Two Key Events this Week!


FERC Scoping Meeting for CT Expansion pipeline project. FERC will be there to listen to and record commnets. Public will be allowed 3 – 5 min., talk about the scope of what the environmental assessment should be, and request environment impact statement (EIS). Public definitely invited.

Ask them to do studies, research, etc. to provide us and the regulators with important environmental information on which to base decisions.   We want more information on vernal pools with good maps of exactly where the pools are as where the upland habitat that those amphibians are using 90% of their life cycle.  We want maps showing rare species habitat, invasives species extents, areas of ledge that will require blasting. This is asking for these studies all along the route of the project, not pointing out specific locations of concern.

We should also make clear at the scoping meeting that we feel it is unacceptable to have this project on Article 97 lands. We need to get DCR and all the legislators to "just say no" to condemning Article 97 lands.

7:00 p.m.
Sandisfield Arts Center
5 Hammertown Rd.
Sandisfield MA

Low Demand Study Review Meeting II.

The general public is invited to these vital reviews of the process of the new Low Demand Study being conducted by Synapse for the MA Dept. of Energy Resources. Seating is limited, so reservations are required through Raab Associates. Unlimited call-ins area also allowed to listen and to comment during specific comment periods (not including 2-3 hour breakout sessions). Come hear and chime in on the study that's looking at our energy needs, and if extra capacity is needed, at how much can be met by efficiency and clean energy alternatives.
» Visit the website to learn more and to reserve your space.

  • 9:30 AM - 4 PM
  • Massachusetts DPU
    One South Station, Hearing Room A
    Boston, MA

Thanks to everyone who made the Not-In-Anyone's-Back-Yard-Sales
a success, volunteers, donators and customers. $5,080 raised all along the pipeline route!

More Events coming up in November


To draw attention the land that could be affected by the TGP/KM pipeline, let's take nature walks along the proposed pipeline route this November! If each town hosts a walk through one of their most cherished forests, fields, or farms that would be affected by the construction of the pipeline, this will be a spectacular walking weekend and a media success. Photo documentation of these precious locations is graciously invited!

A long list of lovely locations already scheduled!
» See the list online!

We’re looking for volunteers to:
-lead public nature walks (especially naturalists or biologists)
-get permission to host a public walk on affected land with trails (public or private)
-advertise the walk locally (we’ll advertise more broadly)

Please respond to
*Photo above, Hattie Nestel walking in the North Quabbin region

Kinder Morgan / Tennessee Gas Pipeline Open Houses
Kinder Morgan / TGP has announced their list of Open Houses along the pipeline route for Northeast Energy Direct. Open Houses are held by the pipeline company during the pre-filing stage.  They differ from the Select Board presentations that they have been making.  Open Houses are a chance for pipeline representatives to mingle and chat directly with citizens.  These events are especially intended for affected landowners, but all are welcome and its a chance for all of us to ask them questions directly and learn any new information they may be making available.

The main purpose of the open houses is for Kinder Morgan to share information to landowners and present their case for the pipeline.  The pre-filing is a time for the pipeline company to gather information to be able to submit a more complete formal application to FERC.  The open houses are a time to for us listen to what they have to say with a critical ear, and to help us prepare, but not disclose vital information about the direct impacts this project could have to our personal properties and our towns.
» See the schedule of open houses for a location near you.


Visit our Upcoming Events Page for the latest

Help us Reach a Broader Audience!!
We're launching a media campaign to inform a broader audience about pipeline issues. At a time when full media exposure is key to informing the public and countering large corporate interests, we're hoping to purchase cable commercial time and other video and audio outlets in addition to the broadening network of Community Television and Radio we've already been using. Please help us raise funds for this strategy with the most substantial contributions you can make - any amount is helpful.

Also watch for No Fracked Gas in Mass and MassPLAN in this year's Valley Gives fundraising campaign coming up in December!

Visit the No Fracked Gas in Mass Donate page today!

If you'd like to make donations earmarked specifically for legal services, please contact Katy at MassPLAN. A legal fund being kept in escrow to be used in fighting the pipeline battle.

We are proud to have Berkshire Environmental Action Team, New England Grassroots Environmental Fund and the New World Foundation as our fiscal sponsors to help accept tax-deductible donations  (501(c)3).

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