Friday Flier - 19th June 2015
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Friday Flier - 19th June

Dear Parents,
Following the fatal incident on Wednesday 10th June in Nightingale Park, what follows is the school’s communication with the Local Authority.
Everyone in the local community shares our anxiety and worries so I would like to remind you all to be vigilant as the Green is a shared public space and as such it attracts many users.
Please ensure that you report any antisocial behaviour to the school office.
Should you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you.
Angelita Ravizzoli
School Administrator
Designated Senior Officer for Safeguarding

From: Holder, Candy 
Sent: 12 June 2015 18:10
To: ''
Subject: RE: St Paul's Steiner School - stabbing
Dear Angelita
Like you, we were very shocked to hear of the tragic incident in Nightingale Park on Wednesday evening at around 6.00pm. We are aware that many children and families were in the park at the time who may have witnessed the incident and aftermath, and will be understandably distressed. Some of those children may attend your school. Very little is known of the cause or motive to the incident, which is of course under intense police investigation.
Please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Gill Sassienie (Acting Principal Educational Psychologist) if there is any help we can offer.
Unfortunately, there is likely to be a lot of press interest and publicity. Our advice is to direct any enquiries you may receive directly to the Council’s Media Office (020 7527 2307) - outside of regular office hours, they can be contacted on 07769 163303. Parents may also need some support with this. Please let us know if there are any problems at all.
Kind regards
Candy Holder
Head of Pupil Services

And from Islington Green Spaces
11 June 2015 09:48
Hi Angelita,
I know very little of what actually happened yesterday - the incident was near Caldy Walk at around 6pm. I have had no reports of gang warfare in the area. I have not received any reports that suggest St. Pauls Park is suffering with any type of anti-social behaviour except for what you told me about the dogs.
Please keep me informed if you hear anything else. I will let you know if I hear anything relevant.
David Bamford
South Area Parks Manager
11 June 2015 09:58
Hi Angelita,
The park patrol officers will be around the area frequently following the incident yesterday. They will be including St Pauls Park in their patrols.
David Bamford
South Area Parks Manager
Dates for your Diary
Sat 20th — 2:00 - 5:00 pm Summer Fete 
Tue 23rd — 2:00 - 4:00pm Class VI Play
Tue 23rd — 19:30 - 20:30 Class VI Play
Wed 24th — Class V Olympics (Until Sat 27th)
Thur 25th — 6:00 - 9:00pm Trustees Meeting
Thur 25th — 7:00 - 20:30pm AGM
Fri 26th — St. John's Festival  
Fri 26th — 7:30pm Class VI Play
Mon 29th — Class VI Trip (Until Fri 3 July)
Tue 30th — Class I to the seaside
Thur 2nd — 18:00 – 20:00 Trustees meeting
Sat 4th — Workday
Mon 6th — Class II to the seaside
Tue 7th — Class photos/school photos
Thur 9th — Kindergarten End of Term - Festival
Thur 9th — The Nave: Class VII Play
Fri 10th — 11:00am – 12:00pm Term ends: Festival
Fri 10th — 13:00 – 16:00 Workday
Sat 11th — Workday
Sun 12th — Workday

Please refer to the website before phoning the office for dates.
All dates regarding the school are available at:

The Tudors of St. Paul's
Go Beyond Expectations...

Go beyond Expectations with Class Six's Phantom Tollbooth! Don't jump to conclusions, but it's meant to be fantastic! 
Come join Milo, Tock and the Humbug on their quest for Rhyme and Reason.
If you're interested, it is at 2pm and 7.30pm on Tuesday 23rd June 2015,  in the Kingdom of Wisdom, The Nave.
Jasper in Class 6

AGM - A letter from the Trustees

19th June, 2015

Dear members of staff, parents and friends of the school, 

I wanted to write to you with some more detail about this year’s Annual General Meeting, which will take place at St. Paul’s on Thursday 25th June at 7pm.  The agenda is attached to this letter.    

There are two parts to the meeting. The first will include the formal business that is prescribed by our Articles and Memorandum of Association: the consideration of the accounts for the School year 2013/14 with the accompanying reports of the auditors and trustees; the election of trustees and the appointment of and fixing the remuneration of the Auditors.  

During the second half of the meeting we would like to outline certain development plans.  These include setting up a parents, teachers and friends association (PTFA) to support the work of the school and extending membership of the Association to the whole active School community.

I would like to explain the context for these proposals.  Over the past year we have made some important changes to the school’s structures.  You will be aware from the vision expressed at the all school meeting - and I hope from personal experience - of the changes taking place both inside and outside the classrooms.

We think that it is now possible for the school to be sufficiently well-resourced to hold the day-to-day responsibility for finance, communications and premises etc - the various mandate responsibilities and roles held to this point by both staff and parent volunteers within the resource management group (RMG).    Therefore based on experience from other schools, we would like to propose a PTFA as a regular forum for ongoing parental involvement to support the work of the School and as a platform for the sharing of insights about the principles and ethos of the education.

We are very pleased to announce that Anton Dell, who ran the PTFA at King’s Langley, has accepted our offer to join St. Paul’s as a Trustee and he will be enormously valuable in helping us establish this group.  His decision to join unfortunately came too late for us formally to sign him up at the AGM, so he will be co-opted as a Trustee at the start of next term and formally voted in at the 2016 AGM.  

We want to reiterate that without the commitment and active support of parents and volunteers in so many ways over the years our school would not be where it is today. Steiner Waldorf schools rely on and seek to foster a strong relationship between parents and teachers/staff to enable a continuum between home and school life to be established for the children.  We believe that the proposal to set up a PTFA at St. Paul’s will provide the forum for this relationship to flourish.  

We will set out in more detail at the meeting how the PTFA might work.  We have asked for feedback on these proposals from the current RMG and will respond to some specific points they raised at the AGM. 

At the meeting, we also would like to formally propose an idea which was discussed at the school’s AGM in 2014: to extend membership of the School Association to all parents after their first year in the School, to all staff after their probationary period, to all trustees and to committed friends of the School. 

Whether you are currently a member of the Association or not, you are warmly invited to attend the AGM and join us in dealing with the official business of the School and considering these proposals in more detail.

I look forward to seeing you there.

With best wishes

Jim Sharp
On behalf of the Trustees

Workday Thanks

Thank you all the parents that came in on a very hot and sunny Saturday to help at the workday. Again we scrubbed and cleaned inside as well as working hard in the garden. Thank you also to all parents contributing with all the beautiful the food. It was again amazing and makes all the difference to the parents there. The workdays are a great way of socialising and getting to know other parents. We take a large chunk of time to eat and chat as well. Not just working. So please please guys, Keep on coming. You are brilliant!
Thank you from  
Asa, Dionne and Nicoletta

Summer Fair
A request from Mrs Ramelow
I am looking for used hand card combers for wool to be used by the class.

They don't have to be pretty. Please let me know if you know of any, either free of charge or going cheap.

Thank you

Mrs Ramelow
Class II teacher
SWSF Newsletter
Download the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship Newsletter Summer 2015 here.
Community Notices
Childcare exchange

My name is Supriya. My daughter, Shyamalii, is in chestnut and I have an 8 month old called Narayan. He will turn 1 in October. 

I'm looking for someone who would be interested in exchanging one, possibly two, mornings a week of childcare whilst Shyamalii is in kindergarten from mid to end of September onwards. 

We can work out details together but I'm imagining something like taking each others younger one at drop off and bringing them back at pick up. 

The only day I definitely wouldn't be able to do a swap is on Monday. 

If you are interested let me know. 

My phone number is 07481151986

Eurythmy festival June 2015

There is a celebration of eurythmy for all, taking place in June on the 25th at Steiner House.

Children from schools will share their work, students training to become eurythmists will perform their work, and graduates from West Midlands Eurythmy and Peredur Euryhtmy will perform their graduation pieces. London Eurythmy will also perform a piece by Beethoven with a free inititaive group.

Children will witness eurythmy students aspiring to become eurythmists, they in turn will witness graduates moving ahead, and all will witness professionals at work, together with a new ensemble.

St Michael Steiner School is planning to bring class 9 and 11, possibly 6/7. If you feel you would like to contribute something, please get in touch.

All are welcome, bring along family, friends and guests. Entry is free, but to help us cover costs, we are asking that each participant contribute £1.00 toward the event, and there will be a collection at the door for visitors. 

The programme starts at 5.00pm to 6.30pm for schools and students, and 7.30 to 9.00pm for graduates and free initiatives.

Michèle Hunter
In the News

Inside the school that Tilda Swinton Built (Guardian)

Out of the classroom and into the woods (NPR - audio)

Starting school at 7 "can boost pupils' reading skills" (Telegraph)
Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship
Imagine a School Where
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