Comment on Export Proposal
Deadline 4:30 Today (Monday, Feb. 9)

Today at 4:30 is the deadline to comment on an LNG export proposal - Pieridae Energy seeks approval to export gas using the M&N pipeline, i.e., the one that the NED pipeline would connect to. If approved, this and others like it would provide a huge market for the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline.

Comments can be short - we want as many comments as possible! - just provide a couple of reasons that this authorization of export contracts is not in the public interest (use that term! examples are effects on climate, on domestic gas prices, etc. etc.); mention that cumulative affects of such proposal must be considered... Also, please mention in the comments that you only learned of the application today or over the weekend, and request an extension of time to comment and intervene.

To send a simple comment, Send email to  
In subject line, write:  FE Docket No. 14-179-LNG

Some basic points
— Natural gas sells for 3 to 4 times as much in foreign markets, driving up the domestic prices here
— Exports lower our supply available for domestic use, weakening the American economy
— Natural gas (methane) is a greenhouse gas 86 times more potent than CO2. Recent studies show that leaks of gas from drilling, transmission and distribution make it no better for the global environment than coal.
— Because of these facts, natural gas exports are not in the public interest
— Because this comment period was not widely announced, we have only learned of it this weekend, not allowing affected parties enough time to effectively comment or intervene.
— We request and extension of time to comment and intervene in this proposal

EXAMPLE (already sent - do not use verbatim, please!):
The present rush to export LNG is ill-conceived and dangerous in this time of Climate Crisis. Given the criticality of trying to reduce emissions of both CO2 and methane any efforts to produce and export natural gas endangers the health and welfare of the citizens of the United States and future generations. The science on climate change is unquestionable. No "public good" is served by these exports.

Also, please sign this petition.

Federal Register Notice with information on how to comment and links to background.

We need as many comments as possible. Export proposals like these could cinch a large market for the Northeast Energy Direct pipeline, so trying to slow or halt their progress is critical. This just came under our radar over the weekend, so sorry for the short notice!

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