August 10-12, 2018


Four days in the jungle will change you.  After our wedding (pics at the bottom) my wife and I left for a 3-week Latin American adventure. We developed a deep connection to the Amazon jungle that I explore in the photo essay, "The Soul of the Amazon".  Please have a read, as well as these articles from my favorite writers on the subject of purpose at work... 

Forbes / MeiMei Fox: "Why You Should be Unapologetically Yourself at Work"

LinkedIn / Aaron Hurst: "Can Google Employees Suffer Moral Injury"

Purpose Speaks ? Zach Mercurio: "What is the Purpose of Purpose in Business?"

PLUS the latest news from the purpose front: "Around the World in Purpose"

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LEAD STORY: The Soul of the Amazon

by Brandon Peele

My wife, Steph, and I have just returned from our honeymoon. We spent 16 days in Colombia (Rosario Islands, Cartagena, Medellín, Bogotá, Leticia) and ended our honeymoon in a Panamanian volcano cone, for a 3-day plant medicine ceremony (more on this later). The first 10 days of our honeymoon were fairly conventional — eating, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, touring cultural and historical sites of Cartagena, Medellín and Bogotá. And then we went to Leticia, the southernmost tip of Colombia, on the Amazon river, abutting Brazil and Peru.

Both of us were excited and a little scared. It wasn’t just the dangerous stuff, the anacondas, caimans, bugs and viruses (yellow fever, zika, malaria, dengue, etc.), but the mythological place the Amazon has in our hearts. Deep down, all of us know there is more magic in the world and life than our TPS reports, morning commutes, dysfunctional culture and abhorrent politics. There are portals to this magic, and for me, the Amazon has always been one of them.

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"Planet on Purpose" Review from Srikumar Rao, PhD, Author of "Finding Happiness at Work"

"Brandon's... arguments are compelling and, for the skeptics, he also includes the research that backs up what he asserts."

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Hijab-Wearing Journalist Noor Tagouri On Why You Should Be Unapologetically Yourself

by MeiMei Fox, Forbes

“I realized that my strength lies in using my own identity to build trust with people who’ve never trusted mainstream media to tell their story before. These were the stories I was meant to be covering.”

Tagouri then quit her job and self-produced a short documentary called The Trouble They’ve Seen: The Forest Haven Story, about the mistreatment of people with mental disabilities. This was a passion project, which she funded herself. Tagouri attributes her success to her ability, once again, to earn the trust of people she spoke with, who saw her as one of them.

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Can Google Employees Suffer Moral Injury? 
by Aaron Hurst, LinkedIn

Employees working on AI development stood up and told Google leadership that they would not continue to work on AI that would be used in support of Google's contract to support the military drone program. 4,000 of their employees signed a petition demanding “a clear policy stating that neither Google nor its contractors will ever build warfare technology.”

Google listened and agreed to not renew the lucrative contract.

Had they not done this, could their employees suffered from moral injury as well? Could the idea that their work was ultimately leading to violence threaten their deeply held beliefs about what’s right, to the point that they showed signs of trauma?

The jump from a soldier in Vietnam pulling a trigger and killing someone standing in front of them to a drone pilot pulling the trigger that leads to a death on the other side of the world is a big leap, but makes sense.

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What is the Purpose of Purpose in Business? 
by Zach Mercurio, PurposeSpeaks

If it's just to make more money, it's not purpose. It's a tactic.

If it's to inspire people just to make them happier and more productive for the company's financial gain, it's not purpose.  It's a tactic.

The ends of purpose must be purpose, nothing more and nothing less.

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