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Here are some tips from our tutor Karl to get you started with moving your Personal Trainer business online.

1. Create your audience
It’s tempting to target your posts and videos to your fellow fitness professionals. That’s how you learned when you were starting out, and now you want to add your own ideas and opinions to the mix.

Think about it all the content on your Instagram who’s it for?

What will clients see when they look at your content? Will they see evidence you understand their challenges, and want to help them achieve his goals? Or will they see a trainer trying to impress his peers or score points against people he disagrees with?

Everything you write should cater to the people you want to help. Choose the subject, format, and voice with that audience in mind.

2. Stand on shoulders of giants
The first step is to identify someone whose career you admire. Then you need to learn what you can before you approach them. Have they written articles or posts about how they got started? Do they have a book or product offering a step-by-step plan to achieve success?

Once you know as much as possible about their history and process, you need to figure out how to gain access. Do they offer coaching services, or run a mastermind group? If so, they’ll expect you to join.

If not, or if personal coaching is out of your price range, consider how you can be useful to the person without being a pest, a psychopath, or a weirdo. Is there a new product you can amplify with a detailed, enthusiastic review? Can you volunteer to help with a seminar, bootcamp, or some other live event? Is there a skill you can offer that complements what they do?

The worst approach is to ask for help without any history with the person. Even if the person is well-known for helping trainers on the way up in the industry, you can’t build a relationship based on your need to receive something, with no consideration of the other person’s needs or motivations.

Focus on giving, and you’ll be surprised by how much you receive.
3. Practice what you preach - Prove it
Most trainers (if not all), online and off, are judged by their looks (at least initially). It sucks, and it’s not fair. Lots of perfectly qualified coaches don’t quite look the part. And lots of complete morons are shredded out of their (empty) minds.
But there’s a logic to it. When the majority of your clients have appearance-based goals, it’s natural to assume a trainer with the physique they aspire to knows how to help them achieve it.
An online trainer can win people over with charisma and empathy, and of course nothing speaks more forcefully than impressive client transformations. But it’s hard to get clients to give you a chance when there’s a disconnect between your appearance and your expertise.

Clients who want to be lean and muscular aren’t likely to hire a coach who isn’t lean and muscular. Weight loss clients won’t expect you to be shredded (and might be intimidated if you are), but they do expect you to look healthy and represent their goals.

Put in the work, and get in the best shape you can.

4. Clear your calendar be antisocial
Be prepared to work extremely hard at the beginning of your transition from gym to internet.
Writing, shooting videos, and posting on social media takes time. And if you’re trying to build an online presence while still maintaining a full client load in the gym (which no one is at the moment so you have plenty of time to be productive), you must adopt a hustler’s mindset. Other parts of your life have to become a lower priority for a while.
Keep an eye out for more tips coming your way with Part 2 of how to become an online Personal Trainer.
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