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    August 2020    
Thank you for your continued prayers for us as a family

Dear Friends

We hope that you are doing well and coping under very different and at times difficult and frustrating times!

We have been back home in Cape Town for almost 7 weeks now and have settled back well.  South Africa still is battling Covid with the infection rate continuing to be very high.  Our restrictions have changed though - so we are able to feel some sort of normality. We are very grateful to be able to work from home - so have been able to continue almost as normal - doing coaching and training over zoom meetings and to keep up to date with admin.  John's travel has all had to go on hold for the remainder of the year - hard to not have the opportunity to meet 'in the flesh' with many of our field workers and donors all over Africa and over the world - but grateful to have good family times at home (every cloud has a silver lining) ....!  John continues to be busy - spending a lot of time coaching, rolling out the Disciplemaking small group training and material as well as processing J-Life's response to Covid with pastors and leaders.  We started a new GC2 group a few weeks ago which was great - 3 of us trained the group and now Lorna will continue journeying with the ladies that were in the group and Shane (who is part of another GC2 group and assisting with J-Life training and coaching) will journey with the men.  

The kids are all battling with not being able to be with other young people in church and youth group and small group environments and have been so sad to miss out on holiday club and missions trips.  They are making the most of the outdoors - doing hikes and surfing with friends wherever they can which helps. Public schools have been affected which has been tough for Nate.  He was back for a while and has just had the past 2 weeks off again.  He went back to school last week (3 days a week in the afternoons) and we are trusting that the term and remainder of the year will not continue to be disrupted.  We celebrated his 16th birthday on the 10th of August .... he surfed for 5 hours and had a big oreo ice cream cake - so it was a great day! Jamie is at a small, private school, so he was off for 3 months but back every day at the moment which has been great.  He loves school and the learning is interactive and fun which is so great for him.  Jordz is continuing to work as an intern at the church - doing lots over zoom etc.  She is also helping out at the church pre school in the mornings which has been good in that she has a good routine going. 

Many of you know Tara (she lives on the same property as us and works with J-Life) ... Exciting news is that she got engaged a couple of weeks ago to a good friend of ours, Mike.  We are so happy for them and thought we should include a pic of them in our newsletter as so many of you know her and will be happy for her.

Thank you for your continued interest in our lives as a family and for your prayer and financial support. Please keep praying for the work of J-Life all over the continent and please pray particularly for:
  • Protection and provision for all of our regional directors, country leaders and field workers and their families during this tough time.  
  • The roll out of small group training and the continued emphasis on making disciples! 
  • That the J-Life 2030 vision is daily owned and worked towards by all our regional directors, country leaders and field workers ...
    Our vision is to grow African leaders (2000) who are planted like trees in gateway cities (200) in countries (40) around the continent.  Just like trees, these leaders mature and scatter seeds which germinate and reproduce into healthy churches.  In turn, these churches plant fruit-bearing, replicating disciples to influence every sphere of society. Like a forest, the thick spreading foliage of these trees grow the influence of the church, neutralizing evil and releasing good news. These forests provide spiritual and physical rescue for dry, desolate and weary communities ultimately transforming the landscape of cities and countries, to the glory of God.
  • Daily wisdom, energy and capacity for us as parents.  Good, fun family times to love, learn and grow together.  Wisdom and insight as we seek to be obedient to what the Lord has for J-Life - as we journey with many people in many different contexts. 
God bless and take care of you and please remember to let us know how we can pray for you.
With love, thanks and prayers
John, Lorna, Jordz, Nate & Jamie
Jordz and friends enjoying hiking 
Nate turned 16!!
Jamie is enjoying being back at school 
Tara and Mike got engaged ... exciting times!
Out and about with family - masks and all
Life is currently full of zoom training, coaching and meetings ...
So thankful to live in such a beautiful place!

Please phone, whatsapp or email us at any time with YOUR prayer requests - we love to keep up with what is happening in your life!

Thank you 
again for your generous support in so many ways!

God bless you and keep safe
Sending much love and thanks, John, Lorna, Jordz, Nate & Jamie

'Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did'. 
1 John 2: 6
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