free and open to all. Please join and invite friends to our flagship event, celebrating five wonderful years on Upper St, Islington.
In the News

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