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2022  J-Life Africa   Newsletter #3

Dear Friends all over the world!

We hope this newsletter finds you well! 

Thank you so much for your for your interest, continued prayer and financial support for the ministry of J-Life across the continent. 

We hope you enjoy reading with us .... stories of transformation and news from our people all over Western Africa. We LOVE seeing God at work and His heart for DISCIPLEMAKING being worked out in many lives! God is good!
With many thanks,
John Abrahamse - J-Life International Director

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Click here to download the free J-Life APP for devotions in the life of Jesus, Disciplemaking tools and training material! (APPLE)
Our J-Life leaders in WEST AFRICA 
Mgliwe Simdinatome, Regional Director

God is at work in our region and we join Him to fulfill HIS Agenda in these last days. We are going through difficult times as is happening all over the world today. The cost of living is very expensive because of inflation and the recession of the world economy. 

But there is hope with Jesus!

We are developing disciple-making movements throughout the countries I am serving. Many churches have never had a clear picture of what a discipled person looks like or had a process that could lead people to spiritual maturity. Our teams are busy training, coaching, and mentoring church leaders to implement a Jesus-based strategy to build the Kingdom of God.

The results are powerful!

We are seeing pastors starting to invest into their members to produce sound disciples and this is resulting in new believers coming to faith as well as restoration in relationships. Many denominations have decided to restructure their churches in order to begin using the strategy and methodologies learned from the life and ministry of Jesus.

Thank you for your prayerful and financial support as we continue to build a movement in West Africa.

Prayer requests:

  • Our family as we welcomed a new baby girl on the 31st of July
  • Prayers for our leadership team and for Jeannette 
  • Training in September that will bring Strategy and Foundations to key leaders
  • The J-Life West Africa community, especially our movement builder multipliers in these financially difficult times
The Simdinatome family serving with
J-Life West Africa (Togo)

Zoe Anderson, J-Life Country Leader, 

"We are so grateful for everything God is doing in our lives and through the ministry. 

We are currently running a GC2 group in a new Gate Way City. Two pastors from the Evangelical and Baptist denominations are greatly involved along with other Youth leaders. 

Two of our MBx's, James and Patience, are running two separate DM groups. James meets with 5 young adults every week. Patience along with her husband meets with members of the neighborhood, including men, women and youth weekly. God is doing great things through these groups. Most recent is how God used James to influence a young man to leave the street (drugs, cigarettes, etc.) He is now in the DM group and we have seen progress so far. 

We have also just hosted our third annual youth camp. This camp, Week of My Life,  brings together young people from various schools, churches, and communities and God is glorified as He transform the young people."

Prayer requests:
  • Please pray for a successful school year for our two children
  • For the upcoming Vision training
  • For fruit of our ongoing meetings pioneering J-Life in Guinea and Guinea Bissau
The Anderson family serving with
J-Life Liberia

Andrew Cletus, J-Life Country Leader 

"We are currently working in ten zones in the country with home groups manned by regional leaders and MBXs. These leaders are working in tandem with J-Life's Vision 2030 in planting gateway leaders in various cities.

We are currently working in ten States with 20 active MBXs and 45 MBs across 19 tribal communities. Various groups are at the Casting Wide level and Strategy, while some are working on completing Multiplication. Before the end of this year, I will lead some church leaders in multiplication and launch a community development project in Zing, North-Eastern region. We are seeing the fruits of moving people along the disciple-making pathway."

Prayer requests:
  • Insecurity in the country as political thuggery and terrorism hinder road transport and railways
  • Next year's general elections
  • Our brothers and sisters in the far north who experience frequent persecution
  • Continued strength and stamina of the disciple-making movement against these odds
The Cletus family serving with
J-Life Nigeria
Arsene Sony, J-Life Country Leader

In August, we were on a mission to train a GC2 group in OUMÉ in the central part of the country. About 16 key leaders from different denominations were equipped in the Foundations module.

We were able to train and coach 19 leaders in the city and share our vision 2030 with them. It was a very blessed trip. Many of the leaders decided to sharpen their lives and ministry leadership to be more like Jesus We pray for real transformation.

Elkana, one of our MBX was in Bouaké to equip 13 leaders in Foundations and mentor 5 key leaders having one on one time with them. It was so amazing how some of them were challenged to shift many things in their leadership to be more like Jesus.  During this time, his wife was rushed to hospital and had surgery! The Lord provided peace and comfort to him, and everything went well.

Prayer requests:
  • Let us pray for Elkana's wife for her total recovery
  • For the different GC2 that God raises a generation of true disciplemakers
  • For long term fruit as we walk with key leaders in different gateway cities of the country 
  • For our family, Constance and I, as we are facing different challenges at the same time, that God give us Supernatural provision et
  • Spiritual and emotional strength to go through everything.
  • Pray that the Lord will bless me with a new computer. My daughter mistakenly poured water on my computer and it is now out of usage. 
The Sony family serving with
J-Life Côte d'Ivoire

Anani Amento, J-Life Country Leader

We thank God for what He is doing here in Niger through our J-Life ministry. Even though we are facing persecution, we are pushing on by the grace of God and the help of the Holy Spirit.

In Gaya, we have finished the 4 modules with 23 leaders. Some of them are now replicating the training in their churches. We are going deep with two of them who are at G4 and T3 level. In Dosso, we have at the first phase of our training. In Tillabery,  we have stopped for a while because of the multiple attacks of the terrorists in the city. But our MBx who lives there with his family continue to work and follow the pastors helping them going deep. In Niamey, for more impact we have established a program that gather 20 to 25 pastors every three months for training and coaching.

One of our pastors, Nestor, shares this testimony:
"The vision training has allowed me to reorganize my own life and that of the church I lead. After the training, I organized meetings with all the workers of the Church in order to redefine our values and our priorities. We then wrote a vision for our congregation over three years starting with this year 2022. This fueled everyone's zeal and the whole church is functioning better than ever. All the glory be given to God."

Prayer requests:
  • Along with prayers for my family, please pray for...
  • Pray for the protection of God's people as we face terrorism in the Northern part of the country
  • Pray for the continued momentum of the trainings and movement
  • Pray for implementation and unity among the churches
The Amento family serving with
J-Life Niger

Francky Frickson, J-Life Country Leader

Personal testimonies:

Pastor Charles: Today thanks to the J-life trainings, we have engaged the whole church in a process of discipleship to the point where the church only meets in large groups on Sundays to celebrate. At first there was a lot of resistance. We held firm. To this day, our church is growing numerically.

Pastor Maurice: The influence of J-life on my life and my ministry: "Embassy of the Saints" of which I am the Senior Pastor, has caused most of the pastor colleagues living in my commune to start asking me to come and train their members. Because when they come to see how I have organized my ministry, they are amazed and wish to reproduce this in their ministry. My ministry and I have gained a lot through the J-Life vision.
Pastor William: J-life has revolutionized my way of organizing myself personally. Since 2020, I have reorganized the church into classes according to levels of commitment. This allowed us to redirect those who had been in the Church for 10 years and who were not really committed. It has also allowed us to reduce the number of believers we lose each year through lack of effective follow-up.

Prayer requests:
  • Please continue to pray for the movement in Benin
  • Pray for my family as we lead together
  • Pray for new gateway cities to open as pastors share their stories
The Frickson family serving with
J-Life Benin

Moise Traore, J-Life Country Leader

Community Transformation: MICC (Mission D'Implantation des Centers Chrétiens) is experiencing an awakening. We do "Go Deep" every first Saturday of the month and have a pastoral meeting where we share our joys and sorrows. We eat together in simplicity of spirit and there is no longer any question of the title of reverend, of trainee pastor...all are workers of the Lord. the MICC is producing workers and planting churches in a very natural way, very simply, without forcing people to leave their usual living environment. Our strength today is evangelization. Discipleship, worker training and worker planting churches (mostly based on J-LIFE tools).
Church Transformation: Since Bishop Soulgan gave J-LIFE trainings in his church, people have become more active and responsible for individual ministry (i.e. it is no longer the bishop's church but the church of Christ, so much so that some church programs work without the bishop present or without him necessarily being initiator). 

Prayer requests:
  • Continued pressing in to Jesus' life and ministry
  • Prayers for our disciplemakers planting new churches
  • Discipleship and raising up of our new believers who have been baptised
The Traore family serving with
J-Life Mali

Emem Jacobs, J-Life Regional Director

"I am grateful to God for His grace upon my life to oversee His work in this region, under the auspices of J-Life Africa. God has remained faithful in preserving the lives of all our country leaders and their families from the attacks of the evil one. We have experienced his peace, love, and comfort on every side. May His name be praised in Jesus' Name.

My visit to Ghana, Liberia, and Sierra Leone has strengthened the faith and increased the productivity of the country leaders there greatly. 

A pastor who had been in the ministry for some years came to the saving knowledge of Jesus when he sat under the teachings from our Strategy module. Also, J- life has also registered formally with Freetown City Council, mandating the movement to operate in the entire country.

In Liberia, God has brought in key leaders of denominations to accept the J-Life modules and they have also opened the doors of their denominations to partner with us. God is helping Zoe and Adam greatly in Ghana, partnership has been established with another organization that helps J-Life Ghana to have access to many key leaders, schools, and churches in different streets. We are grateful to see individual, organizational and community transformation take place through God's help. 

In Nigeria, the work is advancing steadily in the Northern part of the country, despite the terrorist threats. God is helping the Country Leader, Pastor Andrew Cletus to do great exploits. New grounds are being opened to us in Taraba and Abuja."

Prayer requests: 
  • for active follow-up of the training
  • for God's protection of our Country Leaders and facilitators
  • for God's manifold blessing on the J-Life Africa family
The Jacobs family serving with
J-Life West Africa
... we are thankful for a newly pioneered country

Daniel Ngegba, J-Life Country Leader

We are so glad to have Daniel and Ernestine Ngegba leading J-Life Sierra Leone.  They are happily married with three daughters, Deborah, Daniella and Danielstine Dorcas. We have loved seeing God at work as Daniel has lead the way forward with J-Life Sierra Leone:

We hosted a  J-Life National Summit from the 4th-  6th of April 2022 in Freetown, the Capital City of Sierra Leone. Emem Jacob (our J-Life regional leader from Nigeria) and Mark Gold (USA) were the conveyors of the Summit.

The three days training was conducted at the Propel Beach Resort in the heart of the city capital. About 36 Participants from different churches and denominations were involved in the training of Strategy.

Testimonies abounded after the training of people knowing and understanding God better; loving God and humanity, challenged to having an organized family life, etc. 

The J-Life App has also been a tremendous blessing to most people that attended the training. The training received and the devotionals are regularly used by members in teaching and training their church members. After the training in Freetown, house fellowships were organized who are meeting regularly and they're using the J-Life materials. I am also meeting with some of the participants every Saturday.

J-Life has also registered formally with Freetown City Council, mandating the movement to operate in the entire country. When the three day training ended in Freetown, we travelled with Emem and Mark to Bo City, the second capital of Freetown and a two day training was conducted. About 25 people participated in the training. 

We give God the glory for the exciting launch of a healthy disciplemaking movement in Sierra Leone! 

Prayer requests: 
  • Pray for peace and sanity in Sierra Leone 
  • Pray that God will use J-Life to mobilize and revive churches in Sierra Leone 
  • That God would select the right political leaders for the country - General elections are in June 2023
  • Pray for our family and J-Life workers - for divine health, protection and provision
  • Pray for traveling mercies for me as I travel to the USA for a leadership program in October
The Ngegba family serving with
J-Life Sierra Leone
... a look at more ministry happening across Africa ...
Top Left: 2nd Gen graduation in one of the Anglican church in Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi - Jean Bosco, J-Life Burundi
Top Right: The ongoing multiplication training in the Northeast Town, Zing. These leaders will work effectively once this module is completed. Pray for more dedication - Andrew Cletus, J-Life Nigeria
J-Life Côte d'Ivoire
We thank God for the blessed week we had in Djekanou, more than 200 km outside of Abidjan. We equipped 20 key leaders of the City with the Foundations module. We can see lives changed, leadership exercise changed. We bless God for His grace  - Arsene Sony, J-Life Côte d'Ivoire
... Join us in Prayer for the pioneering of these new areas ...
Top: On Friday the Lord opened a door for us to pioneer into an area that had previously been ministered to by our former RL. 19 Pastors attended the session where we took them through parts of the Disciplemaking Small Groups material. There is great interest from the group to do further trainings. Grateful that there is hope once again in Bulawayo.- Munya Takawira, J-Life Zimbabwe
Bottom Left: Amazing time pioneering into Lesotho. Coaching and DNA transfer with our person of peace, Waza Moholane. Bhuti and Waza started a GC² group on Zoom in August 2021 during Covid. They met weekly for Strategy. Now they meet for coaching every second week. They met in person for the FIRST time for coaching and fellowship! So good to be there! - Jeremy Koeries, J-Life South Africa
Bottom Right: After a 7 years of trying and praying, we finally pioneered into the Free State region of SA. These are church and ministry leaders from Matwabeng, Senekal, Free State developing purpose statements in Strategy. Thank you for prayers! - Jeremy Koeries, J-Life South Africa
" Whoever claims to live in Him
must walk as Jesus did "

1 John 2: 6
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