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2022  J-Life Africa   Newsletter #1

Dear Friends … a HUGE Thank you for your interest, continued prayer and support in many ways for the ministry of J-Life across the continent. 

We have started this year with an abundance of gathering together, hosting new training groups, and even pioneering into new countries to continue to push forward our Vision 2030!  In February we were delighted to have our Regional Directors and Lead Team all meeting together in South Africa (see pictures below) We are so thankful to be building in-person relationships once again! 

We hope you enjoy reading with us .... stories of transformation and news from our people all over Southern Africa.

We pray that you will have a wonderful Easter weekend as we think on the death and resurrection of our Lord ... and as we are reminded to walk as He did ....
1 John 2: 6

With many thanks,
The J-Life Team all over Africa

Our leaders in SOUTHERN AFRICA 
Joe Nkhoma, J-Life Regional Director

We are grateful to the mercies and goodness of the Lord especially to privilege us to be part of the family that is committed to moblize movements of disciple making across Africa to the glory of God. We are excited to see how lives, families, communities, and leaders are being transformed across the region

through the ministry that the Lord has entrusted us, through effective training, coaching and mentoring.

I have been running GC2  (Great Commandment and Great Commission) training since the middle of last year. The leaders have expanded their outreach and disciplemaking to the correctional services, it is amazing and encouraging to see how the training is impacting lives beyond the local church setting.

The work at the ministry centre for the staff house is progressing very well and we are likely to finish by the end of April. Once the house is completed, it will increase the usage of the facility with a holistic ministry approach to equip Church Leaders and the next generation. The intern program will be enhanced, skills training and medical mission will be introduce as part of holistic ministry which will be basically aimed at targeting the interns and Church Leaders.

Prayer requests:

  • The finishing of the new ministry centre
  • GC2 training and multiplication
  • Continued guidance and growth of the internship programme
The Nkhoma family serving with
J-Life Zambia

Jeremy Koeries, J-Life Country Leader, 

We hosted a very fruitful first 6 Weeks Intensive in our GC² Youth Worker Internship at our new ministry house in Heidelberg, Gauteng during January and February. It was one of the most diverse groups we’ve ever led, with young leaders from different South African communities and visiting American students from Asian, Egyptian, European and Mexican backgrounds. Living together in one house definitely provided beautiful opportunities for life-on-life disciplemaking. Praise Jesus for the growth everyone experienced. Pray for effective implementation by the all interns.

A new GC² group was launched in Cape Town at the end of February with our partners at Hopetown. The team is hungry to learn more about Jesus model of life and ministry. Emily Steele and Jeremy Koeries have been training and coaching the team on a weekly basis. These leaders are using the training to develop a disciplemaking strategy for each of the ministries of Hopetown.

Our internship team is dreaming about using the land at our new Ministry House to mobilise holistic disciplemaking, generate bursary income and serve the wider community. At present, we are journaling ideas and plans around urban gardening.

Under the leadership of Bhuti Kheswa, J-Life SA continues to pioneer into Lesotho and Eswatini as we journey with key leaders who will take the movement forward in these SADC (Southern African Development Community) countries.
The Koeries family serving with
J-Life South Africa

Bhuti and Jann Kheswa, J-Life Regional Director 

GC2 Internship
The Kheswas moved into the ministry house late November 2021 to get it ready to host our 2022 interns. The J-Life ministry house is situated in Heidelberg, Gauteng, just south of Johannesburg. This house will serve as a base for J-Life South Africa to run disciplemaking training for ministry leaders and to host the GC2 Internship.

On 15 January  we received our first intake of 8 trainees who spent six weeks being trained for disciplemaking. The beauty of running the internship in the house is that we get to live together in shared space, do life together in and out of programmed ministry activities. Four of these students are South African (doing the year programme). The other 4 are semester abroad students from Bethel University, Indiana, USA. Over the six weeks we prayed together, had devotions, bible study, cooked, cleaned dishes as well as sitting in lectures doing the J-Life disciplemaking training. And had LOTS of fun!

The first intensive aims at helping young leaders become self-aware. Different activities contribute to this – camping in the bush, team building games, as well as classes on personality types and spiritual gifts. Opportunity is also given to develop spiritual disciplines to help grow their relationship with God. Along with the ministry training, they were able to plan and run a youth night at a local church, as well as teach classes in a local school. 
The Kheswa family serving with
J-Life South Africa
Our South Africa GC2 Internship group!
Brian Mulega, J-Life Country Leader

One of our communities was predominately 'religious church goers' before we started building relationships. Today, we have at least two other brothers who are training others within this village. This community, through the guidance of the leaders has begun a weekly Bible Study and Prayer meetings which have been attracting other village folk. They are seeing souls being won to Jesus and are able to disciple them.

Once every month, I have been meeting the Correctional Services High Ranked Officers for an enrichment programme.  We have been able to establish good relationships. My wife, Dorcas, runs a Whatsapp GC2 training with people from different regions and through effective coaching.  One of the ladies who has been part of the group has started her own group. There has been evidence of transformation - such prayerful dependence and bible study which has never happened before.

Prayer requests: 
  • Thanking God for J-Life Zambia and all the staff- MBXs, MBs
  • Planning for a National Summit
  • Planning for a visitation of our regions
  • All the MBXs and MBs to remain focused on the J-Life 2030 Vision
  • Openings of new gateway cities and the strengthening of those cities where we have a presence
The Mulega family serving with
J-Life Zambia
Munya Takawira, J-Life Country Leader

The year has started off with exciting activity  in Zimbabwe. We developed a tool for coaching and discipling that is to be used by our MBXs.

Chitown - Go Deep
We managed to have a refresher session with the MBXs in the city of Chitungwiza. This is the 3rd largest city in Zimbabwe and here we currently have 4 MBXs. 

Masvingo - Go Deep
A similar session was held in Masvingo with the 4 MBXs in Masvingo. 

New City - Pioneering work
We managed to do some pioneering work in Mutare in March. There were 19 pastors from the city and it was led by our man of peace, Pastor Rore. We did a Cast Wide training for half a day and afterwards all in attendance agreed to register for a GC2 group to be launched after Easter!

Prayer Requests:
  • Trainees in Mutare have started planning to pass on to their pastors and leaders, pray they do so in God's guidance
  • Work in Bulawayo has slowed down, need God's wisdom in what to do next
  • Need to agree with Chitown leaders on what next steps are, pray for guidance and agreement
  • Inflation in Zim has hit a new high, which has created panic. Please pray for God's intervention
The Takawira family serving with
J-Life Zimbabwe
Chico Carlos, J-Life Country Leader
In 2018, I started working with a few young leaders from the Anglican Church and it was then that I decided to invest my time and every resource available to help them become leaders or disciples who would also equip others.

Every Wednesday Djaino and I meet these young leaders with the goal to see them some day reaching others for the journey of becoming true disciples of Christ. 

Our key verse is 2 Timothy 2:2, "And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others."

Prayer requests:
  • Continued growth for the current DM Group
  • Planning and success of a large event for young people from different churches in May
  • Trainings continuing in local churches
The Carlos family serving with
J-Life Mozambique
Samuel Dewa, J-Life Country Leader

In November 2021, we started an internship program. We had 40 young people from different professions, churches and locations. They were of ages ranging from 16 to 27. We hope to produce leaders from this group.  We will be meeting them when schools are on break for we use school premises. Lord willing our next session will be during Easter holiday. Since February, I have been going around doing coaching and mentoring of these young people.  Most of them have already started implementing the training in their local churches and work places.  We have been receiving calls from pastors on the transformation and disciplemaking lives of these youth leaders. We thank God that Christ Jesus captured their hearts!

One of the interns linked us up with his bishop. The bishop wanted to know more about J-Life upon being amazed by his youth leader. When I explained it to him he asked for the training for himself together with his lead team. We trained them on 3rd to 5th March. We also have multiple people who are doing a good job with their GC2 groups.

Prayer requests:

  • Continued multiplication of our youth interns
  • Please pray for God to continue to open doors with new leaders 
  • That we continue to see fruit and grow towards J-Life Vision 2030
The Dewa family serving with
J-Life Malawi
A look at more ministry happening across Africa
J-Life Kenya  
"Going Deep with a few local pastors." 
- Billy Honc, Regional Director
J-Life Nigeria  "Training and coaching on Foundation and sharing vision 2030. These church leaders are eager to run with the vision." - Andrew Cletus, Nigeria
Top left:  "Training Multiplication as our 4th Module with some leaders who have been on this journey for 3.5yrs - it is amazing to see the depth of conversation after going deep for such a long time."  - John Abrahamse, South Africa
Top right:  "We spent some time fellowshipping and equipping the MBXs in Masvingo. We introduced a tool to help in the going deep sessions that they have with their leaders." - Munya Takawira, Zimbabwe
Bottom left: "We thank God for the GC2 training group through strategy manual trained by our MBx Israel from last two days. Pray for much fruit ." - Eric Muhire, Rwanda 
Bottom right: "We say thank you to the Lord for the smooth running of GC2 here in Ngabe." - Symphorien Obambi, Congo
J-Life Ethiopia  "We had a wonderful time of training with our youth who have come from 5 different churches and denominations. There are 25 youth leaders majority of them are with the age of 20s. I thank God because those young leaders have a huge impact in the lives of other youth in their churches. I am also doing mentorship and coaching with them as the flaming the fire of disciple making movement in our nation. ." - Samson, Country Leader
" Whoever claims to live in Him
must walk as Jesus did "

1 John 2: 6
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