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Upcoming Events:

Find more information on all of our events on our website or facebook page!  We have surpassed 1000 followers on facebook and we are so excited to know we are reaching so many people who are close by!  For more information on the events below, please click on the Underlined title. 

June Town Hall meeting - Behavior!
June 20th
5:30-8:00 (St. Edwards Episcopal Church on Harrisburg Pike)
With children who have developmental delays, including delayed communication, sometimes behavior is more than your typical testing the boundaries issue and sometimes it’s not!  That can be very frustrating for children and parents alike.  Kiki Davis is an occupational therapist from S. June Smith/Excentia.  She currently works mostly with children 0-3, but her knowledge is vast and she’s anxious to help answer questions and give lots of great tips!  

Spooky Nook Soccer World Cup Event and Raffle
Gary Ross, the Director of Soccer Operations for The Nook is holding an event for adults and kids to watch the World Cup game on July 13th.  Rossi is putting together a raffle and the proceeds from the raffle will be donated to LDSA!  We are very excited about this generous offer and the event itself, quite honestly!  There will be tons of activities for the kids as well as the adults.  The game will be playing on big screens and there will even be a band!  I will post more information on our Facebook page and website as the information becomes available.  

LDSA First Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser
September 14
Four Seasons Golf Course
Golfers receive a round of golf, cart, swag bag, and dinner!  Great donation opportunities available.  Proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards our sports clinics, family grants, and other educational opportunities!

Salad Works Fundraiser
On going
We are working with Salad Works on a great fundraiser.  We sell cards that have about $40 worth of coupons for $10 and we keep $5.  One of the coupons is for a free salad, which can be upwards of $9, so with one use, you already almost pay for the card!  The money raised from this fundraiser will go towards paying for the sports clinics.  We are also going to allow people to bank this money into an account to specifically pay for their child's sports clinics. Contact us for more information!

Reaching out!

LDSA has so much in the works right now!  We are very excited about our forward momentum and want to take a moment to tell you about it all!
  • Sports clinics - we are working with the Nook to offer soccer clinics for the fall for people with developmental delays.  The clinics will be once a week for 4 weeks and just repeat as we have interest!  The clinics will work on a buddy system where the child who is registered will be able to bring a buddy (parent, older sibling, caregiver, etc) to help them during the clinic.  The area we will be holding the clinic is fully enclosed - so no worry about kids wondering off!  We are also working with Accelerations gymnastics to offer a gymnastics/tumbling clinic as well.  We will be using our money from the raffle, the golf tournament, and the Salad Works fundraiser to help pay for as much of these clinics as we can cover.  
  • School collaboration - LDSA is actively seeking to connect with educators to determine how we can help them help us!  We will let you know as we meet with the different schools and work out these plans!
  • Community Calendar - please keep checking the calendar on our website for upcoming events in the community!  As we learn about them, we will post on our calendar, upcoming educational opportunities we feel could be valuable to our followers.  If there is a group or event you think we should know about, please let us know!



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Our Philosophy on Fundraising

I wanted to take a minute and share our philosophy on fundraising.  We never want to be the organization that constantly does fundraisers simply to put money in the bank.  We want to always have a purpose to our fundraising, a specific place where the money will be used and we want to be very open and honest to that and to the fact that the money was actually used for that purpose.  We will hold fundraisers and ask for donations, but we will try to keep that to a minimum and concentrate more on our true purpose - advocacy!

In the works ....

We have a few things that we are working on with other groups both locally and nationally and we wanted to give you a little preview of those:

Educational Conference - we are working with another local group in order to bring an educational conference to you early next year.  This is still in the infancy stages of development, but we are very excited!

Battle of the Bands - this is a very new idea for an event and we just wanted to throw it out there as something we are thinking about in in case anyone has any experience with anything like this - please let us know! Currently we are envisioning a combination of battle of the banks and a Buddy Walk, but more focused on advocacy then fundraising.  We are looking to do this event in September.  

Prenatal Outreach - we have some great booklets for parents with a new diagnosis and some great pamphlets for doctors on delivering a Down syndrome diagnosis.  We would like to get these into the hands of providers!  
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