Kids and Guns... Keeping it Healthy and Happy.
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Kids and Guns

Keeping it Healthy and Happy!

How many of us remember getting a gun Christmas morning?  That long and awkwardly heavy box that was leaned up in the corner behind the tree gave some of us more anticipation jitters than anything else.  All we wanted was that new rifle or shotgun or even just a BB Gun.   This scenario, while a reality for some of us, was just a dream for others depending on where we grew up.  
This anticipation was even made famous in a movie. Regardless of what that new gun was... We wanted it so badly.  And Christmas morning our hopes were dashed or dreams realized... a time of great emotion either way.

For a long time though, giving the gift of a firearm has gone out of style for the majority of people in the US.  With a decline of the shooting sports for most youth, the desire for that new gun had diminished.  There used to be shooting teams at schools for Rifle and Shotgun shooting sports.  Even bullseye pistol at some schools.  Largely that's been a thing of the past.  Such teams taught youth things like Gun Safety, and respect.  It put shooting into both a social activity and a competitive context.  When shooting teams ended, it changed America's gun culture.  After those teams ended, the only context youth had for firearms were in the make believe hands of bad guys or rogue cops on TV and Movies and Video Games... it was down hill from there.  Some of us have been lucky enough to keep that tradition alive.  There are a few schools out there have kept some form of shooting sports, and other schools that have brought back the rifle team and shotgun leagues.  
Point Blank Range is bringing back the Teens On Target program in January.  
This self paced marksmanship program is sponsored by Winchester and the NRA, with the goal helping these young ladies and gentlemen learn skills and safety that will stick with them for a lifetime. 
If you have a youth that's going to be turning 14 soon, and has an interest in joining us for Teens on Target, maybe giving them a new .22 rimfire type firearm could be a good idea.  The Firearm and registration into Teens on Target could give them a good outlet for their firearms interest.   
It's certainly a better option than letting them learn about firearms from TV, Movies, Video Games and "Friends".

Should kids even be exposed to firearms?  Absolutely.  They already are exposed through their media... Let's make sure it's the proper kind of exposure that teaches them the importance of safety and respect so it's a healthy and fun experience!  

A lot of people out there don't want kids exposed to firearms at all.  They fight against teaching kids about firearms safety.  Yet they claim they are for more gun safety.  We don't understand how that makes any sense to them and we respectfully disagree.  If they mean what they say, then we are on the same side.  We want more Gun Safety too.  Like everything else, education is the key.  We're providing that education.  Who better to teach it?  People with knowledge and experience in teaching firearms safety or people who don't know anything about guns and just want firearms abstinence?  

Teens on Target starts January 4th in South Charlotte and will be running the First and Third Mondays of the month.
We've got some great options to put under the tree for those new Teens on Target.  .22LR rifles and pistols from Ruger, S&W and others not pictured.
Come on out to either Point Blank Range location for a plethora of great Christmas gift ideas.  Guns and Gear... everything any shooter, New or Experienced, could want or need.  All new Firearms sold at PBR comes with our exclusive Lifetime Warranty.
The Kids don't get all the fun at PBR!
Point Blank Range has programs for Women as well.  Specifically the Women on Target program, just like Teens on Target, this is a self paced Marksmanship program sponsored by the NRA and Winchester.  Self Paced means you go as fast as you like or take it as easy as you like.  If you miss a week or two, you can pick right back up where you left off and keep going at your own pace. 
WOT II Defensive Pistol takes what you learned in WOT, and puts it into a practical application for defensive purposes and progresses you get ready for some IDPA Matches!   You'll be shooting from barricades and on the move and having a whole bunch of fun!   
Look to the respective training calendars for dates and times.
Mooresville & South Charlotte.
IDPA Matches will now be run on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month in South Charlotte.  The next one will be held in South Charlotte December 22nd.  Click Here for info.  And in Mooresville on January 12th.    
Those Teenagers who complete Teens On Target... IDPA is a fantastic way to take what you have learned and apply those skills to a sport that could last you a lifetime of challenging competition and enjoyment.

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