FERC Scoping Dates Set

» FERC Scoping Hearing Schedule here - July 14 - Aug. 12

What the heck is “Scoping”?

Scoping meetings are designed to help FERC determine the scope of its environmental analysis.  Members of the public, and especially municipal officials in affected towns, should be making suggestions for the scope of the study and requesting specific types of impacts to be investigated by the firm hired by FERC to conduct the study.  There is no need to have the answers or provide specific details to FERC as they will be doing that investigation for themselves. All commenters are encouraged to submit their comments in writing, whether or not you participate in a meeting.  The official deadline for submitting written scoping comments on the NED project is August 31, 2015.

» Read More about how to frame scoping questions and what to expect at the hearings

Fellow Pipeline Fighter Writes Scoping Hearing Jingle!
This rousing song is the most lively Scoping Hearing Announcement we've ever heard. Share widely to spread news of Western MA hearings.

Push Back (Sometimes You Just Got to Fight the Company)

by Edward J. Hines

Dear Governor, Let me tell you why …

Time for our governors (and others) to see tangible proof that no pipeline is necessary.

Lately, the media has been full of amazing articles, written by some amazing people, about why there really is no energy crisis in the Northeast, why this massive build-out of pipelines is unnecessary, and why the utilities and regulators are acting the way they are.

Let’s share these with our elected officials, in a flood of snailmail letters and news clippings - and send them this month!

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FERC eComment anaylsis
by Steve Frades

Not just pro vs. con. See full breakdown of state and town, how many per month, deny property survey, oppose pipeline and more. Very informative!

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