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Eating organic, for the children

Early last Saturday there seemed to be a lot of parents with very young children shopping at the Market (photo above and below). Children growing up in the challenging and toxic world of today, more than ever before, need the lifeline of organic or biodynamic foods to help them unfold their lives, and fulfil their purpose, on a planet whose own health is increasingly challenged and compromised. Kudos to the parents who recognize this and make the effort!



It's soon that time of year again when we give thanks for the bounty of the harvest and for the many other blessings of our lives. We at the Village Market give thanks for the faithful support of our customers, farmers and vendors, as well as for the ongoing cooperation of the Toronto Waldorf School and the good work they are doing in the world.


Turkey has long been the traditional food of thanksgiving feasts. This year, Linda Kapeleris of Country Meadows, who usually raises a flock of heritage certified organic turkeys, is not doing so because her farm is under siege by wild minks. The minks have already killed many of her heritage chickens, and she and Angelo have yet to come up with a working solution.

Country Meadows is located at the growing point of Toronto's suburban sprawl, right near the current northern end of Hwy 404 at Ravenshoe Rd. With every farm that gets built up into subdivisions, more and more wild animal refugees seek shelter in the little bit of forest that Linda and Angelo have kept at the back of their four acres. So that's why you can't get a turkey from Country Meadows this year. 

But the GOOD NEWS is that Henk and Jin Verhoeven ARE taking orders for turkeys. So talk to them this Saturday if you want one for Thanksgiving. Their turkeys are between 12 and 20 lbs and will be $5 a pound. Photo above: Farmer Henk Verhoeven, with customers, at the Village Market, Sept. 19th, 2015.

Wine and Flowers

Southbrook Vineyards will again be at the Village Market this Saturday with biodynamic wines from their vineyard in Niagara. Yes, this is the same guy -- Bill Redelmeier -- who used to have a pick your own strawberry farm on Major Mackenzie Drive, just west of Richmond Hill back. before the turn of the century. Gosh, that makes it sound so long ago.

Also returning is Antonio Valente, the local organic urban gardener of flowers, who has been such a bit hit here at the Market these past three weeks.  

Fun fact -- when he's not growing flowers, Tony teaches high school. That's a photo last Saturday, Sept 26, when he sold out for the third week in a row.  

So if you're looking for a beautiful bouquet of flowers to brighten up your home, you might want to come early for best selection.

Mike's biodynamic beef

Farmer Mike Lanigan will again be bringing a side of beef to the Market this Saturday Oct. 3rd. However, due to scheduling difficulties with his butcher, this time the beef will be frozen rather than fresh. We should also note that Mike is not the only source of Demeter-certified biodynamic beef at the Village Market.

Apparently Earth Haven farm also has an ongoing supply of frozen Demeter-certified biodynamic beef from their farm. We'll see how long that lasts, once the word gets around, but for now they say they'll have it every week. 

Special Guest for Michaelmas

Michaelmas, Sept. 29th, is the festival of the archangel Michael, the spirit of our time, who helps human beings to find the courage to tame dragons, both inner and outer. 

This year Michaelmas is being celebrated with a week-long series of events on the Waldorf / Hesperus campus, one of which is a visit by Joan Sleigh (photo below) Oct 3rd, to the Village Market, starting about 9:30 am in the cafe table area.

Folks are invited to come by and speak with Joan, who is here visiting from the Goetheanum in Switzerland, which is the world headquarters for all things anthroposophical, such as the study of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science and esoteric path of inner development, Waldorf education, biodynamic farming, anthroposophical medicine, etc.

Joan is a new member of the leading council of the anthroposophical society and is one of the first such members to also be a mother. So do drop by and say hello or have a chat with Joan this Saturday October 3rd starting at 9:30 am. We've actually never done anything like this before, so come by and share in the new experience.

Candlelight Craft Market Nov. 14th

This year for one day only, November 14th, the Village Market will have a few extra craft vendors upstairs in the school lobby. There will also be a Toronto Waldorf School open house on that day, and there may be a few other activities then as well. We'll publish more details when they become available. Photo above of Mila Tzur selling photo cards at the Sept 26 Village Market.

"Money and Change" Talk, Monday Oct 5

Monday October 5th at 7 pm at Hesperus (behind the Toronto Waldorf School), fundraising professional and long-time Village Market customer Jon Duschinsky will talk about how people can and do make the world a better place using gift money.

Jon will share stories from his personal experiences at what he calls "the frontline of philanthropy" -- where the money meets the need.

This event is presented by the Money for a Better World group at Hesperus, which is studying the book "Steinerian Economics", as in economics as informed by Rudolf Steiner.

So that's this Monday, Oct. 5th, 7:00 pm in the Seminar Room at Hesperus. Hesperus is behind the Toronto Waldorf School at 1 Hesperus Rd., Thornhill, L4J 0G9. For more information about the Money for a Better World group, call Richard Chomko at 905-237-6789 or speak to him at the Market.

Suggested donation $20. Proceeds go to "Lifeline Syria" and to fund future public events like this. Click here to view and or download a poster for this event.

Raw milk under pressure in York Region

York Region public health has again taken an interest in the work of Glencolton Farms and was at the Christian Community parking lot last Tuesday taking samples. Read about it here on The Bovine, or see Michael Schmidt's Facebook page for a short video.

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