It's urgent that you
contact your state legislators this week!

Both Sen. Downing and Rep. Kulik have mentioned that Kinder Morgan representatives are going to be speaking with state legislators one on one this week. NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME to call your state legislators to voice your concern over the pipeline and maybe ask them to forward your questions to the company reps while they have their ear.
Find their contact info here

Upcoming Events

March 4, 7:30 pm
First Parish Meeting House
50 Cochituate Rd, Wayland, MA

Activists are planning to turn out at the event below to voice opposition at this pro-fracking event sponsored by Walden Forum.

"Join the Walden Forum for a discussion, “To Frack or Not to Frack: the Shale Gas Revolution and Its Discontents“, with Jake Jacoby, Professor of Management, Emeritus in the MIT Sloan School of Management and a co-founder of the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change.
Jacoby notes: “Advances in drilling technology and hydraulic fracturing of shale resources have created a revolution in U.S. gas output (oil too). The boom has brought benefits of lower gas prices to households and industries along with income to fortunately placed landowners, displaced dirtier coal in power generation, and cut oil imports."

March 8 • 1-3 pm
Cummington Community House
Main St., Cummington, MA
Presentation on the pipeline project by Berkshire Envrionmental Action Team's Bruce Winn, including: fracking and its dangers, the proposed pipeline route, the nature of the pipeline and its contents, environmental and health issues, economic and regulatory issues, and what we can do to stop this.
March 8, 2014 • 6:30 pm
Warwick Town Hall, Warwick, MA

Screening of “Gasland: Part II” - The Metcalf Chapel presents a screening of the 2013 documentary about fracking, followed by a discussion.
April 23 • 7:00 p.m.
Colomba Legacy Center
59 Walnut Street
Fitchburg, MA

Pipeline Meeting — We will present the information that we have collected, or have been made public. Please stay connected to this page and NCSC, and help protect the
resources we have been blessed with.

Other News
We've just found out that an offshoot from the main Northeast Expansion pipeline is being contemplated to cut across Essex County.  We've received word from an Andover resident that TGP is seeking permission to survey there. The orange lines extending off of the main purple line on the map at the top of our website appear to represent this and other possible offshoots. We've added and Essex Co. page and the towns affected to our town-by-town listing. If you hear any news about TGP or it's parent company Kinder Morgan in the area, let us know!

Other county pages are available under the "Town-By-Town" heading on our website.
Attorney offers Ashby help on proposed natural-gas pipe
Published in the Sentinel and Enterprise

A Boston-based attorney who grew up on his family's farm that may be impacted by a proposed natural-gas pipeline is offering his services to the town free of charge to make sure residents are not given the short end of any potential deal.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co., a subsidiary of the Kinder Morgan energy-pipeline company, is performing survey work for a proposed pipeline connecting New York and Boston.

The company would pay residents to bury sections of the pipeline on their property, but Jay Duffy, an Ashby resident and an attorney focusing on environmental issues, cautioned selectmen and residents to not sign anything that is not well vetted first. ... READ MORE

See him speak at a recent Ashby Board of Selectmen meeting where the proposed pipeline is discussed with the Conservation Commission in THIS very informative video (his segment starts 37 min into the video.)
Concerned folks in Ashburnham and the area now have their own Facebook Page. This is an increasingly active and organized group who are moving swiftly to help stop the pipeline project from coming through. If you're in the area, these are the folks to connect with. If you're not on Facebook, we can help you connect with them. Just let us know.

A recent article relays their recent meeting with the conservation commission.
Lots more news on our home page.

If you're on Facebook, feel free to join our Facebook Group and ask if people in your area want to meet and organize. We have more members join every day to connect and share information and ideas. Our own website started out that way and expanded from there and it's still a great place to exchange ideas.

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