Friday Flier - 23rd October 2015
King John signs Magna Carta
See more under Class VII below
Dates for Your Diary
Mon 26 — Half Term begins 

Mon 2   — Term re-starts; doors open 8:15am.
Mon 2   — Class IV and Class V Parents' Evening; 6:00pm – 7:30pm


Please refer to the website before phoning the office for dates.

All dates regarding the school are available at:
Tue 3 — Dr Gruenewald's visit
Tue 3  — Reps meeting; 8:30am – 9:30am
Tue 3 — Parent support group; 7:30pm – 9:00pm
Wed 4 — Class VI, VII and VIII: Parents' Evening; 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Tue 10 —  Class III presentation evening; 6:00pm
Wed 11 —  Kindergarten Parents’ Evening; 7.30pm 
Thur 12 —  Middle school presentation evening; 7:00pm 
Fri 13 —  Kindergarten lantern walk late afternoon

October in the Kindergarten

This is the month where the groups become much more settled.  Goodbyes are easier in the morning. The early journey to Kindergarten is now just what happens every day.  The daily and weekly rhythms are becoming familiar for the new children. The children are all getting used to being together every day.

Now, the children's play is now becoming grounded and rich.  There has been a flurry of puppet show making; inspired by the Michaelmas Story of 'The Princess and The Flaming Castle.' In this story there is a 12 headed dragon. One of the children's versions had a 100-headed dragon!  Knights, Princesses and Dragon themes are woven into their play.

A large ship has been built most days this week. One of the crew is a dog. This little boy, who actually really prefers to lead others, is learning to follow through this game. How the children develop through their play! 

Some of the children create much-needed opportunities for movement; a slide; a walkway you have to climb onto; a jumping game from a table to a mattress on the ground. Of course social rules also have to be established to make these games safe for all.

Isn't it interesting to see how the children create what they need for their development, given the time, space and equipment to do so?

Class VII

Class VII have spent a three week block studying Medieval History. In 1215, something important happened on the bank of the River Thames. King John was forced to sign Magna Carta by the Barons of England. Please read what Class VII had to say about this event to get a picture of why this was such an important moment in history.
Being lucky enough to live in London, the Class was able to see Magna Carta at the British Library, where a copy of it is permanently exhibited. 
Mrs H Miller, ClassVII

Class VIII

As you probably know in Class VIII you do a project. For my project i am doing Upcycling. This is a type of recycling, but it gives an object an almost endless life.

I have a huge favor to ask you which will help me greatly with my practical, and it is this;
I need to collect a large number of bottle tops and so if you drink beer or other drinks with metal bottle tops, i would be very grateful if you could leave them in a box that i will provide in the project space on the right hand side when come in.

I also need some recycled string, so if you have Able and Cole deliveries could you please save the string tied around the boxes (which is already recycled) and place that too in the box.
Many thanks,
Vega Class VIII


A huge thank you to all of you that donated, sorted, sold, baked and cleared up. We raised a brilliant £1280.00 plus whatever money we get from Clothes Aid for our left over clothing - usually between £60 - £100. So, thank you again. 
Till the next time I hope - which will be on 27th February and then the 21st May 2016 - put them in your diary! If anyone wants to be put on the list to help at the jumble, just contact:
Jo ( or Lindsey ( it’s fun!

The Advent Fair is nearly upon us

Dear Parents,

The annual Advent Fair will be soon upon us! Friday 4th and Saturday 5th December are the dates to add to your calendar. This is one of the most important fundraising events for the school.

This year, Class III is coordinating the raffle and we hope to make this year a successful event with lots of desirable prizes. We would like to ask you to participate in donating goods or services for the raffle prizes.

Please think about items, services, gifts which your family could donate such as:

  • Tickets to shows?
  • Beautiful holiday rental?
  • Brand name clothing or accessories?
  • Classes?
  • Health Treatments and Therapies?
  • Handmade toys and clothing?
  • Christmas Goodies - Fabulous Christmas Cake, Fine wines, Cheeses?

We need to confirm the top prizes by early November, to have the tickets printed in plenty of time for distribution.

There will also be a group approaching the local community and businesses for vouchers and services to be donated.

Please contact Maryam ( in Class III with suggestions and offers.

Many thanks in advance,

Maryam & Fiona 
Class III Parents

Advent Fair notice
The deadline to apply for a stand at this years advent fair has been extended to the 28th of October.

Please email for more details.

Thank you

The Advent Team.
And finally for the Advent Fair..
We need 3 volunteers for the following tasks:
1. What shall we call it, conductor, visionary, enthusiastic, energetic manager?:
Salary: £0
We have a wonderful Advent Fair team:
Decorations - Jo Atkins-Hughes
Marketing - Jules Hartford
Market side - Anna Kari
The tasks on the day - the wonderful class reps!
However, what we don't have is a new Belle.  Belle will not be holding the advent fair this year, but she is still there to point us in the right direction if we go off-piste.  In theory, by working together we do not need someone but in reality it would be great to know that there is someone to call upon for help but more importantly someone with enthusiasm and a vision for moving the advent fayre forward in the years to come.  I would imagine that whoever would like to be involved this year will not have too much to do, he or she has a great team behind him/her but this person may have ideas and the enthusiasm to look after the fair in the future.
2. Collection of Greenery for advent
Salary: £0
This year we do not have Tanya to look after the greenery for the season of advent and she has done her fair share so it is time for this job to find a new home. 

Tanya will be on hand before the spiral to help and advise.  This role is about coordinating with the local green spaces and with local families to collect the greenery and bring it to the school in time for the preparation of the advent wreaths and the spiral.
This task is for our children, each class will have a wreath and certainly in Appletree the lighting of a candle each week in the lead up to Christmas is a key part of the winter term.  This is also about creating a happy Christmassy atmosphere in the school and for creating a great advent spiral.  It would be lovely to have an abundant spiral for the children to walk around rather than a few twigs and a bit of grass from the green.  This role would ideally suit someone who can spare a couple of mornings in November, has a telephone, loves the wreath-making and is happy to take this bespoke and very contained, organised role on the for the school.
3. The preparation of the advent wreath
Salary : tea & biscuit
There are often so many volunteers for the morning of November 26th where everyone comes together to make the advent wreaths but this morning could also benefit from a leader someone to remind all classes to find a volunteer to attend, to get everyone started, help where necessary and ensure that coffee and biscuits will be on site!  Ideally suited to a happy someone who has been before, can make a wreath and enjoys this part of the school calendar.
Louise Newton
Parent – Class II and Apple Tree Kindergarten
Parenting Group
In the parenting group facilitated by me, Julia Allan, in Mulberry Bush Kindergarten on Tuesday 3rd November at 7.30 - 9pm, I would like to open the conversation about children’s health.

Within a holistic model of health and disease, we will explore what our ideas around health are and what worries and/or anxieties come up for us as parents when our child is ill.
In particular, now that the cold months approach, we will look at the significance and role of fevers in the child’s development and at ways to promote health through winter.
Grazia is a parent at the school. She has been a homeopath for 15 years and is registered with The Society of Homeopaths. Within her homeopathic practice she has always been committed to finding ways of supporting parents using holistic medicine with young children.

Julia Allan
Skateboarding after school 
We are looking to start an after school club for skateboarding for Classes V to VIII on a Friday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Here is an introduction to Sam Robertson who will be leading this club:
My name is Sam Robertson, I am 22 years old, I have been working with children in various capacities for the past five years and I have been skateboarding for the last eleven years. I am currently working as the Class One Teaching Assistant at the Greenwich Steiner School; I am also working as an after school ‘Manny’ for a family in Greenwich. I am a product of a Steiner education myself, something I am extremely proud of. I attended Michael Hall for Nursery and Kindergarten and then went onto the Hereford Waldorf School (now the Steiner Academy Hereford) for the duration of my primary and secondary education.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Archaeology from University College London (UCL) and whilst I was at UCL I founded, and was President of, the UCLU Skateboarding Club. I organised weekly skatepark meets in London and offered tutelage to UCL students who wanted to learn to skateboard.

I have worked as skateboard coach for a boy of 9 and girl of 12 in L.A and I am a qualified Skateboard Instructor for the charity Wheeled Sports 4 Hereford. I campaigned and fundraised for the construction of Hereford Skatepark whilst I was at school and am now an ambassador of the park. I have worked as a Sports Coach for two years in schools and nurseries in South West London; I taught a range of sports, including skateboarding, to children aged 2-15.

If your child is interested in joining this after school club please let the office know by Monday 2nd November. Once we know how many people are interested we will be able get this going.
Plants for the Kindergarten
If you can help or would like to help out in the Kindergarten garden please contact
Talk at SW London Steiner School
Tuesday 3rd November  at 7.30pm

Please call 020 8772-3504 or email to book

Come and ask questions about any sport, including football – Martin will be happy to respond.
Community Notices
Myriad Natural Toys Offer
During the months of November and December, Myriad Natural Toys  are offering  a donation of 10% to Steiner Waldorf Schools on any purchases made.

A Myriad catalogue will be available to view in reception from Monday 2 November and all you have to do for us to receive a donation is to quote the name of the school at the time of ordering items during November and December.  You can also order online

In January, Myriad will total all the orders received from St. Pauls Steiner School and send us a cheque for 10% of the total value.
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