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2022  J-Life Africa   Newsletter #2

Dear Friends … We hope this newsletter finds you well! 

Thank you so much for your for your interest, continued prayer and financial support for the ministry of J-Life across the continent. 

We are so grateful for the team that the Lord has given us that continue to 'push the Disciplemaking agenda' in their various countries.  We are seeing God doing amazing things all over.  Please pray for wisdom to identify persons of peace within Senegal, Gambia and Gabon and for p
ioneering ministry trips into these countries as well as into into Mauritania, Djibouti, Sudan, Egypt  and DRC. Pray that the Lord would give us favor and continue to raise up the right people. Please pray too, for greater multiplication through Disciplemaking (DM) groups and for protection over the J-Life team - both workers and donors.

Two of my favorite stories over the past few months come out of Ethiopia and one out of a Muslim country that we shall not name.  One of our J-Life team in Ethiopia has journeyed with 50 leaders through the J-Life material.  Out of this group of leaders, they have seen 15 new local churches planted and have had two mass baptisms where over 1200 people have been baptized!  In a Muslim dominated country, 4 churches have been planted this year, with 150 people making commitments to Christ and being baptized (80 of these were Muslim converts)!  We are excited that these new converts from both countries are in environments where the leaders are passionate to pass on Jesus' 'DNA' so that these new christians will in turn become Disciplemakers!  God is at work building HIS KINGDOM and we are privileged to be part of it!!

We hope you enjoy reading with us .... stories of transformation and news from our people all over Eastern Africa.
With many thanks,
John Abrahamse - J-Life International Director
The Abrahamse Family serving with 
J-Life International - living in South Africa
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Our J-Life leaders in EAST AFRICA 
Samson Otieno, Country Leader

We thank God for His grace in 2022. Kenya is prepared for her general election this August, the intense campaign season across the country has in some ways jolted our activities as the J-Life team, nevertheless we have had praise reports of multiplication and transformation.

The latest is a 2nd generation of movement builders commissioned in our new gateway region (Eastern) on 25th June. The 19 pastors and leaders come on the heels of the first generation of leaders commissioned last year.....we are grateful to the Lord that this is part of a larger group of 126 movement builders in 4 GC2 groups that we will be commissioning in this region this year.

Prayer requests:

  • Kenya's upcoming election in August
  • Francis, Joshua, and John who are our MBxs in this new gateway region
  • Health and welllness of the Otieno family
The Otieno family serving with
J-Life Kenya

Michael Titus, J-Life Country Leader, 

We are grateful to be journeying with 20 Leaders through our internship. We are taking two Saturdays every month to spend time with these leaders who are transforming their communities.

By the grace of God, as MBx's we have been able to meet twice a year as a team and share stories of growth of the movement. It is always a good time to evaluate the momentum and prune some of the things which we are doing that are not fruitful. This July, 100 leaders came together and spent three days together. 

We praise God for transformation in our communities! Just last month one of the guys from a Muslim background received Jesus as His personal Savior. We are excited to begin journeying with him and his wife!

Prayer requests:
  • Ongoing training and coaching of our leaders in the internship
  • Renewed strength and health for our MBxs
  • Continued transformation among our communities
The Titus family serving with
J-Life Tanzania

James Katende, J-Life Country Leader 

We praise God for the gift of life, kingdom friends and family of J-Life. We are disciplemakers based in Entebbe. Jesus is the giver of life and we praise Him for enabling us to impact lives with our 11 regional leaders based in 8 different regions now.

Our vision is to grow 100 Ugandan leaders in 15 gateway cities. These are men and women who are discipled to disciples others; transforming communities and multiplying disciplemaking across Uganda. We have 6 MBxs, who are busy growing these leaders, established in 6 different regions - Praise God!

Prayer requests:
  • Pray for these families that are making it happen in the regions
  • Pray for Miria and I as we parent our 5 daughters, that they grow into Godly women
  • For the movement of disciplemaking - that it will be accelerated amidst the massive harvest of souls we are witnessing now as a country
The Katende family serving with
J-Life Uganda
Eric Muhire, J-Life Country Leader

Recently we have seen church transformation in Rwanda Fellowship Christ Church Southern province through the J Life curriculum. They have seen growth in the church and their believers established and encouraged in their faith.

Many churches and communities are involved in training. From February 2022, they focused much more in the Nazareth church in Eastern provinces. God has favored them and 50 persons have received Jesus as their King and Savior of their lives and been baptized - Praise God! The bishop of the church encouraged them to teach, coach and Go Deep with J-Life curriculum in every new planted church. The church leaders told them that all leaders who went through J-Life training have built their faith on a strong foundation and now they are making disciples and lead others towards Christ.

In the Southern Province we have started 7 fellowship groups composed of 40 leaders. Each leader among them has started the Go Deep process with two people at least and use the training towards making disciples.

Prayer requests:
  • Pray for all Leaders who are faithfully sharing from first generation to deeper levels
  • Pray for wisdom and protection
  • Pray for GC2 Groups, deep relationships and disciplemaking training
  • Pray for Projector as a training tool
  • Pray for ministry finances
The Muhire family serving with
J-Life Rwanda
Billy and Darleen Honc, J-Life Regional Director

We are blessed to see the Lord's faithfulness throughout Eastern Africa! In Kenya, we have led GC2 training with a group of Youth pastors and leaders. On the 1st of September, we will start a second GC2 group with a lead pastor from the Baptist churches.

Darleen has been busy overseeing our lower primary school in the village and ministering to the orphan boarding school students that we oversee and also live with us during school breaks. We just had 11 students for 12 days while on break. It's been a great time of us ministering the Word and mentoring them as they lead morning devotions. Pray for us here in Kenya as we will be having Presidential elections on August 8th.

Prayer Requests:
  • Kenya's national elections in August
  • Fruit of the GC2 groups
  • Health and wellness of our Country Leaders, MBx's, and their families
The Honc family serving with
J-Life Kenya
... a look at more ministry happening across Africa ...
J-Life Benin
"Hello everyone! We just finished Strategy with these leaders. Pray for implementation." - Franc Frickson, J-Life Country Leader

J-Life South Africa
"Awesome time of going deep, praying and dreaming together with our RL and some MBXs in the Western Cape region this week. Our RL, Greg, leads a local church. Great to see 3 massive banners on the building walls for Love God, Love People and Make Disciples. Also 4 chairs with labels on the stage for the IDP. Great to see a church building used to remind believers of Jesus’ model." - Jeremy Koeries, J-Life Country Leader
J-Life Rwanda
"Today was a graduation of a team of eight ladies who have successfully completed their total of 8 days training and 12 months implementation in four modules! We appreciate our Northern RL brother, Prosper, who is still a deepening the relationship with them and mentoring. Keep praying for them as they are investing into others .." - Eric Muhire, J-Life Rwanda, J-Life Country Leader
J-Life Nigeria
"Going Deep with Regional Leaders just ended today. Our training on "Vision" really helped us assess individual Character, Competency and Calling (3C's). Pray alongside for deeper concentration on how a movement can go forward in the Northern region." - Andrew Cletus, J-Life Country Leader
" Whoever claims to live in Him
must walk as Jesus did "

1 John 2: 6
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