1/1/14:  We will be non-contracted still accepting ALL insurances

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Dear Patients:

I have some important news but first I wanted to start by thanking you, for an amazing FUN-raising campaign this past mother's day, 2013!  Our grassroots effort lead us to raise over $80,000 for the Revlon Run-Walk for breast and ovarian cancer research. We were the number one fundraising team surpassing the likes of  Disney, ABC, Toyota and UCLA. In total Team Taras has raised over $500,000 in the past decade.  Sir Winston Churchill said, "We make a living by what we get... We make a life by what we give!"
On January 1, 2014 my practice will enter a new and exciting chapter.  In all honesty, this has been the 2nd hardest letter to write and decision to make, ever since I stopped delivering babies in 2006. I thought about bringing in more physicians, nurses, or other practitioners but was concerned that they'd disappoint me and you with the service that they give.
With the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as 'ObamaCare') the future of healthcare is uncertain but one thing is very clear to me:  I will need to schedule more patients per hour and spend less time per patient*.  My motto has always been TLC (a Tradition of Listening & Caring) and I treat my patients the way I would my mother, my daughter, my wife or my sister. I could not go down this "CVS-style" increased volume / decreased quality model of healthcare delivery!  I firmly believe medicine can only be practiced by having enough time to listen to and really get to know your patients!

Changes effective 1/1/14:

1.  We will be non-contracted providers still accepting ALL insurances:
  • You may get a letter from your insurance company stating that you can no longer see me; that is completely false!
  • In fact it may be less expensive.
2.  We will still do all your insurance company billing on your behalf:
  • If you think about the state of insurance coverage in 2014, $50 co-pays, $5,000 deductibles and co-insurances, how much of an office visit does an insurance company actually pay for?
3.  What this means to you:
  • We will bill your insurance -- JUST LIKE WE DO NOW
  • We will collect at the time of service -- JUST LIKE WE DO NOW with co-pays
  • Your insurance company will then reimburse you directly according to your plan benefits -- JUST LIKE THEY DO NOW except that now they take that reimbursement and send it to us!

Practice Guarantees:
  1. We'll have MORE time allotted for patient visits & more availability!
  2. I will continue to maintain the highest standard of care for our patients.
  3. I will always be your doctor. In our office you will never see an NP, PA, RN, student or other MD.
  4. I will see you in an urgent situation. I will keep you out of the urgent care and emergency room, when appropriate.
  5. I will answer your calls and e-mails.
  6. Billing will be fair, fully disclosed, and explained by my staff in order to fully understand it.
  7. You will NOT have to pay any type of annual membership (Concierge) fee.
  8. Our intention is to minimize patients' out of pocket costs,without compromising medical quality.


  • Our Blue Shield contract expires on 7/1/14.
  • I will continue to be an in-network MediCare provider for my existing patients.
  • Currently nothing changes for those patients who already see us OON - Out of network (ie. HMO, Kaiser or no insurance).

In order for you to dip your toes in the water before you jump in, if you use your PPO insurance with us, we will offer you a "Healthy You in 2014" 30% savings on your first appointment!  Consider it a 'test the waters' invitation so that you don't have to think about it.  Feel free to contact my staff if this is at all confusing or intimidating for you.
Won't you please join me in 2014 and let me advocate for YOUR BEST health?
Ian Taras, MD, GYN  <-- LIKE us for updates
* - Here's that letter:

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Dr. Taras, A Caring Boutique Gynecology Practice - 
garnered from the Internet:
  1. "I wanted to learn more about Bio Identical Hormones & also wanted a doctor who supported my wishes to help my menopause symptoms as naturally as possible... I am so much better emotionally because of his prescriptions as well I had been going thru hormonal hell for so many years... I was nervous going to a male gyn. & he immediately put my concerns at rest... He is a GIFT, Down to Earth, Family Man, and Amazing Doctor who goes a million miles for all his patients. Everyone I have referred to him says the same thing... Dr Taras's business ethics are superior to anyone I know. You will be as happy as all of us are! I guarantee it:)." -Lynne, 03-02-2013
  2. "LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr Taras.  After suffering with female issues for over 20 years-I finally found the BEST Doctor in the state of California! (possibly the world!) From my 1st visit with Dr Taras I was impressed-1st by the amount of time he spent actually talking to and listening to me- nearly an hour and 1/2-almost unheard of these days...and then by his compassion, caring and understanding of my problems. He was the 1st and only DR that I had seen (and I had seen MANY) that offered a less invasive hysterectomy- LSH-(after being told for years that I needed a total hysterectomy) and when I made the decision to finally do it- I had wished that I had found him years earlier. I was able to go home the same evening of my surgery-no overnight hospital stay. And was back to work in less than 2 weeks. In addition to that-Dr Taras has helped me thru this maze of life called menopause with his ability to think outside the ""traditional HRT"" box-and his expertise in bio identical HRT therapies... I'd also like to point out that I was adamant on finding a female DR - but decided to try Dr Taras on the recommendation of a female pharmacist.....and I am thrilled that I listened to her. Did I mention that I LOVE DR TARAS!!!! And you will too!" -Bulagal, 10-03-2008
  3. "I've struggled with chronic yeast infections & BV and he was the first Dr. to try a different prescription and it's actually worked. His pelvic exam was gentle and quick, and he only ran the necessary tests being considerate of my financial situation. Last but not least, he is always quick to respond when I contact him about anything (same day). I finally feel like I have found a Dr. who cares about his patients and actually treating them." -Natasha, 07-24-2012

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