Hospice Malaysia Paediatric Palliative Care Workshop : 12 - 14 September 2014

Paediatric Palliative Care is a specialty that helps both the patient and family to deal with the disease, symptoms and issues related to physical, psychological, social and spiritual distress as a result of the illness. This 3-day workshop will cover topics on communication, clinical decision-making, placement of care, ethical issues and organisational and personal care issues. 

The facilitators for this workshop are Dr Joan Marston, Dr Rosalie Shaw and Dr Anthony Herbert. 



New e-directory on APHN website

There is a new page on the APHN website which contains the directory of service providers and organisations for members and friends of APHN searching for contacts in the palliative care sector.

It has been organised by country. Each organisation will have details like website, telephone, fax, email, and contact person. The new page will be updated once every 6 months to provide accurate contact details of the organisations.

If you know of any service(s) on the directory that needs to be updated or any new addition, please contact Joyce Chee at


Written by Dr H.M. Iqbal Bahar MD; Head of Department; Dr.Elizabeth Viswanatham Centre of Palliative Sciences; Cachar Cancer hospital and Research Centre; Silchar, Assam, India.

"I have no words to express my gratitude to APHN for awarding me the APHN Rosalie Shaw Travelling scholarship. I would like to thank AHPN for the generous grant which helped me to attend the 10
th Asia Pacific Hospice Conference held at Bangkok in October 2013, where I presented my scientific paper in palliative care.

I work as the head of the palliative care division at Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre located on the outskirts of Silchar town in the Barak Valley of Assam in India. This hospital was established in 1996 and is administered by the Cachar Cancer Hospital Society, a non-profit NGO. The much needed pain and palliative care department was established in 2009 with a generous grant from the Indo American Cancer Association.

APHN 2013 was an amazing conference. The hosts were very hospitable and I felt honored to meet with world famous leaders in hospice and palliative care. Meeting and talking to Dr Rosalie Shaw was a wonderful experience.
I had the rare opportunity to know the latest advancement in palliative care. The scientific topics presented enriched my existing knowledge in palliative care and also changed my day-to-day practice, enabling me to deliver palliative care services in a better way.

I look forward to attending such conferences in the future.

Long live AHPN !"

Dr H.M. Iqbal Bahar



  Grief through a child's eyes  
                                                                                  “Life is hello, life is goodbye.”

This is the mantra every child and teen is encouraged to take to heart at Camp Aloha, a children’s bereavement camp that takes place every year in Savannah, Georgia. Children in this camp experience in the same kind of fun and games as at any other summer camps. The only distinction is that they will receive comprehensive grief counseling by bereavement experts while surrounded by children sharing feelings similar to theirs. The highlight – campfire, often brings out the most intense feelings and an emotional release where each camper is asked to write his or her deceased loved one a personal letter…read more

 “The more I know about dying, the more I know that I don’t know” 

Writing for the Pallimed blog, Lizzy Miles reflects on the assumptions many people make about death and the dying process and what she has learnt through working as a hospice social worker. In the article she said, “The most important thing I’ve learned from my work in hospice is “knowing” can be dangerous for hospice staff. We take a situation that seems similar to one we have seen before and we can fall into the trap of assuming the outcome will be the same. Our patients and families take what they think they know from media or prior experience and apply expectations…”read more

 Plans for palliative care training announced for Jarkata  

The wife of the Governor of Jakarta, Mrs Veronica Tjahaja Purnama, in her role as the Chairperson of the Jakarta Cancer Foundation announced plans last week to launch the training of palliative care for the medical professionals in the city-state's six district hospitals. Palliative care training will be provided to the hospital staff by the Indonesian Palliative Society, supported by the International Singapore Fund. These training modules will lay the groundwork for starting palliative care services in Indonesia. Maria Witjaksono, Secretary of the Indonesian Palliative Society, said: “The training will be held as soon as the module has been fully developed…” read more

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