Partnership for Child Health Monthly Newsletter - August 2014
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ACE Kids Act of 2014

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There is growing urgency for assuring high quality care for children with multiple chronic conditions.  This is due to advances in medicine that enable children with complexities that once had high mortality rates to survive and thrive into adulthood. According to the Children’s Hospital Association, this rapidly growing population accounts for 33% of growth in new patients in children’s hospitals.  Research has shown that the top 6% of this population—those with the most critical health needs—account for 46% of the overall total cost of care for all such children. Of the three million children with medical complexity, two-thirds are covered by Medicaid, accounting for nearly 40% of Medicaid costs for kids.

In response, federal legislation has been introduced—the Advancing Care for Exceptional (ACE) Kids Act (H.R. 4930)—to promote coordinated care, ensure optimal outcomes for children with medical complexity, and contain costs.  The ACE Act calls for the creation of a nationally designated children’s hospital network to provide better access for all complex children regardless of resources or access/proximity to services. Each medically complex child will be matched with a network based on needs and family preference.  The Act will help to reduce the state by state variability that creates fragmentation and unnecessary burdens for patient and family.  Michael Aubin, President of Wolfson Children’s Hospital, has been actively engaged in advancing this legislation.

Implementing a nationwide network to serve the medically complex child has many benefits including access to national level data on rare, complex conditions, determination of best practices and continued improvements to care.  Costs savings can be realized by increased efficiencies, reduced hospitalizations and emergency room visits and enhanced specialized outpatient and community services and supports.

You can or track the bill at and tell your member of Congress to support ACE Kids Act of 2014 on twitter, #ACEKidsNow.

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