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2021  J-Life Africa   Newsletter #3

Dear Friends … a HUGE Thank you for your interest, continued prayer and support in many ways for the ministry of J-Life across the continent. 

We are so excited for how the Lord is continuing to advance Vision 2030 and His Kingdom. As we start to measure transformation, we can see how God is continuing to grow African leaders with a passion for disciplemaking, that leads to churches and communities transformed by Jesus' life. 

We hope you enjoy reading with us .... stories of transformation and news from our people all over West Africa.

Please also take time to hear from Warren Jee (our J-Life Partnership and Resource Director based in the USA) in the video below about an exciting way to partner with us that will directly impact the work in three of our countries!

With many thanks,
The J-Life Team all over Africa

Please watch this short video presented by Warren Jee and help meet a DIRECT need for J-Life Africa in this time!


  • Opportunity 1:   'Team J-Life' Virtual Run/Walk & the Charlotte Marathon Event Fundraiser
  • Opportunity 2:   ‘The Crown’ Artwork Fundraiser
J-Life’s 2030 Vision Stories:
Providing physical rescue for dry, desolate, and weary communities in BURUNDI:
One of our MBX's is involved in the community of Cibitoke working with 50 families of a minority and marginalised people group. He was able to put the people in small groups for discipleship. They meet once a week for Bible study and prayer. They were able to farm a land where each family got 88 kg of corn that they ate for 4 months whereas they had previously not been getting enough food. They are now about to harvest beans. They testify that their spiritual and physical needs are being met through the work of discipleship.

Maturing leaders in BURUNDI:
A pastor from a church in Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi shares that as he was launching a new church, he knew that he wanted to disciple church members but did now how to. When he came to J-Life promotional training he was happy and registered. He went through Jesus' Strategy for ministry and has now started to take key leaders through the training as well. Thank the Lord for having come across Jesus' model of disciplesmaking.

Scattering seeds in ETHIOPIA:
We had another baptism event two weeks ago in the river called Awash. 1,080 people got baptized on that day. We praise God for His Salvation! Those believers came from the towns and villages called Dongore area, Wegereber, Bofa, Areda, Awuragodana, Adama, and Boku.

Planting fruit-bearing disciples in RWANDA:
In Rwamagana area, one of our gateway cities, one of our MBX's has started a new team focused on training up women.  There are already evidences of multiplication where MBs have already started multiplying themselves. There are now five teams that are multiplying into others from their communities.

Growing African leaders in UGANDA:
After attending training, one of the pastors decided to make some changes - he launched a weekly mentorship class for his leaders, instilled discipline among them and was able to help one his leaders who was straying.
Our leaders in WEST AFRICA ...

Benjamin Yamoah, J-Life Country Leader, GHANA

God has been good to J-Life Ghana throughout the year. Particularly in achieving the number of GC2 groups we wanted to launch and journey with to help achieve Vision 2030. To this date, we have done 4 GC2 groups and also trained 2 groups in the Disciplemaking small groups. Our second Disciplemaking small group training was the most exciting as it concluded with taking team members on a week long short -term mission to Ada, Kasseh, a community on the outskirts of the Greater Accra region. 

Our National Summit was also very successful and a blessing by the grace of God, the vision became much more clear and challenged our MB’s and MBx’s after spending more time explaining what we seek to achieve as a ministry on the continent of Africa. 

J-Life Ghana seeks to raise 40 influential leaders who will commit to disciplemaking to ensure transformation in 2021 and 2022 and I can confidently say that we are on track and God is helping us to achieve this.  

We continue to coach and mentor all our MB’s and MBx’s to keep disciplemaking as a daily lifestyle.
The Yamoah family serving with
J-Life Ghana

Zoe Anderson-Zogar, J-Life Country Leader, LIBERIA

We are grateful for all the Lord has done and what he is yet to do. In the midst of challenges, he has been gracious, faithful and loving. 

J-Life Liberia is plugged into J-Life Africa's Vision 2030, and we are intentional about growing leaders and partnering with churches and para-churches to achieve this vision.

Our small group of 10th graders is being mostly led by 2 teenagers.  These two have the heart to mobilize their friends for the kingdom. They continue to meet on WhatsApp as school is closed at the moment, while we provide oversight. We also see a community based Disciplemaking group that started early this year, continuing to experience transformation. 

Prayer items: 
  • Prayer for successful Multiplication training for 7 youth leaders, for the drive to multiply themselves. 
  • For our upcoming National summit
  • For the four potential leaders from four new regions we are involved with (3 pastors, and a young lady involved in journeying with teenage girls) 
  • For the right leaders to walk alongside
  • Please pray against ritualistic killings, our nation is in real fear because of what has happened in recent times
The Anderson-Zogar family serving with 
J-Life Liberia


Andrew Cletus, J-Life Country Leader, NIGERIA

'Blessed are you, when men cast insults at you, and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely on account of Me' (Matthew 5:11 NASB).

I remain thankful to God for His protection and provision of our daily needs.
The church in Nigeria is under siege and needs prayer.  There's a threat to life that has caused most believers to be wary of assembling to worship. The activities and attacks are mostly targeted at worship centers, schools and commuters vehicles. It is more worrisome, when the government is not responsive to most of these attacks.

However, the church is on the move. We are doing daily evangelism and God is adding people to the body of Christ. New believers are being discipled.
J-Life members in their different cell groups are making Disciples as well as multiplied through the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Our brethren who are located in hostile areas are doing pretty well in their commitment to making Disciples and strengthening one another in faith. They are routinely in home cells across the country. One of such meets in my house.

Prayer Items:
  • Pray for God's protection as traveling on roads now is very risky.
  • God to spur on leaders and security agents to tame the tide of insecurities in the country.
  • More encouragement for MBXs not to be hindered by the persecutions
  • Opportunity to our children to get to school as some of the schools have been shut down.
The Cletus family serving with
J-Life Nigeria
Anani Amento, J-Life Country Leader, NIGER

We praise the Lord for His goodness and protection over our life and ministry, as well as over the lives of all our MB's, MBx's and their families.

We are working in 3 gateway cities: Niamey, Tillabery, and Gaya. Since last year we have had a big challenge working in Tillabery area because of the attacks of terrorists in some villages in the area. Please pray for protection and progress in that area.

In Niamey we have 6 new GC2 groups, and 2 more in Gaya. We have tried hard to reach Dosso, but in vain. We have scheduled the training 3 times, but nothing has come through. Please pray for the door to be opened up to us.

We are thankful to have trained up 90 leaders this year. We have touched 25 churches. We are trusting God to continue to open doors for new GC2 groups.

The Amento family serving with
J-Life Niger
Arsene Koulate, J-Life Country Leader, CôTE D'IVOIRE

We have had special meetings and training time with all the MBx and MbB's in the Abidjan Region, where we worked on the module of Disciplemaking Small Groups. We also have been in Bouake, the second biggest city of the country, for the third GC2 group. It's so amazing what the Lord is doing there. It was started by a leader who when he heard about J-Life training, came to be trained in Abidjan, and felt that it was the Lord's will to spread it in Bouaké. Now we have 4 GC2 groups. Every group is just the fruit of the last one... And we can also see transformation through coaching and mentoring.   At the end of August, we gave a certificate of completion to 6 leaders who completed the training process. It was a very beautiful event.

We thank God that my wife, Constance has recovered from Covid - through prayers and treatments she is now healed. We also bless God for the rest of the family who experienced divine protection. Constance and I will celebrate our 7th year of marriage and happiness this week!

Prayer items:
  • We ask for prayer for the movement in Côte d'Ivoire. May the Lord build strong foundations among the team, the MBx's and continue to open doors in our gateway city and beyond.
  • Pray for protection and peace around us.
The Koulate family serving with
J-Life Côte d'Ivoire
Ben Fianyo, J-Life Country Leader, TOGO

J-Life Togo has Cast Wide in 3 different main regions (Maritime, Plateaux, Kara) using the Disciplemaking Small Groups material. Praise God the Cast Wide is resulting in GC2 trainings.

To be more intentional and practical, we have initiated the Disciple Multipliers' Network that we launched in June 2021 in Lome. Our goal is to multiply more disciples through 20 zones in Lome with the J-Life Copy2Paste material as a test program for the other regions/towns. We currently have 9 zones that are active and have progressed with the weekly studies.

Our Southern National Summit was a great opportunity to coach and mobilize MBx's. With regard to Vision 2030, the 18 participants have been challenged to intentionally reproduce 5 leaders by July 2022.

Prayer items : 

  • More impact and multiplication through the Disciples Multipliers' Network.
  • More coaching between and among MBxs and MBs 
  • Upcoming GC2 trainings in Lome and Kpalime.
  • Upcoming Northern National Summit by the end of the year.
The Fianyo family serving with
J-Life Togo
A look at more ministry happening across Africa
J-Life Ethiopia   
We have started another GC2 training in Addis Ababa. 18 leaders attended the session in the morning on strategy. We are praying for much fruit and for new trees planted.
- Samson, Country Leader
J-Life Kenya  "Pastor Erick Chondo in South Coast Kenya. Building Disciplemaking in a village in Kwale County, starting with these new leaders. A great example of multiplication!" - Billy Honc, Kenya
J-Life Cameroon  "We spent time with a new GC2 group where we introduced Strategy. Glory to God for new movement builders!" -Florence Fokoua, Cameroon
Please pray with us:

  • For protection from Covid and provision for our team across Africa and all those churches and individuals who faithfully support the ministry in various ways.
  • New gateway and strategic cities being pioneered, that people of peace are evident and the Spirit guides in establishing His presence there. 
  • Small group training, online training, and regional meetings - that the Lord continues to use these.
  • For now, more than ever, that disciple making becomes a priority among families and churches across the continent and through this, Jesus can be made known to many!
" Whoever claims to live in Him
must walk as Jesus did "

1 John 2: 6
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