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Santa’s Reindeer Facts You Should Know

In readying for the big night of December 24, although Santa will be checking his list twice, there are Reindeer Facts you should know.
Santa's sleigh-pullers, are likely females. Why?  December is mating season and males shed their antlers now.  Females sport their thinner antlers throughout the winter which means Rudolph (aka, Rudie) and the gang are all gals!!!  They are built smaller which provided lower drag for higher speed.  Moreover, in a directional quandary with a time constraint, they will stop and ask for directions.

 A "found" antler that apparently was broken off during Christmas eve gift delivery.
What are they called?   They're like “cattle”. They're not referred to as bucks, does and fawns, like other deer. Males are “bulls”, females are “cows” and babies are “calves.”
Reindeer really do like to play games.  This little calf was dropped off by our fireplace on Christmas morning over ten years ago.

When leaving cookies and a hot toddy for Santa, remember that reindeer are herbivores and prefer veggies and carbs to keep them going through that “long winter night”.  Carrots are carbs and their green tops are a real treat!

 Reindeer are ideally designed for life in hostile, cold environments.  Although Mrs. Claus has a “No Harrassment Policy” in the workplace intact, they not only laugh and call names at Rudie; they all call each other names throughout the year when she is out of earshot or out of the office.
Their formal names are:   Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder and Blixem (the last two were later changed from Dutch to German, becoming Donner and Blitzen and mean “thunder” and “lightning.”)  These two ALWAYS want to be ahead of the pack.  Rudolph’s name means “Wolf” in German, but she is also known as “Cougar” (in some circles…).
Reindeer love to laugh and play games; they regularly play practical jokes on each other and use Rudie’s Glow in the Dark Laser-like nose to tease Mrs. Claus’ kitty.  Rudie’s nose has come in handy during the seasonal power outages in the Claus’ toy factory.
A nose that loves to laugh and play throughout our garden.
Their hooves harden in cold weather, hence “click, click, click.”  Some of them are knock kneed and also makes a “click, click, click” sound helping to keep each other awake while Santa slides in and out of chimneys throughout Christmas eve.
Modern science has to date, not worked out how nine reindeer manage to fly while also pulling a cargo-filled sled.
Merry Christmas to all and to all, A Good Night!!!
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