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2019   J-Life Africa   Newsletter #2 

Dear Friends … Thank you for your continued prayer and support for the ministry of J-Life across the continent.  We have included prayer items in this newsletter—and would really value your continued prayer.  This newsletter focuses on the work in East Africa and what the Lord is doing there.  We are so grateful to for Billy and Darleen Honc who head up the region and for those who are faithfully working alongside them … we trust that you will enjoy their stories as well as putting some faces to names ….
Thank you again for your partnership with us as we seek to build His Kingdom and make His name great!

Billy and Darleen Honc - ministering in Kenya and overseeing
J-Life East Africa

Update on East Africa from the Honcs:

As I look back at conversations I have had with the Country Leaders in East Africa, one thing that stands out is the sense that as J-Life has focused on "Going Deep" (through training, coaching and mentoring) with those we are working alongside, our eyes have been opened to other ways that we can help churches build or build upon established disciplesmaking within their churches. One of the ways we have seen is by training and journeying with the whole church leadership. Training the pastors and their key department leaders together and then allowing them to train their ministry teams in each department - contextualizing for their specific ministry. Then as we “Go Deep” with that pastor, he in turn holds the department leaders accountable for the implementation of the training outcomes. This has allowed Country Leaders and J-Life workers to journey deep with 2 or 3 pastors of churches who are in turn impacting the whole church. We are seeing churches developing models of what disciplemaking looks like.
We are still doing the 'Cast-Wide' (general ministry training for bigger groups)  and GC2 groups (training on Great Commandment and Great Commission priorities)  where there are 8-12 pastors from different churches - but where we are able to 'Go Deep' with  2-3 of these pastors, we are seeing great, lasting results.  At present we are we have country leaders in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda and are pioneering into Ethiopia.
The Otieno family - ministering with
J-Life Kenya
The Katende family - ministering with
J-Life Uganda
The Mutebutsi family - ministering with
J-Life Burundi
The Muhire family - ministering with
J-Life Rwanda
The Titus family - ministering with
J-Life Tanzania

Some encouraging testimonies from our country leaders in the East Africa Region about how God is at work ... transforming lives as people are part of DISCIPLEMAKING processes: 
(regions and names are not included for the sake of confidentiality)
  • Two pastors that we are working alongside accompanied a genocide survivor to the village where she once lived.  She testified to her church how she now feels what it is like to be loved again after losing all her family - she now feels that her heart is healed. 
  • A church that we are working with has been helping the community by building homes for old people.  In the same area, the church helped a 10 year old muslim boy who had malaria by taking him to hospital and paying for his treatment.  The muslim community has seen God's love demonstrated.
  • One senior Pastor who we are working with had a conflict with the associate pastor who had worked with him for 20 years.  The church split and there was much bitterness. After being part of a GC2 group and going through J-Life material he was able to understand his mistake and is now in the process of approaching the associate pastor to reconcile.
  • A pastor who we are working with shared with me how the J-Life Disciplemaking material impacted his life.  He was having an affair and has now seen his need for someone to hold him accountable to overcome his struggle.  We have now seen his marriage restored.
  • A person who was possessed by a demon was delivered from her bondage as pastors we are working alongside prayed over her.
  • A couple that was going to get a divorce was visited many times and counselled by one of our J-Life workers.  The marriage has now been restored through counselling and using God's word.
  • Some of our teams have been ministering to young ladies who had babies when they were teenagers and have been rejected by their families and have had to leave school.  We have shared with them that there is still hope for them to be valued and many have now given their lives to Jesus.
  • One of our J-Life workers lived among a culture where people treated their wives very badly.  He did the same and now has completely changed and serves his wife in many ways.
  • A pastor that did the J-Life Strategy training with us has said, "After I did the J-Life “Strategy” training I went back to my local church and shared with my ministry team. They are convinced that Jesus’ model of Disciplemaking must be applied if we want to make true disciples in the church.
  • A Pastor that we are working alonside has said, "The “Strategy” training has changed my view of Disciplemaking. After I prayed and processed the training I shared with my ministry team in my local church.  I have now also trained 23 of our local church leaders in the region. They were so exited and decided to train their leaders in the respective areas. I thank God the opportunity that He has given me to be part of the J-life Disciplemaking training".
Please pray for the work in East Africa:
  • Tanzania - for the ministry in Tanzania and as we look towards expanding into Zanzibar and Madagascar
  • Rwanda -  for the ministry in Rwanda and as we look to expanding into several new regions 
  • Kenya - for releasing regional leaders across the country
  • Sudan and Eritrea - for pioneering works into these regions
  • Ethiopia - for the ongoing development of a potential country leader 
  • DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) - for the Ebola crisis in eastern DRC and the potential impact on Goma (where J-Life has a strong presence).  Pray for Joel and his family - heading up the work in this region
  • Please continue to pray for all our J-Life families in East Africa - that the Lord would provide for them and daily equip them with all they need to minister for HIS GLORY
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