By Chelsea Feinstein

PEPPERELL -- Ruth Stevens has lived in a spacious house at the end of Bemis Road in Pepperell since 1982. On her quiet, dead-end street, signs caution that the land is part of an aquifer protection zone, and trees obscure many of the houses from view.

But her tranquil home could be disturbed if the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company goes forward with its proposal to build a high-pressure natural gas pipeline through the region, which would cut a path straight down the length of her driveway.

"It's sad when you live on a piece of property for 30 years and you think it's going to be your retirement property and then something like this happens," said Stevens, who was approached by representatives from the company to have her land surveyed for the project.

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Nashoba Land Trust presentation on the pipeline draws largest crowd yet

Photo courtesy of Green Dracut Reporter
More than 200 people from Pepperell, Townsend, Groton, Dracut and other affected communities gathered at the Pepperell Senior Center Wednesday for an information session hosted by Nashoba Conservation Trust to discuss a gas pipeline proposed by Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. that would run from Wright, N.Y., to Dracut. “It is our responsibility and our duty to be able to speak up about this,” said Ken Hartlage, president of NCT.

Lots of meetings concerning the pipeline coming up nearby in Townsend.
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