Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour - Newsletter May 2018
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Memories Blossom on Mother's Day
Some big dates are fast approaching: The Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour 2018 on May 5th and May 6th (this weekend woo hoo!) and Mother’s Day on May 13th.  I asked my Mum if her mother influenced her to garden.  She quickly said “yes” and remembers her beautiful climbing red roses.

My Mum definitely influenced my gardening wont.  I remember her insanely tall and broad Shasta daisies.  I think of my mother every time I see daisies, but then I have so many flower memories with my Mom.  Every summer we would visit her home town in British Columbia.  Was I just a small child or were the hydrangeas really bigger and bluer there?  When Mum and Dad went east to tour great homes and gardens they would come home chanting “the rhodos!  Oh the rhodos!” – meaning rhododendrons.

My parents were fond of driving trips and one summer, as a teenager, I drove all the way to Canada with them.  The entertainment was being the first to spot and correctly name all the wild flowers: Indian paintbrush, Gilia, lupine, columbine.  I remember being astounded to learn Queen Anne’s Lace and foxglove grow wild along the highways of the Pacific Northwest (I mean seriously – can it get any more gorgeous than that?!).

A competitive nature was standard issue with my Mum.  When I got a home of my own we began to compete for the most beautiful and varied English garden.  Mum was great with larkspur and delphinium.  I went for nicotiana and an extremely invasive climbing morning glory.  I tried to trump her by growing plants from seed and claiming they were worth more points.  She laughed.

On Sunday evenings when I visited for dinner Mum would first take me for a tour of her garden.  Every new plant was to be admired.  Every new bud encouraged. Every area of completed weeding was to be applauded.  And a new fairy garden was to be declared adorable.  Those were very happy times.

My Mum has gardened since she was a child, and figures you either like it or you don’t.  She had truly gorgeous hanging baskets of impatiens, and I was the one trusted to water them.  Perhaps that was the first spark on my pursuit of gardening. 

Mum says some people just like to admire beautiful gardens and some people like to get down into the earth.  I think she’s right.  Whichever type of person you are I know you will enjoy the 43 inspiring gardens on the tour this year.  I’m sure you will see a flower, or plant, or tree that will remind you of your amazing Mom too.  When you see it be sure to smile and say “I love you Mom.”
Contributed by Jennifer McInteer
MLHMGT Board Member
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