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Images above: the first Teacher Training conducted at University of Turku by colleagues from the home university brought about valuable Lessons Learned (by Vesa Hautala and Kaisu Paasio, UTU). See also the photogallery (by Tina Smrekar, UNG).

The IDEATE High Tech Project was presented in Lithuanian Parliament at the 2nd International CREAN Conference  >> Read more by Dalia Rimkūnienė (VBC)

From mastering in ADRIART to entrepreneuring in - transition from an interdisciplinary art (master) education development project to an even broader interdisciplinary entpreneurship module >> Read more by Peter Purg (text) and Tina Smrekar (photo selection, both UNG)

Synergies on EU Entrepreneurship Education

The IDEATE project is one small project through which the EU seeks to promote entrepreneurship in the EU member states. Entrepreneurship is high on the agenda for Europe because it is seen as one factor in addressing the employment needs of today’s labour market. A thematic meeting arranged in Brussels brought together projects where the partners involved could discuss their approach and lessons learned from various viewpoints. >> Read more IDEATE University-Business Tandem visits Brussels from the busines partner Mitja Mavsar (D∙LABS) or Do we really mean ‘Entrepreneurship’ in Education? by Rosemary Borup (SU).

Developing the IDEATE Intensive Learning Course

Materials and teaching methods details have been consolidated among the 5 involved teachers/mentors for the first cohort and prepared for the recent January 19 kickoff online. Students are now part of the course and have plunged into the(ir) first experience, with the first face-to-face meeting (residential) to happen in the end of February in Manchester (UK) and a month later in Gorica (Slovenia). >> Read how we have been developing the first iteration of the course by Peter Purg (UNG).

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