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2020  J-Life Africa   Newsletter #4

Dear Friends … a HUGE Thank you for your interest, continued prayer and support in many ways for the ministry of J-Life across the continent. 

This newsletter highlights the work and ministry the Lord is doing through J-Life in West Africa. Despite the year we have had, the J-Life 2030 Vision continues to trickle down through our Regional Directors and Country Leaders into our representative communities. We are blessed to see God at work as we seek out new gateway cities and as we seek to journey with leaders across the continent! He has been faithful to the ministry of J-Life during this time, and we thank you for your role in supporting His work here.

We are standing with you during this time in prayer and support, as we know how this year has affected everyone differently. 

We pray that you will have a wonderful Christmas and that you will be able to have some time to rest and spend time with loved ones as we celebrate the Lord's presence and goodness.

With many thanks,

The J-Life Team all over Africa
Our leaders in West Africa ...

Andrew Cletus, J-Life Country Leader, Nigeria

We remain thankful to God, who has graciously saved us and has given us the ministry of reconciliation. Ministry in Nigeria is like a voyage on a rough torrent. However, we are not perturbed by any circumstances as we continue on, making steady progress, avoiding distractions and keeping our focus on "making disciples."

Our Disciples-making network spreads across the country through our unrelenting Movement Builder Multipliers (MBXs) in various communities, church denominations and organizations. During the COVID-19 lockdown, members were being mentored and coached via phone calls, zoom conferences and virtual meetings. It was however, difficult to reach those in remote places, especially those in out of network service areas and this was a great concern.

We have collaborated with the Vision 2030 by planting Gateway leaders in ten states including local communities as well as establishing J-Life study centers in different zones.

Marketplace Discipleship continues across each zone, where our MBXs and MBs make disciples using entrepreneurial skills and businesses. This method has had a ripple effect on many communities, churches and organizations. There are over 300 disciples across 10 states who are currently undergoing our 'narrow down and go deep process' at various levels in different places.
The Cletus family serving with
J-Life Nigeria
Benjamin Yamoah, J-Life Country Leader, Ghana

J-Life Ghana has inaugurated a new Board and held its first Board Meeting on the 12 November 2020 to help achieve Vision 2030. This is a big step in the right direction for J-Life Ghana, and we are excited that the Board consists of many quality community leaders. 

I presented the Vision 2030 agenda to the Board and the Vision for Ghana in the next two years (2021-2022). The meeting went very well and it ended on a very positive note for the entire management team and Board members. To God be all the glory!

We pray for Ghana as we go to the polls on December 7, 2020, pray for peace and pray that God’s will shall ultimately prevail. We also pray for Godly leaders over Ghana to help move the nation forward in the area of economic and infrastructural development.

We ask for prayers for safety and traveling mercies and protection for our families as we travel across the Nation to see Disciplemaking movements happen and pray for local partnerships for corporations and industries to help with some of our projects we have planned to do.
The Yamoah family serving with 
J-Life Ghana

Zoe Anderson, J-Life Country Leader, Liberia

God has been gracious to us. The work of the ministry is gradually getting back on path as we have been able to do face to face meetings, one-on-one, and small group disciplemaking now that restrictions are lessened. 

Please pray with us for total focus within the team, and more field workers as opportunities are everywhere.

Pray too, for  team commitment in implementing the Vision 2030.
The Anderson family serving with
J-Life Liberia
Arsene Sony, J-Life Country Leader, Côte d'Ivoire 

The news from the family is good. We are thankful for the health of our older son, who had a tough start to the year but is doing much better now and was able to resume studies and the normal course of his life.  We also ask that you pray for Constance, my bride, who is in her penultimate month of pregnancy - that all will go well.

Since September, the country has experienced serious political and social unrest. The elections were held in a chaotic climate and so far communities clash all over the country with many casualties. Pray with us for divine peace and security for our families.

Regarding the J-Life Côte d'Ivoire ministry, we have focused our efforts this year on sharing Vision 2030 with our MBx's, on identifying gateway cities, and re-mobilizing leaders. We work in 3 regions and we are preparing for the 4th as soon as things in the country calm down. 

Please pray for us and our MBx's - for the safety of our families and peace in our country, that God will give us leaders who are truly involved in multiplication and transformation, for divine provision in the face of the challenges our MBx's encounter, and pray for open doors and men of peace in the different gateway cities.

The Sony family serving with
J-Life Côte d'Ivoire 
Ben Fianyo, J-Life Country Leader, Togo

Ministry continues to flourish in Togo. We have a large number of disciplemaking-trained leaders throughout most of the country and they are implementing the life and ministry of Jesus in their different communities, many of them still in the 'going deep' process.

Strategically, we have a dozen pioneer regional leaders (There are 5 different regions in Togo) that we lead through a process of progressive training and coaching through our national summits and other platforms (Whatsapp, Zoom, Phone calls, Field visits ...) for the development of ministry teams for effective disciplemaking training in each region. Lack of technology has made things difficult to do everything remotely, but we are praying for the Lord's provision.

Pray for divine provision, the national ministry team, my family (my wife and I) for the grace of God in the home and in the ministry, that churches will willingly embrace disciplemaking and for our Regional Director (Mgliwè) and his family.
The Fianyo family serving with
J-Life Togo
Franck Hounsounnou, J-Life Country Leader, Benin

We are praying for a new gateway city opening in North Bénin. We are very excited to have contact in an essential part of the country and to see what God is going to do there. 

We pray for Church Leaders to be good models as they are implementing J-life training in their communities so that we can continue to grow a sustainable disciplemaking movement. We also ask for prayers for the national team board and for volunteers to work amongst students. The ministry of J-Life Benin is thankful to all of our supporters. We are able to continue to expand our reach for the Kingdom and pray we can continue to make the connections to keep on growing.
The Hounsounnou family serving with
J-Life Benin
A look at more ministry happening across Africa
J-Life Kenya  A group of Pastors and their Department Leaders finished our one year 4 modules of JLife Disciplemaking Training today. Very proud of these leaders who are passionate for making disciples that will make disciples.
- Billy Honc, East Africa Regional Director
J-Life Burundi GC2 training on Vision and Multiplication going on in Gitega, central of Burundi being conducted by one of our Key MBx. We are excited to see both young men and young women in our training groups.
- Jean Bosco, Country Leader 
J-Life Ghana  During J-Life Summit 2020 in February, one of the things that stood out for me was the session that spoke of the need to see more women discipled and trained up as well as the need to see the next generation discipled and trained.

I am happy to update the family that J-Life Ghana has just completed training 4 young ladies in the Strategy module. The training period has taken a longer time than usual as the training has been a mixture of physical meetings and virtual meetings on Zoom. We started the training on 4 October 2020 and have finally concluded it today the 14 November 2020. 

I humbly ask that you pray for these young ladies that they will own the training and run with it to see Disciplemaking happening among their peers and in their communities. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will empower them and grant unto them ideas to help them make this happen in their local churches as well. 
- Ben Yamoah, Country Leader
Gateway Cities explained - Prayers that these cities are open to the Kingdom work!
Please pray with us:
  • New gateway and strategic cities being pioneered, that people of peace are evident and the Spirit guides in establishing His presence there. 
  • Political and social unrest in many countries across Africa. Please lift up our brothers and sisters in Christ who are facing persecution.
  • Small group training, online training, and regional meetings - that the Lord continues to use these.
  • That the Lord provides financially during these tough times for all our Country Leaders and Field workers and their families.
  • For now, more than ever, that disciple making becomes a priority among families and churches across the continent and through this, JESUS CAN BE MADE KNOWN TO MANY!! 
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" Whoever claims to live in Him
must walk as Jesus did"

1 John 2: 6
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