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September 2017 Newsletter
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Suddenly, It’s September!!

As a working-outside-the-home mom, my 8-ish to 5:00 weekday was spent in a cubicle under fluorescent lighting.  I didn’t know whether the sky was blue, whether the sun was shining, or witness the choir of birds.

As with everything when busy-busy, the day raced on and quitting time segwayed into another program.  A rush home to pick up hungry kiddos, get dinner going, help with homework and school projects.  Bath time was next with just a bit of quiet time and then prep began for the next business day.  We LOVED school holidays, summertime, and any other day where math homework was not involved.  Thank goodness bed time wasn’t so stringent and the ‘rush’ slowed to an even keel.

Just as everyone returns to school, we experience a welcoming dip in the weather bringing out long sleeves, pants and sweaters.  Retailers stage Fall Colors with Halloween just around the corner.  My grown daughters—all three of them still costume up and trick-or-treat!  Last year, they were Wizard of Oz characters, the wicked witch, Glenda, and the cowardly lion.  We made the costumes ourselves.

In our small garden, “Fuji” apple trees have begun to be harvested, roses are getting ready for one last bloom cycle, and violas are being plugged in along with dianthus, stock, and a couple varieties of ornamental cabbage.  Nurseries are stocked with bulbs to plant now and sweetpea seed packets are prime for selection—look for “early flowering” on the packet.  Other color for planting are Foxglove, Icelandic Poppies, Phlox, Snapdragons, and “cool season” veggies and herbs for “soup season” just about to start.  If “color” is not your thing, there are also loads of succulent and grasses to cleverly combine.  It’s also a good time to broadcast a low-dosage fertilizer throughout the garden.  If you do not have time due to your work schedule, you can purchase a color bowl and a new welcome mat to be placed by your front entry—it is a good picker-upper for you once you return home after a long busy day.

Summer is over.  Suddenly it’s September and as I am typing this, my windows are open to a gentle breeze, Ms. Wren has returned to renovate her last nest whistling her happy song while she works, and the sky is blue.
Happy Fall everyone!  From The Mary Lou Heard Foundation.
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