September 2018
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Community in Conversation

An invitation to those working in sexual violence from Kiara Mikita, PhD
Educational Development Consultant, Research in Teaching and Learning, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning | University of Calgary.

Because of your work with sexual violence and/or sexual violence related issues, please accept this as an invitation to participate in groundbreaking research that promotes cross-disciplinary dialogue, community-building, and collaboration among those who work with, respond to, study, and/or are affected by sexual violence in the local community. 

Specifically, Community in Conversation consists of a series of monthly gatherings involving various interactive exercises and facilitated conversations across disciplines, practices, and life experience. The aims are simple: 

  1. to promote conversation across groups (to mitigate and diminish the silo effect), 
  2. to promote and foster resource- and community-building (extending beyond these gatherings), and,
  3. to cultivate the collaborative establishment of next steps (the collective construction of research and education priorities).

This work brings together a diverse group of people not despite their differences, but because of them – differences that are at the heart of the rich conversations that will ensue at these monthly gatherings. The first gathering will be Friday, September 28th.

Kiara is a playful and creative sexual violence researcher and educator with experience both conducting research and working with participants like you, and nothing puts the pep in her step more than this kind of work. 

Please take the time to consider joining this creative, community-building endeavor. More information, including a downloadable copy of the Informed Consent Form, can be found at the study’s website.  If you’d like to register, you’ll be sent location details, parking information, and will be able to be kept in the loop about any changes. 

If you are aware of other professionals working in sexual violence (e.g., in Victims Services, Policing, Law, Medicine/Healthcare, etc.) who you think might be interested in this study, please don’t hesitate to forward this information to them!

Finally, if Kiara can be of further assistance, or provide you with any additional information or answer any questions or concerns you might have, please do not hesitate to email or phone 403-220-8435.

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