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Weekend Edition: September 28-30, 2018


Despite the shameful Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings, we are in the midst of a powerful rise in the role and prominence of women.  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's bravery and sacrifice is not an anomaly.  Tens of thousands of brave voices have come forth to share their stories, collectively heal the wounds of our patho-adolescent patriarchy and inspire us to honor the feminine within and without. Our journey is a long one, as most professions and organizations have sexism baked into their culture and structure.  The result is that women do not often rise to leadership or get paid what they are worth.  There are well known external factors at play in this dynamic, but also some internal ones that I explore in the lead article, "How Women Get Paid What They Are Worth".  Please have a read, as well as these articles from my favorite female writers on the subject of purpose... 

Clear Change / Audrey Seymour: "Use Spacious Structure to Catalyze Your Vision"

Pursue Purpose / Susan Lucci: "The Spaces Between Us"

Soul's Calling Academy: "Are You Accidentally Following Your 'Programmed' Purpose?"

PLUS the latest news from the purpose front: "Around the World in Purpose"

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LEAD STORY: How Women Get Paid What They Are Worth

by Brandon Peele

I’m really lucky. I work with inspiring women leaders and empower them to create high-paying, fulfilling careers. Many of the women I serve share with me that they work too hard, are passed over for roles that they deserve to have, they do not make the money that their male peers make and their contributions are not acknowledged. 

Unfortunately, this is a well-documented epidemic, where on average, women have to work over 70 additional days per year than men to earn the same income, and often for the same roles.

Of course, there is systemic sexism to address, retraining male leaders to stand for and develop women leaders, and create women-friendly workplaces with transparent raise and promotion frameworks, 40+ weeks of paid maternity leave and flexible work schedules.

But what can you do today to get paid what you are worth?

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Are You Accidentally Following Your 'Programmed' Purpose?
by Bev Barnes, Soul's Calling Academy


Your programmed purpose is how you’ve been socialized, the rules you’ve been following that help you to be accepted, that help you to feel that you belong. You come up with your programmed purpose in childhood and you can be unconscious to it for your whole life – but it is running your life and it blocks you from following your soul’s purpose.

Your programmed purpose is your belief system that was designed to meet your safety and security needs. It’s like computer programming – running in the background of your life until there’s a bug and things go haywire.

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Use Spacious Structure to Catalyze Your Vision
by Audrey Seymour, Clear Change Group


The most important place to start is with a boundary that protects time with your vision. Then you are accountable to nothing more than that amount of time, rather than to a preordained result too early in the game. If you find it hard to concentrate, use that time to journal about your resistant feelings, rather than popping out of the structure to some other activity.

I’d recommend setting aside at least one hour a week for that project you’ve been neglecting, and then no matter how busy your life is the momentum will build. It might be nothing more than a weekly date with you and your journal. Perhaps you’ll form a mastermind group or invest in a personal coach.

Where in your life is the balance tipping too far toward an agenda that is not yours? What kinds of structures will build your momentum while still giving you room to explore and let things evolve over time?

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Purpose is at the heart of ethics.

Recently, I was interviewed by U.S. News & World Report to discuss the role that purpose plays in developing a lasting and deeply personal ethical framework, and how to choose an MBA program that develops your purpose and ethics.

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The Spaces Between Us
by Susan Lucci, Pursue Purpose

On Sunday summer mornings, I love to stroll around town at the speed of the soul, with eyes wide open to the world surrounding me. Sweet surprises and soulful conversations abound. On a recent Sunday, the first occurred as I sat on a sunny bench reading a compelling story in Lived Through This: Listening to the Stories of Sexual Violence Survivors, by Anne Ream. I put the book down because a trio of tots came skipping down the sidewalk in front of me, their palpable joy was contagious. (Oh, and I absolutely love little kids!) The minute I began to talk, I noticed that they averted their eyes until their mother said, “It’s OK.” With heart break, I realized that there was an unnamed barrier keeping us from connecting safely. I was a stranger who looked a lot different. With eyes downcast, they sat on the bench next to me and I savored a few stolen moments, learning that their names all began with the letter A and they were skipping off to a spa day at home where mommy would do their hair and nails. Off they went!

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