Hoping to Run Away to the FERCus?

Stop the #FERCus Front-Line Unity Planning Call
Tuesday, April 7th 6:30pm ET

Join the next Front-Line Planning call which will be focused on encouraging participation by all who wish to begin working on our Spring actions at FERC by assisting those who wish to become directly involved with planning and coordinating AND providing a forum for those with questions that need to be addressed before taking steps to mobilize and support the Spring Actions and building this movement together.

Participate in working groups alongside other communities resisting fossil fuel infrastructure and exploitation:
Register for the call -

Our line in the sand is everywhere.

» Listen to Jimmy Betts of BXE and Rose Wessel of NFGiM on The Enviro Show

Stand Up for Solar Lobby Day, April 7
A wide array of actions in Boston

On Tuesday, April 7th there are rallies and meetings at the MA Statehouse and its environs to stop gas infrastructure, support solar energy & divestment from fossil fuels.

The schedule is:
— Stand Up For Solar Lobby Day rally
10 am-3 pm
The Statehouse-Gardner Auditorium

— Senators Markey & Warren
11:45 - Solidarity Sound-bite &
Pass-through lobbying

JFK Bldg.
15 New Sudbury St , Fl. 24
Warren’s office, Chris Lang-staffer
“Publicly oppose any fracked gas pipelines and any new fossil fuel infrastructure in this state until citizen monitored city and state health department studies prove they meet rigorous federal standards for health and safety to assure our safety.”
12-1 meeting
JFK Bldg.
David Brade, Chris Lang staffers
Ask location at security

— PRIM (Pension Board)
Divestment -wear orange
11:45-1:00 rally
80 State Street

— Governor Baker
1:00-1:30 rally - No tariff for gas pipelines
Statehouse- Governor's Office

—Boston Mayor Walsh
1:45 - Solidarity Sound-bite Pass-through lobbying
1) Publicly oppose all new fracked gas pipelines or any new fossil fuel infrastructure EVERYWHERE in this city until citizen monitored city health department studies prove they meet rigorous federal standards for health and safety to assure your citizens safety.
2) Initiate those studies, as they are required to assure your citizens safety.”

2-3 meeting
Boston City Hall, 5th Floor
Chris Rusk-staffer

Linda Haley: 978-979-3686
David Ludlow: 617-522-4246

Can't Make It to Boston?
If you can't make it to Boston for Solar Lobby Day, April 7, how about a quick phone call to let your legislators know how you feel? We're at risk of seriously slowing the Massachusetts solar market if our legislature doesn't vote to lift net-metering caps ASAP! Please call your legislators on April 7 and ask them to lift the caps on net-metering and support 20% solar in MA by 2025.  (SCRIPT BELOW)

— For more about Net-Metering and Virtual Net-Metering and why Solar is good for Massachusetts visit

— Find your legislator's phone number:
Visit Mass Legislature site (type in your zip code, hit enter and click on the legislator name for their page/tel. number)

— For more about Net-Metering and Virtual Net-Metering and why Solar is good for Massachusetts visit

Script /Talking Points
Hello, my name is ______ and I am calling to leave a message for _(your legislator)_ about solar energy legislation and the Massachusetts economy.

I am concerned that, currently, eighty percent of our energy dollars leave Massachusetts; especially when we could be capturing many of those dollars by growing our own green economy. Promoting more solar in Massachusetts provides the double benefit of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and creating more jobs in our state. The number of solar jobs in MA grew by 46% between 2013 and 2014, and there is potential to grow a lot more.

Solar is good for our environment, our health and our economy...but the existing caps on net metering drive up costs and reduce local investment in solar. This seriously threatens the Massachusetts energy economy and the local jobs that go with it. The Net Metering Cap for public projects in National Grid territory was already hit in March of this year. We need urgent action on your part to lift the net metering caps. And we need you to continue to support legislation that promotes our local solar economy.

I'm calling on _(your legislator)_ to lift net metering caps ASAP, and to support legislation calling for a goal of 20% of our electricity to be from solar by 2025. (Senate Docket 1616/House Docket H2852)
Thank you for your time.

From the folks at "STP - Stop the Pipeline"
A phone call a day
keeps the Constitution Pipeline away

The people of upstate NY are facing multiple pipelines, Iroquois, Constitution and their very own branch of Kinder Morgan's Northeast Energy Direct (NED), dubbed the "supply path". Constitution would join up to the larger "market path" segment of NED at Wright, NY. Stopping it would cut off a large amount of capacity. It's teetering on the edge with preliminary FERC approval, but still missing it's 401 Water Quality permit from the NY DEC.

This 30-inch-diameter, 124-mile-long high-pressure pipeline would carry fracked gas from Pennsylvania, through the forests, farms, fields and front yards of New York residents, and on to Canada for export.

A phone call a day keeps the Constitution Pipeline away

Each weekday, from now until May 11th, Stop the Pipeline will focus on a different reason why the Constitution Pipeline would be harmful to New York’s land, water, air and people.

We need YOU to call Governor Cuomo and other New York decision makers right now and tell them why they shouldn’t sacrifice the Catskills and Southern Tier to a fracked-gas pipeline.

Suggested Talking Points:

• Governor Cuomo has said time and again that he’s committed to a “clean energy economy.” In the past year he has announced that New York will invest millions to bring more solar to our state and lure green jobs to the Southern Tier.

• A massive new high-pressure fracked-gas pipeline does not fit into this clean energy plan. The “Constitution” would force New York and other northeast states into more of fossil-fuel dependency for years to come.

• Please tell the governor and the DEC to stand their ground against the dirty, polluting fossil-fuel industry.

• Ensure a clean future for New York. Deny the permits for the “Constitution” Pipeline

Call today, call tomorrow! Call, call, CALL Governor Cuomo: 518-474-8390. Press #3 to speak with a representative.

If you are extremely shy or have already called and want to double the impact of your message…cut and paste the topic and bullet points above and email them to the governor.

You can also email them to DEC commissioner Joseph Martens:

» See STP's site for more information

A Letter Today *Might* Keep the Surveyors Away ....

Here's our latest page of info on how to protect your property from a bad case of "Inspectio ad infinitum" (the infinite drive to inspect, despite permission denial notices) and what to do if it falls prey.

» Dealing with Surveys

Energizedemocracy Conference Call

Discuss the details of the event on Energizedemocracy  Climate Justice Albany – Earth Day Event. Questions will be answered, and we will discuss our updates, plans for the rally, and volunteer opportunities. Those who wish to get involved in planning our peaceful direct action protest please stay on the line until the end of the call to discuss details on that.

We are open to new ideas, speakers, and entertainment opportunities. We need to discuss sound equipment, arrange carpools, flyer handouts etc.
7:00 PM
Conference Number: 1-(302) 202-1118
Conference Code: 221067

» Read More and SIGN ON HERE for the Earth Day Event in Albany

Quaker Pipeline Pilgrimage Continues!

Walking along the pipeline route from Pittsfield to Dracut

For those who haven't been able to join in the Pilgrimage or it's community potluck meetings, those on the walk are blogging about the event or follow their Tweets. Get a day-by-day view into their journey, sinkholes and all!  Don't forget to Tweet these reports to the Governor and your other elected officials.

Tuesday, April 7
Meeting Place:
United Church of Winchester,
99 Main St, Winchester, NH 03470
Meeting Time: 8:00am
End Point:
Fitzwilliam Inn,
62 New Hampshire 119 W,
Fitzwilliam, NH 03447
Total Mileage: 14 miles

Wednesday, April 8
Meeting Point:
Fitzwilliam Inn,
62 New Hampshire 119 W,
Fitzwilliam, NH 03447
Meeting Time: 8:00am

End Point:
TBA in New Ipswich, NH
Total Mileage: 18 miles

Thursday, April 9
Meeting Point:
TBA in New Ipswich, NH
Meeting Time: 8:00a.m.
End Point and Potluck Location (6:30pm):
Unitarian Universalist Church,
20 Elm St, Milford, NH 03055
Total Mileage: 15 miles

Friday, April 10
Meeting Point:
Unitarian Universalist Church,
20 Elm St, Milford, NH 03055
Meeting Time: 8:00am
End Point and Potluck Location (6:30pm):
First Church of Nashua,
1 Concord St, Nashua, NH 03063
Total Mileage: 11 miles

Saturday, April 11
Meeting Point:
First Church of Nashua,
1 Concord St, Nashua, NH 03063
Meeting Time: 8:00am
End Point and Potluck Location (6:30pm):
First Congregational Church,
3 Main St, Pelham, NH

Total Mileage: 9 miles

Sunday, April 12
Meeting Point:
First Congregational Church,
3 Main St, Pelham, NH
Meeting Time: 8:00am

End Point:
TBA in Dracut, MA
Total Mileage: 5 miles

» Visit the Pilgrimage website!

Come Learn about the Pipeline at River Valley Market!

No Fracked Gas in Mass is the chosen recipient of River Valley Market's Green Stamp Program for April. As part of this, we were invited to have an information table out front. A large number of volunteers stepped forward to help us spread the word, including members of 350MA - Berkshire, Climate Action Now!, Hilltown Community Rights and MassPLAN.
» Stop by and see us on these dates and times!

Other upcoming Events on our site

From the director of MassPLAN:

A few months ago, MassPLAN retained energy and regulatory attorney Richard Kanoff, of the Boston-based firm Burns & Levinson LLP, to assist in our efforts to stop the proposed Kinder Morgan NED project. Mr. Kanoff served as an assistant attorney general for Massachusetts specializing in energy matters. His experience encompasses all aspects of energy law, with a focus on renewable energy in recent years. He has been involved in numerous proceedings before FERC and the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities and has also appeared before the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission.

We are now able to use legal and technical experts to question the business case that Kinder Morgan and their possible customers are making for this pipeline.  This comes at a time when Kinder Morgan is teetering on the edge of commercial viability for the project. We have the chance to stop it at that level — if we have sufficient funds to challenge them!

Please spread the word that the legal proceedings will be costly -- and every dollar will help and be used wisely. 

Information on how to donate is available at -- checks can be made out to our fiscal sponsor, BEAT, with MassPLAN Legal Fund in the memo line. Mail to Berkshire Environmental Action Team, 29 Highland Avenue, Pittsfield, MA, 01201.

Your support and all of your efforts to help stop the pipeline are deeply appreciated.

Thank you,

Kathryn R. Eiseman, Director
Massachusetts PipeLine Awareness Network
(413) 320-0747

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