Mary Lou Heard Memorial Garden Tour - Newsletter January 2018
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The Magic of Garden Tours

Each spring garden lovers the world over look forward with great anticipation to experiencing garden tours.  What is it that attracts people to look at other people’s gardens? 
Initially it might be to find an outing that ‘Mom’ or ‘Grandma’ would enjoy.  It might be a way to gather ideas to enhance or redo your own garden.  In the case of tours that showcase estate gardens, it might be curiosity about neighborhoods not usually seen.  But in the end, what keeps us returning each year, is the MAGIC of garden tours.
On tour day, the magic builds throughout the course of the tour as each garden presents its own special collaboration with nature.  One garden might have a prolific vegetable garden inducing a bit of envy to be able to feed your own family with home-grown produce.  Another may be filled with the heady scent and riotous colors of a lush rose garden.  A mature garden full of trees, meandering paths, and quiet spots to sit may bring feelings of peace and reflection.
While the physical beauty of the gardens is the seed of the magic, what causes the magic to blossom is sharing it with others.  During a garden tour, the gardens are full of people admiring, pointing out flowers, discovering inviting nooks.  We are drawn into conversations with total strangers as we share the joy of a perfectly formed flower, a unique garden ornament, or the discovery of a plant never seen before, .  A small child stops everyone to point out the ladybug or real apples on a tree.  A ‘community’ forms.  We are united for a brief time by sharing the wonder, beauty and joy of a garden.  Just like the small child, we feel the MAGIC.


Contributed by Teena Spindler
MLHMGT Garden Host
University California Master Gardener
President Great Park GardenCoalition
Be sure to check out Teena's garden
on the 2018 Tour, May 5 & 6!
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