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Reno Devo is encouraging all athletes to purchase a USA Cycling racing license in 2017.  A racing license will be needed if planning to race Sea Otter and the race in Utah in May.  Other races will require a license as well and may include the Peavine Classic in June, the Pine Nut Cracker in May, and the Nevada City Dirt Series in April and May.  In the past the races above have been USA Cycling sanctioned thus requiring licenses.  

The TBF races and the Carson Epic DO NOT require USA Cycling Licenses as they are not sanctioned events.

To purchase your license:

Go to

Click Membership then Race Membership.

Choose the race membership option you want.  Cheapest option is fine.

If new to USA Cycling then create an account.

Follow the directions from this point on.

I believe the license is $35 for a junior even though the cheapest option is listed at $70.

It will have a space to list team or club affiliation.  This function is not working properly due to website changes.  After completing the membership process then email this message to

"My son/daughter, Little Jimmy, just purchased a racing license.  Please update his/her club/team affiliation to Reno Devo (club # 16538)." 


Proud Parent

During the registration process you will have to electronically sign some documents.  You will also have to print out the code of conduct form, sign it, and snail mail it to USA Cycling.  The license will NOT be active until they receive this.  Last year this caused some last minute scrambling in my family on the way to the Sea Otter.  Recommend taking care of this now.

Finally, you can click yes or no when asked about competing in the national championships for the upcoming year.  If you click yes you may have to send in a copy of a birth certificate. If no then you do not.  You can always update this later in the year if you decide to go to a national championship event.

Again...there is no requirement to purchase a USA Cycling License but you will definitely need it for Sea Otter and the Utah race.  It may be needed for the others listed above.

It is highly likely that I did not explain a part of the process well or that questions will come up during registration.  You can email or with questions...

Take care,


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