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Letter from the President

Pic of WACUHO President

Hello fellow WACUHO members!

Welcome Back! Though most of us work twelve months, we seem to go into our separate worlds each summer.  It is nice to have you all back and excited for another community of students and some great professional peer interactions through WACUHO.

After a few technological glitches, and some overlapping vacations, we are getting the website updated! The website is a great resource of contact information for our leadership, corporate partners and committees. It also has our important leadership manual and bylaws.

As I mentioned last month, keep an eye out for announcements regarding the RAPS, PMI and WTI, our continuing development as housing professionals contributes to student success. And don’t forget to renew your WACUHO membership!

This is a short letter, but it is September and I am sure you can all appreciate the million e-mails, meetings and phone calls I need to respond to, not to mention the staff member who has been hovering by my office door for the past few minutes.  I love this time of year…and hope you do too!

Stephen Fleischer
2014-2015 WACUHO President

Membership Drive

Greetings from your association treasurer!  In the coming week, and no later than September 12th, I will be sending an email to your Chief Housing Officer (CHO) encouraging them to renew your organization’s institutional WACUHO membership via our RegOnLine utility/program.

The institutional membership fees that are collected each year from campuses in our region help to offset the operating costs and support both one-time and on-going Association programmatic needs.  If you, your colleagues, or your para-professional staff have benefited from participating in any WACUHO related event, program, service, or committee work, please reach out to your CHO and encourage her/him to renew your organization’s membership with WACUHO to allow your campus’s continued participation in WACUHO during the coming year.

If you know of any institutions that are not members of WACUHO but feel would benefit from becoming a part of our association, or you know of a campus that recently let their membership lapse for one reason or another, please feel free to contact me with this information.  We will make it a point to reach out and hopefully start and/or revitalize a campus’s membership.  I can be reached at

Hope that opening activities went smoothly for those of you on semester campuses and will go well for colleagues at quarter schools which will be opening in the coming weeks!

Mako Ushihara
Santa Clara University
WACUHO Treasurer 2014-2016


RAPs Save the Dates

RAP season is just around the corner and the committees are working hard to get them ready.

Here are the dates and locations of the RAPs this year:

  • Northern RAP – Saturday, November 22, 2014 at Sonoma State University
  • Central RAP – Saturday, November 8, 2014 at Occidental College
  • Southern RAP – Saturday, February 7, 2015 California State University, Fullerton

Stay tuned for more information.

Accepting Bids for WACE 2016

Time and Place is accepting bids to Host WACE in 2016.  Please submit your proposal to by October 10, 2014.  If you have questions, please contact Committee Chair, Samuel Jones at

Submit an Article for WAVES

If you would like to submit an article for WAVES that you feel would benefit all of WACUHO all you need to do is email your submission.  Articles are due the first of each month with an anticipated send out date of around the 5th.

If you just had a successful program and want to share we would love to share it in WAVES! Did you just create a new business procedure that you think others would like to know about share it with us!

If you have any questions or comments about WAVES please email them to

Committee News

LAST CHANCE TO JOIN A COMMITTEE (kidding, we’re WACUHO – you’re always welcome!)

  1. Learn about WACUHO committees here:
  2. Sign up here: HERE
  3. E-mail: with questions about specific committees.


  1. Learn about your WACUHO committee here:
  2. Connect with other members of the committee and your chair!


  1. Tell your chair and we’ll work on taking you off.
  2. Be ready for me to follow-up and see if you’re interested in a different committee.

Awards and Recognition

We know the academic year is just starting or about to start for some of you.  As you think ahead, the Awards & Recognition Committee would like to remind folks of the numerous ways you can honor your colleagues.  Each year, WACUHO offers a number of ways to honor everyone including CHOs, New Professionals and our Corporate Partners.   In the coming months, watch for emails that may come out calling for nominations for one or more of these awards.  In the meantime, feel free to look at the WACUHO Leadership Manual Awards Section to begin planning ahead.  Best of luck with openings!

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