Have you been having issues creating better patterns with guys who are quad-dominant, extend out of their back leg prematurely, and lose connection to the rubber at foot strike?
Try using the landmine squish ball drill. 👍
Will showing a good demo for the squish ball drill
In this drill, have your pitcher start with a squish ball (e.g. stress ball, foam ball, anything round with some give) underneath the middle of their back foot. From here, their goal is to throw a pitch and have the ball move as little as possible.

Notice how when Will does this drill the squish ball compresses under his back foot but does not move after his backside releases.

For Will to accomplish this, he must create energy proximally and move from the middle of his body. This makes his extremities slaves to the middle and creates efficient rotation by getting the pelvis to pull an anchored femur.

This is why the ball doesn't move - Will's back leg is getting pulled off the ground by his pelvis which optimizes his rotary sequence and prevents an inefficient move with his back leg.

If Will tried to push out of his back leg and extend prematurely, it would look like this:👇
Will showing what NOT to do in the squish ball drill 👎
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